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The price of window cleaning is a reflection of the time that it requires to perform the job. We don’t mind removing dozens of framed-photos or souvenirs from each window sill to get to the windows… and then put them all back the way they were after we are done cleaning the windows. It just adds to the time we spend for the job and results in higher cost of the service. To help reduce the cost of your service, please have your windows prepared.

We believe that safety must always be at 100%. If the job requires the use of special fall restraint equipment (window belt, harness and door stopper, etc.), we must take time and set it up properly. It doesn’t take long (usually extra 2-5 minutes per window), but it does take time and it does add up.

Sometimes windows just refuse to open or operate properly. They have either been neglected for too long and just got stuck or might have been painted shut (from inside or outside). They also might have been broken and non-operational for a while, but you didn’t know it. We have to deal with these problems in any case, and it adds time and complexity to the job, hence additional costs.

It is quite obvious that cleaning a plain, one piece upper and one-piece lower sash of the window takes less time/effort than cleaning a 6 over 6 French style multiple pane window. Cleaning a 12 X 12 panes window obviously takes even more time then 6 X 6. Well, in New York City some windows have even 54 X 54 panes…

Cleaning a window that hasn’t been washed for 6 months is different than cleaning a window after 3 or 5 years of dirt accumulation. Chemical reactions get into play as well. Despite the popular belief – glass is not flat and solid, it is porous. When exposed to different contaminants (water run offs, sun radiation, calcium builds up, chemicals in the air and rain-water, etc.), glass might get not just excessively dirty, but damaged, if not washed on a regular basis (at least twice per year). Removal of various stains is not part of a regular window cleaning job. It becomes a restoration project.

Please help us get into your apartment without wasting an hour in the building’s lobby or basement.


We believe in creating an environment where people come to grow – professionally and personally – as a member of a company, community and society. We hire talented and detail oriented young people and invest in their development, training and growth. We hire for values and train for skills. To become a top notch high rise professional window cleaner in New York city takes several years.

In recent years, the cost of insurance coverage in New York City has skyrocketed even more than the cost of labor. A coverage for unlimited floor height operations for window cleaning companies costs 10% of gross sales and starts from a minimum of $160,000 per year for $1 million in coverage. With building management insurance requirements rising to $3-5 millions – a real insurance coverage became unbearable for most small to medium size companies. Not being able to afford a policy with real coverage, companies often settle for cheap $20,000 janitorial insurance coverage which meets the $3-5 million in covered minimums. The trade-off is – they can provide a certificate of insurance to the building management to get the job – but such policy DOES NOT COVER any glass cleaning operations over 6 feet (best case scenario up to 3-4th floor).

Please beware. For insurance to cover window cleaning operations at heights – it has to be STATED IN THE POLICY. Call the broker number on a COI you received from your vendor and ask what is covered and what are the policy limitations.

Marketing costs usually are between 5% and 10% of the cost of the service. We gladly forward the savings on our marketing to our repeat clients and provide 5-10% discount for all regular customers who clean their windows once or twice per year. We also provide a 10% discount for every new client you recommended us to.

Efficiency of the company depends on many factors and varies between 10% and 20% of the cost of service. By combining divisions and running a central office, lean and precise operations, we were able to keep our management efficiency at 9.38% on average over last 5 years and we are proud of it.

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  1. Sign up of once per year service (5% discount)
  2. Sign up of twice per year service (10% discount)
  3. Refer a friend (10% from the cost of their service)
  4. Sign up for our Area Specials List (10% discount) – Call for details
  5. Notify your building management of an upcoming window cleaning appointment, so we don’t waste time in the lobby or basement
  6. Remove all small items from window sills, open curtains, move furniture or objects from the windows (if not heavy)


  •   Great job. I have very tall windows and they are hard for me to reach. These guys were able to get to them easily and the results are very impressive. Thanks!

    thumb Christopher Sweeney

      Big Apple Window Cleaning is very professional and efficient. My windows had not been cleaned professionally in years until I contacted them. The three window cleaners were on-time, courteous and very polite. My windows look amazing and I am very pleased.

    thumb Joy Correge

      Consistently first rate service. Their window cleaning is excellent and members of the Big Apple team are also really considerate and accommodating. Highly recommended!
    September 09 2017 - UPDATE - Just had my windows cleaned by this terrific company. First rate service again!

    thumb Manuel Bagorro

  •   A two-man crew arrived at the scheduled time, donned protective booties, and placed towels on the floor where they worked quietly and neatly. In less than an hour, two picture windows, four casements and six double-sashes looked like new and the work areas were spotless. I highly recommend Big Apple Window Cleaning.
    UPDATE 10-23-17: Andrew and his partner did a wonderful job for us again today. We're pleased with the service and happy to recommend it to others.

    thumb Howard Dillon

      The guys did a wonderful job cleaning my apartment windows and were very careful not to ding the hardwood floors. They were quick and efficient. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Brenda Iasevoli

      Fast and easy cleaning service. Well- prices for windows and screens. Took them about an hour to clean 5 windows in my downtown apartment and they look so much better!

    thumb Caroline Cogdell

  •   Excellent job. Windows and screens look beautiful. I will use them again for sure.
    Update: Once again, a great job.... looks great and very professional . Highest recommendation 4/27/2017 Update 10/23/17

    Another excellent job by Big Apple. The men are hardworking and professional and my windows are sparkling!

    thumb Amy Robinson

      I have been highly recommending and hiring Big Apple Window Cleaning for my NYC Rea estate staging projects for many years. The service and quality of work are consistently excellent. The teams are always professional, punctual, hard working and very conscientious about the care of the clients' properties.

    thumb Nairn Friemann

      The crew from Big Apple Window Cleaning did an amazing job. They were accommodating to our needs, extremely professional, punctual and excellent at their job! Highly recommend.

    WORK UPDATE: 10/12/17
    The crew came back to clean our windows and did a spectacular job as usual. Highly recommend!

    thumb Katie Michel

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