Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we surely can. That’s our specialty. The only requirement – windows must open. Please call one of our Residential Customer Experience Managers at 212-697-0272 to discuss the details and schedule your cleaning. Welcome to Big Apple! We are here to WOW you!

Yes, we can. A typical brownstone or lime stone building in NYC has a basement and 3 floors with 3 windows facing front and 3 windows facing backyard on each floor, totally 24- 30 windows. (If there are storm windows – 50-60). We charge $15-30 per window depending on the following factors: size of windows, how easily the windows open and operate, if there are any child guards or A/C units, screens, plain glass or multiple pane glass, if glass scraping is needed, etc. Please call one of our Residential Customer Experience Managers at 212-697-0272 to schedule your cleaning. Welcome to Big Apple! We are here to WOW you!

Indeed. We do have clients in Islip and will be glad to make your windows sparkle too. The only requirement we have for out-of-city jobs – we need enough windows (30+) to justify time spent for driving. These jobs are considered all day jobs. Please call one of our Residential Customer Experience Managers at 212-697-0272 to schedule your cleaning. Welcome to Big Apple! We are here to WOW you!

Our standard Residential window cleaning team consists of two people – a supervisor and a technician. For larger projects, few teams can be mobilized to make sure the project is finished in one day.

Yes, timely service is one of our main goals and most of the time we are on time, but this is New York and we can be late due to:

  • Traffic conditions. As much as we try to plan our schedule allowing enough time for transportation, traffic conditions are still unpredictable.
  • Miscommunication or unforeseen circumstances. If the previous job had unexpected complications which took time to overcome or scope of work was just not properly explained to our representative over the phone, we would need more time to complete it.
  • On the day of the appointment, our team will arrive to your building lobby or basement and ask for your permission to entry. Please notify your building management in advance to get the insurance paperwork prepared and remind them a day before the appointment about our visit.
  • Once our team gets to your residence, please take a moment and do a walk through around the apartment with our supervisor, discuss the scope of the work and tell him about all your preferences and expectations. If any window is not functioning or broken – please notify our supervisor.
  • After preparing a cleaning solution and protecting areas surrounding the windows with drop cloth and towels, we can start cleaning windows. We can start work from any room of your choice, and move according to your guidance. To speed up the process, we prefer to start from one end of the apartment and go room after room. This way no window is skipped and the risk of water spills during movements is minimized.
  • When the job is finished, our Supervisor will make another walk through around the apartment with you to make sure you are 100% happy with the results.

Yes. It’s our policy for all new clients and your presence is preferable if you are an old client. Why? All our people are top professionals and don’t need supervision, but we might need your assistance if we have any questions during the work. If you can’t be present during the process, which might take few hours, please at least be present when we start the work to show us around. Alternatively, your representative (a nanny, housekeeper or real estate agent) can stay in your apartment if you are not available.

If kids are under any adult supervision – absolutely. We work quietly (if all windows open and operate with no issues) and often kids even sleep while we work. Please keep in mind that kids cannot stay in the same room where cleaning is being done and must be under adult supervision at all times. We are not responsible if a kid overturns a bucket of dirty water on your carpet or makes your sofa dirty while playing with window cleaning tools.

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that according to the law, we are not allowed to work in a residence where kids under 18 years old are left alone without adult supervision.

In order for us to acquire and keep industry’s best talents, we must provide them with better employment opportunities, hence better financial conditions. To meet that requirement, we must make sure our schedule is full and tight. Typically, each crew has 1-2 big jobs or 3-5 smaller jobs per day. To meet such tight schedule requirements, all our operations and job logistics are precisely tailored. Please understand that if your project takes longer than planned for any reason – we will be late to all other client’s appointments for that day. Please help us to get their WOW as well and prepare for your visit ahead of time. THANK YOU!

Absolutely. Please notify your building management about upcoming window cleaning at your apartment and ask for their insurance requirements. Adding your building and you to our insurance policy takes some time and has to be done at a time of your job scheduling. If our crew is not allowed to start work immediately upon arrival (until the insurance paperwork is taken care of) – you will be responsible for added costs to compensate lost time and cancellation/rescheduling of other appointments which this team had to do that day.

It’s easy. Please call our office and provide the information about your windows and your address. We will call you to schedule your cleaning as soon as we get another client who booked a cleaning within 5 minutes’ walk time from your home. We will not waste any time for transportation between jobs and transfer these savings (10-20%) to you, our valued customer!

Absolutely. This is how we built our business. Each time your referral cleans his/her windows – 10% of the cost of their cleaning is applied to your account as credit towards your next cleaning. Don’t be surprised if your next cleaning is FREE!

We respect the time of our clients and ask for the same respect in return. In you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment, please call or e-mail us and we’ll gladly accommodate your request. Any changes are FREE if done up to 24 hours before the appointment. 50% of the service cost MAY BE charged to your credit card if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the cleaning and we don’t find another customer to fill in the empty spot. Please understand, that in order to provide you with best possible service experience, we must retain industry’s best talents and they must be able to make a decent living to keep improving.

We believe in safety and our values. They cannot be re-trained. For this reason, we are one of the very few companies in New York that still hires people ONLY with no previous window cleaning experience and train them from scratch to become industry’s top professionals. It’s not an easy path, but this is what made our company one of the best in New York.

We accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards/PayPal.

Payment terms – COD (cash on delivery). Payment is due and must be received by our Crew Supervisor on the spot upon completion of services. Invoice and payment receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Yes. As per NYC tax code, window cleaning operations are subject to sales tax. Current rate is 8.875%.

No. All our operations are 100% legal and transparent and if you prefer to pay with cash, the Sales Tax will be applied, same as for credit cards, checks or PayPal.

Yes, we do. If you have just one to four windows, the minimum charge to cover time spent for your job mobilization/demobilization will apply. As of March 2017, our minimum charge per visit is $120 plus NYC Sales Tax.

Yes. If you are a new client, our Customer Experience manager will ask you to provide a credit card for appointment reservation. You can still pay via check or cash. Your credit card will not be charged without your authorization.

For regular wash we use neutral, pets and kids safe bio-degradable professional glass cleaning soap or just a regular dish washing soap like Palmolive or Joy.

Not sure which solution fits your needs? Please give us a call and our representatives will consult you to best serve your needs!

Big Apple Window Cleaning Company is always happy to answer all of your questions about residential window cleaning. We have over 10 years of experience on New York window cleaning market and know what our clients need. No matter how complicated your cleaning project may seem, we have the experience, the team, and the equipment to complete it. We know how hard it can be to find a reliable residential Read more...
window cleaning company. There are so many factors to check and consider. Many people give up after making one or two wrong choices. We are proud that our clients keep coming back to order regular window cleaning. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we try to make our business as transparent as possible. If you take a minute to browse the website, you can find a lot of information about the way we work. We are always available to take your phone call and answer whatever questions you may have. Sometimes even residential window cleaning may seem complicated. The variety of factors that make up the price of our services is impressive. But we are ready to explain to each client how we come up with the figures. We have many different window cleaning teams to deal with a variety of objects. The smallest professional window cleaning team consists of two people. This doesn’t just have to do with the speed but also ensures the safety of our employees. If you have a large project that needs to be done fast, we can send a bigger team to assist you. All our team members wear uniforms and come in specially marked cars. All our staff is fully insured. We recommend you to notify your building manager of the upcoming window cleaning in order not to deal with misunderstandings on the spot. We take residential window cleaning very seriously no matter how simple the project may seem. We work on small residential houses and high-rise buildings. Wherever your home is located, we can keep its windows clean. When booking a cleaning, please share all the important details about your home and windows. It helps us select the right team and bring proper equipment for fast and efficient cleaning. dirt, light, contract, removal, purpose, basic, esidential. Big Apple Window Cleaning is always ready to answer your questions about our business. Besides our extensive FAQ section, we have created a blog. In this blog, you can read about the nuances of window cleaning and find many interesting stories about the industry as well as useful tips. We are always upfront about the way we do business. Over 10 years, we’ve been improving our approach to window cleaning and perfecting the relationships with our clients. Even though window cleaning NY seems to be a straightforward project for many, when it comes to booking, plenty of questions appear. In order for the window cleaning session to go smoothly, we need our clients to do some preparations. For example, if you would know that clearing the access to your windows can reduce the cost of the cleaning, wouldn’t you do it? Unfortunately, many people forget about small details. This FAQ section is not just created to give you extensive answers; it allows you to learn important information about the window washing process. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we are proud of always coming on time. In over a decade of our work on the NY window cleaning market, our teams have never been late. The only thing that can keep us from coming to your site on time is a force majeure circumstance. We know how important it is for you to plan your day. You can be sure we won’t interfere with your plans. We would like you to know more about the window cleaning process in order not to face any surprises. Unlike DIY window cleaning projects, professional sessions involve a variety of equipment and top-notch techniques. By watching our staff work, you can learn a few new window cleaning tricks. Just make sure not to repeat them without special equipment. All our employees get extensive training. They don’t just know how to make your windows squeaky-clean. They know how to do it without hurting themselves. Even though we are fully insured, we work hard to put safety first. If you have any more questions after reading this section, please contact us at 212-697-0272. Less..