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Big Apple Window Cleaning utilizes various equipment and techniques to deliver platinum-level service to our commercial and residential clients. Every technique and access method serves a purpose, depending on the property in question. Naturally, we possess the training, experience, and credentials to implement these different pieces of equipment on a job site safely and securely, which is essential when choosing a great window cleaning company to work with.

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Many people have certainly seen those brave souls dangling from the side of a building while they work their magic, but how many are aware of the process? It’s fascinating to see how professional window cleaners handle all those windows and make them sparkle. That is the reason why we created this post to inform you about the many pieces of equipment we use to handle everything from your local house to the towering buildings of downtown NYC!

Boatswain’s Chair (Bosun’s Chair)

If you’ve ever seen a window cleaner doing their work against the outside of a building, the chances are they were utilizing the Bosun Chair method. it’s by far the most common piece of equipment in the trade, and for a good reason. It’s straightforward to set up, and also offers all the flexibility a window cleaner needs to get to task without any problems. Bosun Chair equipment is distinguished by a classic climbing harness and a seat that provides the operator with an exceptional amount of comfort to focus on.

Heavy, reinforced strap mechanisms are meant to keep the operator secure, and some installations feature additional strapping as an added safety precaution. The harness is suspended by a rope, allowing the operator to rise and descend the vertical height of a certain property, allowing them to access every window on a specific face before moving on to the next location. This approach is used by Big Apple Window Cleaners in many of our day-to-day operations for our commercial and residential clients.

Swing Stage (Scaffolding Systems)

Even if we didn’t know what it was named, most of us would identify the Swing State equipment arrangement. This is one of the most well-known windows washing systems, particularly in high-rise structures such as skyscrapers and bigger condominiums. You’ve seen the setup — a movable scaffolding system that allows many operators to clean multiple windows at once for a quick and thorough clean. The Swing Stage makes use of a “bucket” system that allows operators to freely move from left to right. It moves by using an efficient motor mechanism connected to a rail system that can elevate and lower employees as needed.

Safety is an important aspect of the Swing Stage arrangement, which involves having at least two operators on board at all times. This approach has been used frequently by Big Apple Window Cleaners for clients all across NYC. We are completely qualified and have received professional training in it.

BMU Access  — Window Cleaning

BMU is short for “Building Maintenance Unit,” and it may take various forms, all of which are meant to optimize efficiency when it comes to window cleaning operations. Though they may appear to be similar to Swing Stage setups, BMUs differ in important ways. BMU systems are typically used in high-rise structures where the ground area is limited. Maintenance units come into play since not all structures are built the same way. Many facilities have BMU systems in place, which means that third-party employees arriving on-site to do a task must have the technical skills and training to hop straight in and get the job done.

Pre-installed BMUs are extremely beneficial in many ways since they eliminate the requirement for a third-party setup while also reducing setup and teardown time. Big Apple Window Cleaners has significant expertise and experience with a variety of BMU kinds, and we keep our personnel up to date with frequent training and certifications. You can read about сredentials in our blog

Rope Access (RA)

Most people couldn’t identify the difference between the aforementioned Bosun Chair approach and another window cleaning alternative known as Rope Access. It might be difficult to tell them apart, but there are several important distinctions. 

To begin with, RA techniques provide operators with better flexibility and movement than Bosun Chair. This is especially useful for homes with difficult-to-reach areas that require a little more flexibility to access. Rope Access allows for more flexibility of movement, especially in the horizontal axis, which may be preferred for some characteristics.

Second, Rope Access operators are IRATA/SPRAT-certified, which is a comprehensive training program that includes rescue methods and trauma-related information, which directly reduces the chance of operator harm. Finally, the requirement for a smaller on-site crew means faster setup, work, and takedown times, which can be beneficial in terms of cost savings. Rope Access is the industry standard for certain jobs.

Aerial Lift Platform (ALP)

Aerial Work Platforms, which resemble a Swing Stage setup, are technological pieces of equipment developed for a variety of external maintenance chores such as painting, decorating, refurbishing, and, of course, window washing. Multiple electric LTD hoists and support wheels hanging by steel wire ropes from a suspension framework enable for fast climb and descent. They include a service break in the hoist as well as several safety measures such as fall arrest locks, overload sensors, and emergency stop, to mention a few.

Aerial Work Platforms are commonly used to clean windows in high-rise buildings, and they are ideally adapted for the task. They are built with user-friendliness and safety in mind, and their adaptability allows them to be easily installed on most sites. Big Apple Window Cleaners use them for their primary function  —  to make your external windows gleam.

Experience Access Method Yourself

We look forward to working with you when it comes to keeping your property looking fantastic, from the first floor to the top floor. Contact us today, and let’s work out a cleaning service designed specifically for your property!


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