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Main Services provided by us

We clean your windows at any time, place and height

  • Regular washing

    Hi-end exterior building washing. Helps you keep the “face” of your business clean. Keeps your commercial property good-looking and tidy. Get rid of dust, mould, grime, and algae. Recommended to be done at least once a year.

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

    Prepare your building for moving in. We clean walls from any marks, dirt, and smudges, while windows and frames will go through power washing and cleaning procedure. We offer you the latest cleaning equipment and tools.

  • Glass restoration

    Sometimes buying a new window can be replaced by restoring it. We can help you out with removing hard water stains, calcium deposits, etc. Has the glass been damaged by time and weather? We can easily cope with this.

  • Caulking services

    Keep your property protected thanks to sealant. Exterior caulking deals with roof damage, leaking pipes, foundation cracks. You may need this service to fill in holes and other imperfections to create a smooth surface.

  • ACID wash

    Clean the bricks before painting. Acid wash is essential as it removes surface efflorescence and opens the pores before sealing. If you skip this procedure it can result in lack of coating adhesion. Also, acid wash can restore bricks to their original state.

  • Initial wash (soft)

    If you need your windows cleaned occasionally, this type of service suits you best. The main purpose of this on-call assistance is removing heavy dirt, cobwebs and other types of filth that accumulates with a lapse of time.

  • Metal Cladding Cleaning

    Many commercial properties need it. What are the pros of regular external cladding cleaning? First, your property always shines as if it were brand new. Second, if corrosion, mildew or mould are not removed on time, they damage the cladding material.

  • Pressure wash

    Is required for large buildings. Helps to dispose of the consequences of rain, snow, and birds’ activity as well as mold, mildew, and even street art. Considering high walls and danger of such a task, you will need true experts for this.

Special services

Our range of services is not limited to standard and small buildings. Check out our list of Special Services to find what suits your needs.

  • Solar Panels Cleaning

    Solar Panels should undergo a scrupulous cleaning at least once a year to last long and run smoothly. There is evidence that regular cleaning helps to improve energy output by 12%. We clean your panels from dust, leaves, bird droppings, and water professionally.

  • Greenhouse Cleaning

    Clean greenhouses, both glass and plastic, contribute a lot to growing environment for plants. The principal task of this service is removing algae, moss and grime to let in more light, which is essential to plants.

  • Skylight Cleaning

    Skylights require more careful maintenance since they get dirty quicker. Rainfall and bird droppings are some of the reasons for it. If you do not clean skylights for long periods, accumulated dirt reduces natural light and affects fibreglass.

  • Retail Storefront Cleaning

    If you own or manage a retail store, you must recognize keeping its exterior clean. Literally, it is the face of your business. The main grounds for this are customer satisfaction and premise liability law. Moreover, this type of cleaning deals with graffiti, which a frequent problem in NYC.

  • High Rise Window Cleaning

    High rise window cleaning is a challenging task that hides some risk. It demands certain skills and safety measures. This is why the wisest decision is to entrust it to professionals. We clean your skyscraper windows and let you keep calm.

Other services

Here you will find more specific services for you.

  • Window Cleaners

    Professional window cleaners save you unnecessary hassle. When cleaning windows independently, you will most likely have streaks after all. Also, it is not so easy to get rid of greasy film, or oily smudge on windows.

  • Window washing

    Hiring experts for window washing can be beneficial in a few ways. First, a regular professional cleaning helps control insect infestation and can prevent mildew damage. If you live close to water, mold or fungus spores can threaten your windows. Washing your windows at least twice a year makes them last longer.

  • Building Facade Cleaning

    The facade is the first thing your potential clients see. Hence, it is obvious that a clean facade plays a big role in your business. Besides, a regular facade cleaning allows transpiration of moisture which works as a waterproof shield for the building. We specialize in cleaning glass, metal and stone facades, or cladding.

  • Interior Window

    Interior windows get dirty over time due to many factors including children’s finger marks, cat paw marks, cooking-grime, nicotine, and other pollutants. We are experienced in cleaning all types of windows and we use the latest water purification technology that makes your windows spot and streak free.

  • Exterior Window

    Quality exterior window cleaning is challenging and time consuming. You will save your time and keep your nerves if you entrust this task to us. We use pressurized water to get rid of dirt, yet this method won't scratch your windows.

  • 01.

    All our procedures and equipment comply with OSHA

    You can be sure that there will not by any accidents while our team is working on the object. We provide our employers with a safe workplace, that is, we comply with the standards indicated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We also provide our workers with training, instruction, and assistance to ensure free from risk yet perfect quality service.

    window cleaning service OSHA
  • 02.

    Qualified personnel

    Each new employee gets trained in the field for more than 257 hours. We participate in professional development courses. We are the only ones in New York certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

    qualified window cleaning personnel
  • 03.

    Access. We have all types of facade access solutions.

    Facade cleaning in the Big Apple requires a lot of access solutions, be it for a skyscraper or just a high-rise building, residential and office, or monumental architecture. We can offer you a right solution in any case as we can boast all types of facade access systems. You can entrust us with window cleaning, glass restoration and caulking services no matter what challenges are provoked by the geography or architectural features of your property.

    All types of facade access solutions in New York
  • 04.

    Insurance. We have a $11 Million insurance policy

    We seek to eliminate all possible risks in our work. As a window and facade cleaning company, every day we perform dangerous tasks, hence, there are a lot of liabilities that we could face in the course of our work. We want to protect you and ourselves from any risks that may spoil the impression from our collaboration. Even if an accident occurs, we will be financially protected.

    We have insured window cleaners
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  • Fuel licensed
  • OSHA

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  • We carefully study the needs of the client before washing the windows


    A dialogue is a key to a successful project. This is why we always listen to our customers with open ears and open mind. Your needs are what really concerns us.

  • We will advise you on window cleaning in New York


    We will be your guides to the facade and window cleaning world. Depending on your goals and the type of your property, we will suggest you the option that suits you best.

  • Best recommendations for cleaning windows in nyc


    Our experts can tell you everything about exterior building maintenance and give you recommendations on your property cleaning. Having professionals at your disposal, you will be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary costs.

  • We quickly and efficiently clean windows and facades of buildings without your intervention


    As soon as we agree on the specific task you can relax. From now on, our team will be responsible for everything, whether it is any special equipment or tools. Your only concern will be to accept the work completed.

  • Emergency window cleaning in New York


    With us, you are always feel supported. We are ready to answer all your questions before we start to work, in the course of work, and also afterwards. You can also count on us if you need window cleaning service urgently.

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