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We will try to make your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. Here is how it works:

  • First, we will ask your name, address and contacts
  • Check our database if we had any jobs in your building before
  • Discuss your project and look up your building on Google maps to give you ideas on the pricing for your window types
  • If you have 10 windows or more, we can schedule a free on-site estimate and guarantee the price
  • Book a job, trying to accommodate your schedule
  • Remind you about your appointment a day before
  • On a day of the job, our technicians will arrive on time and make sure your experience with us makes you a life-time client



Annual, twice per year or quarterly window cleaning service.
The purpose of cleaning – light dirt removal.

This is the most basic, contract window cleaning service.

A cleaning solution is applied on the glass surface to loosen the dirt. Then, a professional rubber squeegee is used to remove the dirty water from the glass. For perfect results, a leather chamois is used for touch ups (no water run offs, streaks or smudges are left on the glass). Frames are wiped. No glass scraping is included.


Occasional/On call/new client window cleaning service.
The purpose of cleaning – heavy or aged dirt removal.

If your windows have not been cleaned for over 2 years, an initial window cleaning service/double wash might be needed. It means that besides regular wash, we might have to use steel wool or glass scrapers occasionally and double wash the glass to make it clean. The price? Typically, 20% extra to the cost of regular wash.


Special window cleaning service.
The purpose of cleaning – construction or aged dirt removal.

Post construction window cleaning is required for all new buildings and where façade renovation (like painting, waterproofing, masonry, etc.) work has been done. Special chemical applications, glass scraping and double wash will be done for perfect results. It is a labor-intensive process and there is a risk of scratching the glass. Price varies depending on the level of contamination and access complexity. The cost is usually 50-100% higher than a regular wash.

window cleaning


Special window cleaning and restoration service.
The purpose of cleaning – hard water stains removal.

If windows are exposed to calcium contaminated water (wall run offs, metal screens, stone sills, etc.) for a long time – hard water stains might appear under the layer of regular dirt. To learn more about the nature of hard water stains please click here.

If calcium build up/stains need to be removed from the glass, so called acid wash is required. This process is quite complicated, labor intensive and requires professional expertise. Pricing depends on multiple factors and often is 100-200% more expensive than the cost of a regular wash.



By NYC law if you have a child under 10 years old living in your apartment (even on the first floor) you MUST have window guards professionally installed on all of your windows (except fire escape window). Please see the regulations below:


If your windows do not tilt, just slide up and down, we will most likely have to remove child guards in order to get access to the exterior of the glass. Please inform us in advance if you have child guards installed on your windows, so we come prepared and count it into our schedule, and are not late for other appointments that day.


Sometimes people ask us to wash only exterior of their windows, because the interior is clean. Even if interior looks clean to you – when we remove the dirt from the exterior – all the interior imperfections come to life. Sometimes people call us after we’ve done only exterior work on their request and say windows are not perfect… when we revisit – we show the customer that the imperfections or smudges they see now are not on the exterior of the glass, but on the interior…

Well, anyway, if the cleaning will be done from roof with ropes or from a bucket truck – it’s no problem. But. if we need to get inside of the apartment to do the cleaning by opening the windows – leaving interior of the glass not cleaned makes no sense. If we are already on a window, to clean the interior takes literally extra 1–3 minutes per window and costs almost nothing.

Professionals use water only to wet a window. Some soap is added to the water to help loosen the dirt faster and to ease rubber squeegee gliding. After the glass gets wet, even with dirty water, a professional rubber squeegee shaves dirty mix from the glass and leaves the glass squeaky clean.

To scratch a glass with a professional scraper is not that easy. Why? Glass is made of silicate sand, same material which goes into cement. The stainless steel, which the razor blade of a scraper is made of, is many times softer than glass. Only silica can scratch the glass because it is as hard or harder than the glass itself. So the scratches on the glass are cause by either fabricating debris (microscopic glass dust/particles), bonded to the glass when it went into the oven to harden it, or silica based cementum particles, which got stuck between a scraper razor blade and the glass if the scraper was used by a non- professional.

If three screen mesh is made from aluminum or copper, it can cause metal oxidation on your windows. Aluminum oxide can be removed from the glass only with special acid based chemicals, so make sure that the mesh on your screens is made of fiberglass.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

Big Apple Window Cleaning is happy to offer all types of window cleaning services in New York. Whether you live in a home or apartment, have a couple of single-pane or a dozen of French style windows, live on the ground floor or call one of the tallest residential skyscrapers your home, we are here to keep your windows clean. Regular window cleaning is the key to keeping your home looking bright and Read more...
inviting. Dirt, grime, and streaks don’t just increase your energy bills and appear unpleasant, they can ruin your glass, which in time will lead to high replacement expenses. We pride ourselves on being one of the most demanded window cleaning service in Manhattan and the area. Our popularity comes from a simple yet personal approach to all our clients.

Our Window Cleaning Services include:
Regular cleaning: we recommend washing your windows at least once every six months. We are always ready to set up regular cleaning sessions for you.
Initial cleaning: If you haven’t washed your windows in over 12 months, they need a special approach. No matter how tough the stains are, we’ll make your glass shine. It will just take a little more time.
Post construction cleaning: We take the construction window cleaning off your shoulders by dealing with the toughest spots.
Hard water stain removal: Hard water stains are nearly impossible to remove without professional assistance. We help your windows stay intact longer.

When looking for a window cleaning service in NYC, you have to consider many factors, including experience, insurance, availability, and price. Big Apple Window Cleaning is ready to offer you the best of all four and then some. We strive to provide the best window cleaning service in NY, and we are not afraid of any challenges. No matter how tough, long or seemingly impossible your window cleaning project is, we are ready to tackle it. If you are looking for a way to improve your home without investing substantial amounts of money, consider window cleaning. Every time you request professional window cleaning services, you can enjoy excellent results for months to come. Many people don’t notice how bad their glass looks until they clean it. Without knowing it, by keeping windows dirty, you may be increasing your energy bills and destroying the glass in the process. Big Apple Window Cleaning offers a variety of window washing services for your home. We recommend washing your windows on a biannual basis. If you live on a busy street, you may want to opt for seasonal window cleanings. Our company works all year round to bring you the most excellent window washing services in the area.

Big Apple Window Cleaning takes advantage of the latest equipment to keep your home clean. No matter how tough the project is, we can find a team to conquer it. Scheduling an appointment with our window washers is easy. You can either request a quote on the website or give us a call. You can take advantage of our discount system if you order window-washing services more often than once a year. If you have more than 10 windows, we can come to your home and make a free estimate. No strings attached. We strive to make our clients happy. Most of our work comes from our returning customers, who appreciate our special approach to each project.

We don’t just specialize in regular window washing. We can take care of your post construction needs as well. After construction and renovation, many windows look hopelessly ruined. Even if you don’t think they can be restored, give us a call. We have a variety of approaches to window cleaning and restoration. In most cases, we can turn even the dirtiest glass into a squeaky-clean window. We know how to battle hard water stains as well. We can take care of your windows both inside and out. If you want your glass to look its best, we recommend doing both interior and exterior wash simultaneously. If you’ve tried washing windows on your own before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results of a professional cleaning. Less..