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Direct Costs


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    Preparing for the work, we spend additional time and effort, which may affect the final cost of the service. This includes waiting time for the building manager to let us in, removing objects from window sills, moving furniture if it obstructs our work, and other preparatory tasks.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    Our employee insurance affects the final price of our services. We are required by law to provide each employee with the proper equipment and insurance to keep the life risk to a minimum. Since we take safety regulations seriously, this factor affects the final cost.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    Depending on the access method we use, the price may vary. For example, if traditional cleaning from inside the building is impossible due to some reason, we have to use special equipment, like an aerial work platform or rope access system, which includes additional expenses.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    If the peculiarities of your windows cause particular inconvenience to our specialists, the price of providing services may also change. Let's say, they open in an inconvenient direction or do not open at all.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    The size of the window and its type certainly affect the total cost of the service. The bigger the window, the higher the price. That's why cleaning multi-panel windows usually cost a little more than hopper or single-hung windows.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    The nature of the stains and the amount of dirt have a direct impact on the cost of delivering services. The more time and effort the cleaner puts into the cleaning operation, the higher the cost of the service.


    Preparation for work on washing windows

    Time is probably the main factor that can increase the total cost. Almost all of the procedures and prices are determined by the time and effort put in by our team. The longer they spend at the job site, the higher the cost of service will be.

Indirect Costs


    user icon - window cleaning

    The qualifications of our cleaners indirectly affect the cost of our services. To have your windows washed by real professionals, we spend a great effort training our specialists. Therefore, additional capital investments are added to the total cost of our services.


    user icon - window cleaning

    We are obliged to provide life insurance for each employee. Firstly, because we value our employees, their families, and friends. Secondly, the State requires all employees to be insured. This is especially important in high-risk occupations, which include high-rise window cleaning.


    user icon - window cleaning

    To provide services throughout New York City, we spend money on advertising and marketing. This way, our potential customers can find us on the web and consequently get the assistance they need. We have to recoup our advertising and promotion costs to keep the company striving, so the marketing costs indirectly affect the cost of the services we provide.


    user icon - window cleaning

    It’s not an easy task to find, gather, and organize a team of real professionals. Managing such a team correctly and coordinating actions so that all clients are satisfied with the services becomes even more challenging. That is why this factor is included in the total cost of provided services.

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