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Access. We have all types of access to the facade of buildings

  • Aerial lift

    We have our own trucks. That allows Window and Facade Cleaning to be performed at heights up to 300 feet. Perfect for outreach works. If you need your windows cleaned on a building of over two stories, a boom lift can come in handy. The platform provides space for all the necessary cleaning equipment. In most cases, you will also need a truck mount access, where the boom lifts the operator up to a needed height. Truck mounts are beneficial thanks to their mobility, as they are driven to a jobsite quickly and smoothly. Our crew is trained to operate at any height. Our special technology, techniques and experts will ensure safety of the whole process.

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    Aerial lift commercial window or facade wash
  • Professional Rope Access/PRA

    We are the only team in New York certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).
    If the building does not allow truck mount, we can offer you rope access, which is one of the most efficient methods of accessing confined spaces and complicated structures. Rope access window cleaners experience few limitations; they can start working in a matter of minutes. Here are just a few benefits of Rope Access Window Cleaning: time-saving, convenient, cost-effective, versatile. In a region where the weather changes quickly, this type of access offers a great flexibility for rescheduling.

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    Professional Rope Access/PRA commercial window or facade wash
  • BMU & Davits

    When it comes to cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings, Building Maintenance Units can be required. Mounted at roof level, a BMU is the safest type of access which provides full lateral, horizontal and vertical movement of the working platform. BMU enable secure access to complex building facades. Davit System of BMU looks like a small movable window cleaning structure. It normally consists of two main parts, a portable davit arm and a pedestal.

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    BMU & Davits nyc - commercial windows cleaning in New York
  • WFP/Water Fed Pole

    This is one of the most innovative and eco-friendly inventions in window cleaning services. Water fed pole technology allows to get upper-story windows cleaned from ground level. The window cleaning technician uses the wet brush to clean the window with special de-ionized water which breaks the seal between the dirt and the window so that it can easily be brushed away. The purified water has no minerals so windows dry streak free. Moreover, this water does not contain soap or chemicals. With that being said, it possesses no danger to your pets, kids and environment. To sum up, water fed pole system is the fastest way to clean windows. So if you have an important event coming up you can have your windows cleaned promptly.

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    Water fed pole technology nyc
  • From inside the premises

    In case the design of your property or its windows does not allow access outside or you do not want any exterior work, we can offer you cleaning service from inside the premises. Despite the seeming easiness of such a task, certain safety procedures are crucial. Our window cleaners will take all necessary measures to ensure workplace safety such as doorstoppers, window cleaning hooks, etc.
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We have an $11 Million insurance policy


Big Apple Window Cleaning evolved by learning, implementing and following strict IWCA and OSHA safety standards.

There are no options or second chances for safety in window cleaning. Like on a mine field, in window cleaning safety is all or nothing. Always.


  • In-house training program based on IWCA 1-14 standard
  • We only train people with no previous window cleaning experience
  • We always assign at least 2 people for a job
  • All tools must be on bungees at all times when exposed to heights
  • We replace all PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all of our techs promptly
  • Daily PPE inspections and reports – mandatory and enforced
  • Mandatory monthly safety training sessions for all staff members


Peace of mind for our clients is number one aspect of all our operations. For this reason, we carry industry leading insurance policies:

  • $10 million General Liability policy
  • $1 million Auto Insurance policy
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Bonding
We have insured window cleaners in New York


In recent years, insurance costs increased so much that small-sized enterprises cannot afford them. Even medium-sized companies are forced to seek a compromise and opt in for janitorial or cheaper window cleaning insurance with limited or no coverage for window cleaning operation with height exposure above the 4th story.

To check what is covered by the insurance policy, you can simply call the insurance agent mentioned in the provided COI (certificate of insurance) and ask them whether the policy covers window cleaning operation and what the height limit is.

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