all kinds of access to windows and facades to clean them from dirt and our window cleaners are insured
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    We are height access specialists

    At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we select access methods based on the specific features of your building. Rest assured, we utilize only the necessary equipment to avoid any additional costs for you.
    • Aerial Work Platform

      An aerial work platform allows for performing tasks at heights of up to 300 feet. It is a mechanical lifting system controlled by operators and is commonly used when working at heights beyond the reach of ladders or water-fed poles. Truck-mounted aerial platforms provide mobility, significantly reducing preparation time.

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      Aerial lift commercial window or facade wash
    • Rope Access

      We are the only team in New York certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). If the building does not permit the use of a truck mount, we can offer you rope access, which is one of the most efficient methods for accessing confined spaces and complex structures.

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      professional rope access to windows and facade
    • Davit System

      A davit system is a premier facade access equipment used to support suspension equipment over the edge of a building. It provides a safe solution for window cleaning and exterior maintenance. Mounted at the roof level, it allows for full lateral, horizontal, and vertical movement of the working platform.

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      BMU & Davits nyc - commercial windows cleaning in New York
    • Water Fed Pole

      A water-fed pole enables the safe cleaning of windows up to 80 feet high from the ground. This system utilizes purified water without any chemicals to rinse away dirt and grime, leaving no spots or streaks upon drying. It is a safe, fast, and efficient method for cleaning exterior windows without the need for ladders or special lifting equipment.

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      Water fed pole technology nyc
    • Traditional - Cleaning from Inside the Building

      Despite the various access methods available, cleaning windows from inside the building remains the simplest and safest approach. In addition to interior and exterior window glass cleaning, it allows for thorough washing of window frames and sills. However, this method is only suitable for windows that can be opened, and for non-openable windows, additional access methods should be employed to clean both the interior and exterior.

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      washing windows from inside nyc



    We are one of the few commercial window cleaning companies in New York that have $11,000,000 Insurance


    Safety is our utmost priority – there’s absolutely no compromise. It’s all in, or nothing.

    Adhering strictly to IWCA and OSHA regulations, we put in our best efforts to ensure our workers’ safety. This commitment translates into peace of mind for you.


    • We operate an in-house training program based on the IWCA 1-14 standard
    • We only train individuals with no prior window cleaning experience
    • We always assign a minimum of two people to a job for safety and efficiency
    • When working at height, all tools are secured on bungees to prevent accidents
    • We exclusively use high-quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • We perform daily inspections of PPE and compile reports for transparency and accountability
    • We mandate monthly safety training sessions for all staff members


    Our goal is to eradicate all potential risks in our line of work. Nevertheless, should an accident occur, rest assured, everyone is financially protected. We hold:

    • A $10 million General Liability policy
    • A $1 million Auto Insurance policy
    • Workman’s Compensation
    • Bonding.
    We have insured window cleaners in New York



    In recent years, insurance costs have escalated to the point where small-sized businesses can’t afford them. Even medium-sized companies are being forced to compromise, opting for janitorial or cheaper window cleaning insurance that offers limited or no coverage for window cleaning operations above the fourth story.

    To verify the coverage of an insurance policy, you can simply call the insurance agent listed on the provided Certificate of Insurance (COI). Ask them whether the policy covers window cleaning operations and what the height limit is.

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