Big Apple Window Cleaning NYC

Window Cleaning From an Aerial Lift

In New York City, it has always been a dilemma for building managers to acquire a compromise between window cleaning pricing and quality of given services. Not to forget all liability issues that this process involves. Due to exceptionally tough regulations for the use of a relatively inexpensive RDS (Rope Descend System a.k.a. Bosun's Chair) and high cost of window cleaning with temporary scaffolding system erection, there has not been a real solution to this problem until now.

Big Apple Window cleaning, Inc offers a full line of window cleaning services utilizing an extreme high access aerial lift. With this machine, we can clean windows on buildings up to 165 feet high (14-16 stories) and match the prices of window cleaning done by using RDS. With our professional trade expertise and implementation of this machine, we can offer all mid-rise building managers a top quality window cleaning service.

LEO50 Window Cleaning

Welcome to this new opportunity, top quality window-cleaning service. Also, we are within full compliance with local laws and regulations for the cost of a service completed by using a Rope Descend System.

Advantages of LEO 50GTX over RDS & Scaffolding

Zero Liability
In most cases, the use of an aerial lift entirely eradicates building management liability as a direct result of eliminating the utilization of any part of the building's structure or its roof.

Elimination of Risk of OSHA Fines
Since the use of the Road Descend System (RDS), also called Bosun's Chair System, is restricted to reaching a maximum elevation of 75 feet by OSHA standards. It has always been a major predicament for building managers for many years. Some building managers take their chances with cost effective RDS systems, in addition to becoming vulnerable to massive OSHA fines; while others spend thousands of dollars on installation of temporary scaffolding.

Our new aerial lift technology provides a solution for this problem. Window cleaning service will be completed with the use of our state-of-the-art technology that complies with all New York City regulations. In addition, our services eliminate the risk of massive ($5,000-$10,000) OSHA fines for illegal RDS usage.

If getting on the list of violators and having OSHA inspectors constantly checking your building for compliance with OSHA's regulations, feel free to give us a call at 212-380-3343. We will be delighted to provide your building with the most cost-effective and risk-free window maintenance.

Time Efficiency
Our technology offers cost-efficiency and effective time management. With our vertical aerial access lift, we offer minimal preparatory time by removing the additional step of assembling proper scaffolding. Saving time results in substantial savings for you and business for the services rendered.

Cost Savings
Elimination of the scaffolding platform included the costs of architectural approval, anchors and system installation, certification and annual re-certification of equipment, scaffold erection/dismantling costs, side-walk bridge for pedestrians protection, erection/dismantling, salaries of people involved in the project, etc. On average immediate cost savings for scaffolding elimination ranges in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $15,000. Why pay that?

Quality Job Performance
Ability to work from a stable and safe platform will result in much better job performance in comparison to the window cleaning with RDS. We can easily provide an acid wash/glass restoration service immediately, due to existence of the lift platform. This is an impossible task for an individual who is hanging on a rope.

Throughout years of experience, we have concluded that our potential clients consider fast service to be one of the most important factors when choosing a window cleaning company. Most of the time, they wish to have their windows cleaned on an urgent basis. In most cases, we can schedule window cleaning within a couple of days. No preparation is required on your side. If there's a necessity of a DOT permit, in a majority of situations we can obtain one within 24 hours. On the day of the appointment, we will deliver our lift, position it on the street by the sidewalk or on your property and in 20 minutes or less we will be up and washing your windows.

Night Work
We offer night window cleaning for office buildings. The night-time work schedule is convenient for office buildings, and popular around the world, since nothing disrupts the usual order during the work hours. Please call us for our night work pricing as well as information regarding additional services Big Apple Window Cleaning, Inc provides.

Window Cleaning from Aerial Lift

Narrow Access
Our vertical access lift is truly amazing machine. In its core, it utilizes state-of –the- art German engineering and technology. Despite its extreme reach and capability, it can make its way inside of most of the buildings through the double doors!

Light Weight
LEO GTX50's white rubber tracks are designed to distribute the weight of the machine evenly on any surface. This allows us to use this machine for such indoor projects such as atrium cleanings, concert hall maintenance, and elevated dusting/painting/bulb replacement. If extreme vertical access is required on the stadium, we are there to help!

Non-Marking White Tracks
Our lift is equipped with non-marking, white rubber tracks that will not damage your carpeting or expensive marble or hardwood floors. You will not see any marks neither inside nor outside your property when we leave.

Our machine can lift up to four men at one time (up to 880 lbs). It provides cleaning, sealing, headwater and stain removal, etc.

Stairway Access
LEO 50GTX can easily go up and down the stairs, or a steep slope, without losing balance.

Dual Power
The dual power system allows the use of the lift for indoor projects, while working on electricity and diesel engine outside.