Big Apple Window Cleaning evolved by learning, implementing and following strict IWCA and OSHA safety standards.

There are no options or second chances for safety in window cleaning. Like on a mine field, in window cleaning – safety is all or nothing. Always.


  • In-house training program based on IWCA I-14 standard
  • We only train people with no previous window cleaning experience
  • We always assign at least 2 people for a job
  • All tools must be on bungees at all times when exposed to heights
  • We replace all PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all our techs annually
  • Daily PPE inspections and reports – mandatory and enforced
  • Mandatory monthly safety training sessions for all staff


Peace of mind for our clients is number one aspect of all our operations. For this reason we carry industry leading insurance policies:

  • $10 million General Liability policy
  • $1 million Auto Insurance policy
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Bonding


In recent years, insurance costs went up to levels unbearable for most small size companies. More and more even medium size companies are forced to seek compromises and settle for janitorial or cheap window cleaning policies with very limited or no coverage for window cleaning operations with height exposure above the 4th story.

To check what is covered by the insurance policy, simply call the phone number of an insurance broker listed on the provided COI (certificate of insurance) and ask whether the policy covers window cleaning operations and what the height limitation is.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

Since professional window cleaning is highly dangerous, all respectable window-cleaning companies buy insurance. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we have extensive insurance policies to cover all possible occurrences. Even though the cost of such insurance goes up every year, we don’t try to save and purchase a less expensive policy. We care for our clients and employees so you can be sure that everything Read more...
is covered. When you hire a professional window cleaning company, insurance is one of the first things you need to check. Many companies try to save by purchasing less extensive policies that don’t cover work on high-rise buildings. If you live above the 4th floor, make sure to ask if the company has insurance covering such work. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we pay special attention to our workers’ safety. Besides going through rigorous safety training, our employees use only the best safety equipment. Safety is our number one concern so if our cleaners tell you that they need to reschedule a session, it’s probably because they believe the working conditions are unsafe. It’s much better to lose some time on a cancelled session than to deal with the consequences. Professional window cleaning service doesn’t just involve knowing how to make your glass squeaky-clean. A windo w expert knows how to do the job safely. When it comes to window cleaning, safety is above all else. Even though these days, cleaners have access to top-notch equipment, a window cleaner is still one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. That’s why there is no overdoing the safety matter. If you have doubts about whether the professional window cleaning company you are hiring has proper insurance, call the insurance provider, whose number is mentioned in the policy. The professional window cleaning company must give you access to their certificate of insurance. If the company decides to save money on insurance, it may mean that they are cutting costs on everything else, including worker training and equipment. Big Apple Window Cleaning is ready to take on any window-cleaning project. We are fully equipped and insured to tackle even the toughest spots. A good insurance policy is a key to safe and worry-free window cleaning. Any respectable company knows this simple truth. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we buy the best insurance available. All our staff is fully covered. Such insurance doesn’t just help us to comply with OSHA and IWCA standards, it allows our clients to have a peace of mind. All our insurance policies are available on our website. Any client has a right to call the provider and check the policy’s integrity. How hard is it to clean a window? Professional window cleaning is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. We work with heights, reach tough spots, and operate heavy machinery. When you are using a squeegee on your living room window, imagine doing the same hanging from the rope near the 50th floor. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we closely follow all the safety rules to make sure our employees are safe. We take advantage of the latest top-notch access equipment to keep the risk factor to the very minimum. Meanwhile, having extensive insurance allows us not to worry about extraordinary circumstances. The high cost of our extensive insurance factors into the cost of our services. We believe that it’s better to add a few dollars to buy high-quality insurance than to save and face irreversible consequences. All our staff receives mandatory monthly coaching to comply with safety standards. Before taking on a project, each employee goes through rigorous training to know how to behave in different situations. Only our most experienced employees take on your toughest tasks. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we highly value the health and safety of our staff. At the same time, we understand how important their speed and precision is to our clients. We work hard to combine these two factors to satisfy both parties. Considering how many clients come back to order more cleaning sessions, we seem to be doing a good job. We are dedicated to high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Less..