4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Biannual Window Cleanings

High-Rise Window Cleaning

While window cleaning is an integral part of house maintenance, many people avoid doing it for different reasons. Some homeowners simply forget to set up an appointment. Others don’t like working at heights. 

Collaborating with a window cleaning company can solve both problems. Overlooking the importance of window cleaning is out of the question for the following reasons.

Glass Requires Regular Cleaning

While it’s hard to see, the structure of the window glass is porous. These pores collect dirt. Over time, if you don’t take care of the grime, it etches into the glass and affects the transparency. Such a problem is almost impossible to fix. The only way out is replacing windows.

Hard water from sprinkler systems can cause hard water stains. If not removed timely, they stay on the glass forever. 

Other things that can cause irreversible glass damage are oxidization (for windows with metal frames), acid rain, and sea spray. 

If you notice the glass losing its transparency, it may be too late to fix. Take preventive measures by booking biannual window cleaning sessions. 

Clean Windows Improve Heat Efficiency

Dirty windows affect the temperatures in your home or apartment. The dirtier the glass is, the fewer UV rays can enter your home. 

Sun rays are a free source of heat you can use in the winter to reduce your heating bills. You can enjoy comfortable temperatures without adjusting the thermostat. 

If you have low-efficiency windows, the effect of the dirty glass is even worse. By cleaning your windows right before the cold season starts, you can improve their heat efficiency and cut heating expenses. 

Regular Cleaning Reduces Maintenance Costs

Restoring glass that suffers from hard water stains and etched dirt can be difficult. Cleaning windows that haven’t been washed for years may take too much time. All of the above comes with extra costs. 

When you don’t clean your windows regularly, it’s easy to miss micro cracks, scratches, mold formation, and other problems. The later you notice issues with your windows, the harder and more expensive they are to fix.

Clean Windows Look Nice 

One of the most important reasons why you should consider a regular window cleaning schedule is appearance. Clean windows look nice. They improve the curb appeal of your home and boost your mood.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to keep your windows in top shape and avoid unexpected maintenance expenses, schedule regular window cleaning sessions. 


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