Professional Window Cleaning Training and Qualifications

Professional Window Cleaning Training and Qualifications in New York

Finding a window cleaner for your commercial property is simple, whether through word of mouth, a newspaper advertisement, or an online search. Choosing a window cleaning company that is trained and has the required credentials, and expertise, on the other hand, can be difficult. 

Big Apple Windows Cleaning can provide reliable, professional, and safe service in no time. Let’s briefly discuss training and qualifications: why do they matter, what training window cleaner should have, and more. 

Why Does It Matter?

Cleaning windows may be dangerous. Facilities managers, building managers, and those who supervise window cleaning services must understand and identify the risks involved with window cleaning and guarantee the safety of operators, employees, customers,, and the general public. These dangers include, but are not limited to: slips and falls from trailing hoses, falls from working at heights, and chemicals and their environmental impact.

There is a legal requirement. Compliance with Health and Safety laws is the duty of both the service provider and the person in charge of monitoring window cleaning services. While pricing is essential, qualifications show that operators have received the necessary training, and accreditations show that the service provider has passed and adhered to particular requirements.

What Training and Qualifications should Window Cleaners Have?

There are several training providers, as there are in many professions. Because there is no regulating authority to assess the suitability, level, and relevance of such training, many window cleaners establish a business selling services without any training or qualifications.

To discover the proper window cleaning crew, you must first establish the method utilized to clean your premises and then choose a trained and certified team to do the service.

Traditional Methods 

If a small shop or office and traditional methods are being used, then ‘The Cleaning and Environmental Apprenticeship Scheme’ or a City and Guilds ‘Diploma in Cleaning and Support Service Skills’ will suffice.

Water Fed Poles 

Many larger buildings, including Schools, Hotels, Nursing Homes, and larger offices, are now cleaned using water-fed poles. For example, The British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA) is the leading provider of water-fed pole training in the UK. The United States organizations offer a range of short courses. For instance, Water-fed Pole Safety Program is a course inside Campus IWCA for members.

Working at Height including Abseiling and Mobile Platforms Training

The two primary training providers for working at height are The International Rope Access Association(IRATA) and The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

There are three levels of IRATA certification:

  1. A Level One qualification allows a window cleaning operator to work directly under the supervision of someone with a Level Three certificate. 
  2. A Level Two IRATA qualified window cleaner has proven better abilities but must still work under the supervision of a Level Three certified operator. 
  3. A Level Three certificate allows the operative to work autonomously. it’s recommended that at least one operative on the job have a Level Three qualification.

Windows are generally cleaned utilizing an elevated movable platform for bigger structures above ground height and when water-fed poles cannot be utilized owing to access or height. IPAF accreditation is only applicable to jobs that require high mobile platforms and other powered equipment. Proof of accreditation is necessary to guarantee that some Public and Employer Liability Coverage does not become invalid. 

If you want to know more about Insurance and Liability Coverage, make sure to check the article about Safety & Insurance.

Continual Professional Development with Other Training Providers

While initial training and qualifications demonstrate a commitment to the window cleaning industry, obtaining additional qualifications and more comprehensive training through continual professional development will not only enable the window cleaning operative to provide a more comprehensive range of services but also demonstrate a commitment to health and safety and compliance with new legislation.

International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) offers a range of safety training courses. Training such as cleaning windows safely, risk assessments, and others are accredited officially. 

Adequate Insurance is a Prerequisite

While not an accreditation, it’s vital to check that the service provider has Public Liability Insurance and that the coverage is appropriate for the work approach. Expiry dates, exceptions to training, and operating at height limits must all be addressed before choosing a window cleaning business.

The Benefits of Working With Big Apple Window Cleaning

Obtaining window cleaning estimates and proposals from service providers, like any other procurement procedure, should contain data about credentials and accreditations that are plainly apparent. While the lowest price may appear to be the obvious choice, it’s crucial to evaluate the jeopardies of working with a firm that lacks insurance, safety training, and accreditations. Aside from receiving poor service, there is a danger of non-compliance with Health and Safety laws, which might be costly.

Big Apple Window Cleaning is a safe contractor that has an impeccable safety record. Quick facts about our company:

Safety Policy

  • An in-house training program based on IWCA 1-14 standard
  • We only train people with no previous window cleaning experience
  • We always assign at least two people for a job
  • All tools must be on bungees at all times when exposed to heights
  • We replace all PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all of our techs annually
  • Daily PPE inspections and reports – mandatory and enforced
  • Mandatory monthly safety training sessions for all staff

Insurance Policy

  • 10 million General Liability policy
  • $ 1 Million Auto Insurance policy
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Bonding

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