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  • Practice shows, for your windows to be always crystal clear, they should be cleaned at least 2-3 times a year. This way you get rid of dust and dirt, prevent hard-to-remove stains, and spot potential problems, saving much on future maintenance.

  • Initial wash best suits windows that haven’t been cleaned for a long time. The difficulty is in removing the dust that has accumulated with the lapse of time. Washed twice or even three times in a row, your windows are again clean and shiny.

  • Window glass is easy to scratch, especially removing dried paint, construction mixes, or tape residue, usually found on windows after renovation. Professional equipment, efficient cleaning solutions, and deep expertise allow us to remove construction dust, leaving no scratch and no streak behind.

  • Screens collect all sorts of debris, including wind-blown dirt, insects, pollen, and dust. This makes window screen cleaning not only a matter of attractiveness but also a key driver to better indoor air quality. Thus you'll reduce pollution and let more fresh air in.

  • Your facade is the first thing people see entering. No way dust and dirt will go unnoticed, leaving a bad impression on your visitors. Professional facade cleaning helps you create a more welcoming pleasant atmosphere, setting a good tone for the rest of the building.

  • With the lapse of time, your windows may become cloudy. The reason for that is calcium buildup, which can not be removed with regular cleaning solutions. Glass restoration service allows you to get rid of these hard-to-remove stains and make your windows clear and shiny again.

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Meeting your needs for exterior building maintenance

  • Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is an efficient way to clean concrete, brick, limestone, and wood surfaces just to name a few. The high pressure of water spray leaves no chance for mold, grime, or dirt to keep spoiling your property's exterior, making building facades, sidewalks, patios, and driveways look fresh and tidy again.

  • Exterior caulking is necessary to protect buildings from weathering. It helps prevent moisture leakage, saving much on potential repairs in the future.

  • Soft wash is applied to refresh your property's appearance when the high pressure of power washing is likely to be damaging to the surface. Special cleaning solutions and considerably low pressure of the soft washing technique allow for the gentle removal of dirt and debris from roofs, siding, fences, driveways, sidewalks, and such.

  • The stakes are high when it comes to high-rise window cleaning. Our team of fully qualified specialists is trained well enough to provide you with the best quality service regardless of the building height and access difficulties.

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  • Even though outside windows are more exposed to pollution, interior window cleaning is no less important. Removing dust, fingerprints, and grease from windows, you create a more pleasant atmosphere inside and get a spotless view from your windows.

  • You can't stop your windows from getting dirty but it's in your power to maintain cleanliness. Professional exterior window cleaning is an efficient way to get rid of all sorts of pollution and keep your windows clean for longer.

  • Studies show that dust and dirt can decrease solar panel efficiency up to 6%. Imagine how much you lose annually, putting cleaning on a waiting list. Put off no longer - regular solar panel cleaning is necessary to protect and maintain your investment.

  • Regular greenhouse cleaning greatly improves the growing environment for plants. However, it's not that easy to clean a greenhouse yourself. Professional equipment allows us to get rid of dirt, algae, grim, and other pollutions in even hard-to-reach areas, whereas safe cleaning solutions and efficient cleaning techniques ensure quality results with no damage to plants.

  • Regular cleaning not only keeps your skylights looking good for years but also reduces the risk of future damage caused by accumulated dirt. It brings natural light and a bigger sense of space inside.

  • Maybe your customers won't note that your storefront is clean but they will certainly notice dirt and dust on it. A clean and good-looking storefront makes a warm and welcoming impression, making passersby eager to stop by.

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    All our procedures and equipment are compliant with OSHA

    You can be sure that no accidents will occur while our team is working on the object. We provide our employees a safe work environment as we comply with the standards indicated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We also provide our employees with training, instructions, and assistance to ensure risk free, yet perfect quality service.

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    Qualified personnel

    Each new employee gets training in the field for more than 257 hours. We participate in various professional development courses. We are the only team in New York certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

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    Access. We have all types of facade access solutions.

    Facade cleaning in the Big Apple City requires a lot of access solutions, should it be a skyscraper or a high-rise building, residential or an office and even a monumental structure. We can offer you a right solution in any case as we can obtain all types of facade access systems. You can entrust us with window cleaning, glass restoration and caulking services no matter what challenges are beset by the geographical or architectural nature of your property.

    We have all types of access to the facade and windows
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    Insurance. We have an $11 Million insurance policy

    We seek to eliminate all possible risks in our work. As a window and facade cleaning company, every day we perform dangerous tasks, due to that, there are a lot of liabilities that we could face in the course of our work. We want to protect you, as well as ourselves from any risks that may leave a bad impression of our collaboration. Even if an accident occurs, everybody is financially protected.

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