water fed window cleaning pole
Take a look at how we work with a water-fed pole.

Window cleaning access methods:


A water fed pole allows cleaning windows up to 80 feet high safely from the ground. The system uses purified water with no chemicals at all to rinse dirt and grime away, leaving no spots or streaks when drying. It is a safe, fast, and efficient way to clean exterior windows with no ladders or special lifting equipment.

Water Fed Pole: ADVANTAGES

Water-fed poles are the best option for cleaning quickly and effectively. Purified water is used in the water-fed pole system, so there are no streaks on the glass, which improves the cleaning results.

  • No need to climb a ladder

    No need to climb a ladder

    Water fed pole technology allows cleaning windows from ground level - there is no need to climb a ladder. It is easy and safe.
  • Quick

    It takes 60% less time than other methods.
  • Cost saving

    Cost saving

    It is cost-effective. A water fed pole system can fit on a small cart, there is no need to get a truck or ladders in the space. This allows you to save on transport costs.

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