Window Cleaning in Staten Island

Professional Window Cleaning in Staten Island

Do you know that long-neglected windows subsequently require more frequent maintenances or even replacement? Yes, you get it right – windows need to be cleaned regularly like homes. Window Cleaning in Staten Island is done successfully by Big Apple company – one of the leaders in the line. Windows of the city can’t wait to meet our professionals!

Save your time and nerves

Here, in Big Apple, we prefer to welcome new window cleaners without previous experience. Newcomers undergo training according to the special program based on IWCA l-14 standard, and this approach has proved to be great. Our window cleaners are always neat, polite, and punctual; they always leave the space tidy when the job is done. That is why Big Apple has so many regular clients in State Island – both physical persons and legal ones. Our services are widely recommended by those who have chosen Big Apple for this task.

Hiring our team, you save a lot of time and get the work accomplished quickly and effectively. It’s not a good idea to utilize employees in a commercial building for windows cleaning. Do you remember why were they hired? It’s a risky undertaking for professionals only, especially exterior cleaning. Extra duties that do not directly relate to straight duties of employees decrease their productivity at work and their motivation. Treat your staff with respect and take care of the reputation of your brand. Protect inexperienced workers from injuries, your windows – from damages, your wallet – from a repair or replacement costs. You require people with proper equipment, cleaning products, and proficient knowledge.

Any citizen of Staten Island can solve this problem with Big Apple at a very affordable price.

Not so easy as you think

Only high-skilled professionals should the job. And this requirement is more important than you can expect. You don’t even suspect how much dirt and dust accumulate over the blinds to complicate the task of cleaning. Screens should not be ignored as well – they need a good wipe at the very beginning of the process.

Window shutters and channels often become the favorite shelter for different insects. Only professionals can make every single corner clean and free from any pollutants. You probably know how it happens when windows are self-cleaned: you start to dawdle and get distracted by phone calls, snacks, kids, dogs and cats, clients coming to the office… It seems endless. You start with enthusiasm, but in a couple of hours, with a mop and a bucket of soapy water in your hands, you want to give up and escape. Yes, if you do it on your own, you spend the entire day! And when window coverings have any damages, it seems to be torture. 

Problems spotted and eliminated

Big Apple experts reveal problems immediately and act thoughtfully and professionally. Moss, debris, dead bees, rotten wood, unfit screens, etching marks, cracks on the glass, weak panes, broken seals, etc. Early spotting of such problems saves a lot of time and money. Besides, they can handle any window – no matter how big, old or high. Big Apple solves problems before they turn really serious and costly.

In-house methods of cleaning are not appropriate for this task. Knowledge, special tools, and products are required. Big Apple knows how to enhance the lifespan of your windows and help you save on replacement and repair. You will see the environment – home or office – more pleasant and cozy with the light abundantly entering inside. Provide regular care to your windows to reduce costs, save nerves and time, to live comfortably and feel well.

And no need to worry about safety! Big Apple regularly inspects and replaces personal protection equipment and provides safety training sessions to each member of the cleaning team. We know this profession inside and out to make your life more convenient and comfortable, to bring a smile to your face! Contact Big Apple to find out more, to ask any occurring questions, to estimate the project, or discuss individual requirements.

Window Cleaning in Bronx

Window Cleaning in Bronx

Transparent clean windows allow you to see a brighter world and get more warmth and light inside your office or home. But, surely, it’s not the only reason why you need to get windows cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to your own wellness and the atmosphere, you prolong the lifespan of the windows themselves. And, therefore, you seriously save on probable repairs or windows replacement.

One of the leading windows cleaning companies in Bronx is Big Apple. It’s the brand-new approach to this kind of services. We employ new workers with zero experience to teach them our own professional way in order we could ensure the best quality in the market.

Why you need to hire Big Apple asap

If your windows have been neglected for long (don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one), you should hire a team of experts from Big Apple, because:

  1. It will positively contribute to the good reputation of your company and the image of your house.
  2. It will save your money. Yes, it’s true. Long neglected windows finally damage and make you spend much more. Simple steps and regular maintenance will cut down expenses in the long run. Repairs and replacement caused by neglect are rather expensive.
  3. It will make the environment around you and beloved people cleaner and healthier. Protect yourself, hire professionals, and avoid aggressive chemical products trying to clean the windows on your own.
  4. It will bring you more happy customers! Clean and cozy atmosphere is proved to improve the quality of business. When people feel good at your office, studio, salon or store, they tend to order or buy more.
  5. It will help you not to worry! Big Apple will ease your mind and make you a bit happier! You’ll see – clean windows make a difference!

Glow and sparkle!

We will do the job so smoothly, you won’t be able to believe it’s the same window! Both inside and out – the windows will twinkle and sparkle. Big Apple knows how to treat your windows right, how to make them crystal clear and perfectly transparent. We rely on the latest technologies, eco-friendly products, proficient knowledge of our team and strict observance of the safety rules.

Big Apple provides both residential and commercial window cleaning services. We deal with skylight and screen washing, storm window washing, exterior and interior cleaning. Even the most challenging tasks will find their own reliable solutions.

We guarantee a streak-free result because we use filtered water and biodegradable cleaning solution that does not leave any hard residue. We also provide exterior window cleaning at any height. Do not forget to provide regular cleaning to windows in winter months too. Damages caused by neglect are always more expensive than regular washing services.

Don’t do it yourself

Doing the job without professional help is rather dangerous. If you have no proper training, you can even get stricken by panic at height. Our services stand for public safety. Each worker is supported by insurance coverage. Allow experts to help you and save your money, nerves and time.

Factors to influence the costs

The final cost surely depends on the number of windows, their location and peculiarities. If you want to save more money, please, prepare the windows for washing. Remove all unnecessary objects, provide an access to the windows. Cleaning of multi-pane windows costs more, as well as of highly contaminated ones. If the job requires special harnesses, window belts, door stoppers and other equipment, it can also increase the costs. The more time we spend, the higher the price is. Marketing costs, insurance, logistics are fully included in the final price. This way or another, professional cleaning for your windows is affordable for every average customer in Bronx. You can estimate the project via request form on the website of Big Apple or in a telephone conversation with our specialists. Do not postpone the pleasure of living in a tidier and more beautiful place.

Window Cleaning in Long Island

Window Cleaning in Long Island

We live in the city of endless windows. Dark, dimmed, light, in all possible forms and sizes, they contribute to the landscape of Long Island and the atmosphere of every single space hidden there inside… Quite naturally each of us needs comfort to feel good. We surround ourselves with beautiful accessories, cozy carpets and pillows, turn on colorful lamps to attract customers or to celebrate a holiday. However, the essential condition of comfort is cleanliness. This is where everyone should start to create that very wonderful atmosphere. But do not forget that housecleaning should regularly include windows cleaning. Tidy windows work like magic, they make any space more inviting and comfortable. And the best way to make windows perfectly clean is to hire Big Apple, guys!

Save your time and let us do the job

Home and office are very valuable places in your life, where you spend the most of the day. Provide a proper upkeep not only to the inner space but also to the windows – let the light in! But don’t postpone more important and pleasant activities, don’t climb the ladder yourself trying to remove dirt and dust. It’s time-consuming, risky and not so effective compared to professional services. Big Apple has all necessary equipment and washing tools for the flawless result.

In Long Island our company is one of the best options. Backed by the extensive experience and knowledge in the field, high-quality tools, professional cleaners, trained according to our own program, we return brightness to your life. And we do it in the fashion when you don’t worry about the price.

Debris and moss won’t have a single chance to stay on your windows. We have professional windows cleaning products, pressure washing systems and truck mounted vacuum systems to get the excellent result on any window. The job will be done in a matter of hours

Remember, the condition and the service life of windows depend on how often you clean them. Pollutants accumulating on the window damage the glass and finally lead to window replacement which is significantly pricier than professional cleaning.

What about winter season? Do I need to bother with cleaning?

Many people think that a winter season is the time when washing windows is not so much necessary. The sun is weaker and window cleaners won’t do the job on very cold days, they assume. But this assumption is false. You should know that Big Apple works all year around to bring comfort and beauty to houses of Long Island.

We provide winter cleaning for windows in order to:

  • Return an aesthetic and remove all the dirt and debris. No matter deep dark December or July full of sunlight. Impress guests of your house or customers coming to your shop by sparkling beautiful windows.
  • Give you energy and wellness. Do not let darkness and grime in, bring more sunshine to feel better and become more efficient at work. It’s especially crucial in cold months when we miss sunshine so much. It always feels better to be in a sunny space, doesn’t it? Find motivation and good mood in simple things.
  • To prolong the service life of windows. Environmental pollutants unavoidably damage windows, its glass and mechanisms. As a result, you have to maintain the windows more frequently or replace them with new ones. If you invest in winter cleaning, you avoid this problem and save your money in the long perspective.

Now you know that winter window cleaning is a reasonable investment!

How you benefit with Big Apple

  • We treat safety as the top priority and strictly observe IWCA and OSHA safety standards;
  • Our people do not have previous experience, we train every window cleaner under our own thoroughly elaborated program based on standard IWCA l-14;
  • The minimal number of cleaners for every project is two persons;
  • Every year we make full replacement of all personal protection equipment;
  • Our company daily inspects personal protection equipment and reports on the current condition;
  • Window cleaners have mandatory safety training sessions each month.
  • Every window cleaner is backed by all necessary insurance policies.

Quickly, efficiently, affordably – Big Apple is going to surpass all your expectations! We will be happy to answer any questions, just give us a call!

House Window Washing Without Streaks: Big Apple

House Window Washing Without Streaks: Big Apple

No matter how many efforts are made for cleaning the apartment, it won’t look tidy if you ignore the windows. The house becomes perfectly inviting, cozy and shining when you do care about the windows too. The best you can do for the eyes of your house is to use professional services, of course. Specialists work effortlessly, they have done it hundreds of times. But you wish to complete the task on your own, you should know some useful tips for windows cleaning.

First of all, keep in mind that harsh chemical detergents won’t do good. Besides, they do not guarantee excellent results and may leave streaks and residues on the glass. And probably you will have a tough time trying to remove them.

Secondly, you do not have to buy very expensive products. Good results can be achieved even with products from cheap brands.


All those towels, newspapers and spray bottles can be replaced by a squeegee. It’s the best tool for this task, believe it or not. A squeegee will save the glass from streaks and will also save your time. Choose the squeegee with a rubber blade – the one used by professionals. Change the squeegee as soon as you notice it leaves streaks.

Use a ladder with a stabilizer to reach the window in a residential house. Take a plastic bucket and fill it with warm water (a couple of gallons) and a teaspoon of the liquid you normally use to wash dishes. On a warm day it’s recommended to use cool water. On a very cold day you can’t perfectly do the job without wind shield washing solution.

Some professional tips for those who prefers DIY

  • If you use dishwashing liquid or a special cleaning solution, it makes no sense to use vinegar.
  • Prior to cleaning, take a wet terrycloth rag to wipe the frame from outside.
  • Use the swirling motion to get rid of dirt and dust in all angles and edges.
  • Clean the entire glass, do not ignore certain areas.
  • After cleaning, wipe the window with a rubber squeegee to dry out the glass. The squeegee should be moved across the glass horizontally (thirty degrees).
  • If you deal with stubborn dirt on the glass, apply the scouring pad of the sponge.
  • Clean the windows steadily moving from top to bottom.
  • Do not forget to clean the rubber blade with a clean towel or a piece of cloth. Get rid of excess water between passes.
  • Keep all necessary tools at hand or in your pocket (clean towel) to save time and work faster.
  • Rely on microfiber rags or towels – they will perfectly help you.
  • When you repeat cleaning all over again, move the squeegee overlapping previous stokes.
  • Remove excess water and remaining suds with a dry rag moving across the window.
  • Complete the cleaning process by wiping down any remaining streaks with a dry microfiber kitchen towel.
  • The first stage of the process requires a scrubber, the second one – a squeegee. To protect the bottom edge of the window, put a terrycloth rag there.
  • Cut the squeegee into halves if it is too big.
  • Narrows strips of the window are best to be cleaned with the tip of a squeegee.
  • Make use of a canvas drop cloth to put it on the floor under the window being cleaned.

Congratulations! Your window is probably clean now!

Let us help you

If you want to save your time for more entertaining or important things, let Big Apple Windows Cleaning company take care of your windows in New York. This job can be risky and time-consuming, so it’s always better to rely on a professional team. We know that many people try to save money on professional services. It often leads to multiple mistakes, lost time or even traumas. That is why we always recommend to hire professional windows cleaners – specially trained and properly insured for this job. Please, contact Big Apple company to estimate your task, get professional advice and discuss all related details. It’s more affordable and much more convenient than DIY cleaning! Once you try our services, you will never return to the dangerous DIY option. Give us a call and make your house sparkle again!

External Window Cleaning – Hire Big Apple

External Window Cleaning – Hire Big Apple

External windows cleaning is the task to be completed by professionals, not residents of a house or office employees. It’s a risky undertaking and may cause damages of facades and windows or even traumas. Besides, shiny and streak-free result can be guaranteed only by specialists.

Windows cleaning of superb quality from Big Apple

If you depend on Big Apple, you have excellent results – perfectly clean windows that make your house more inviting and beautiful. We know how important it is for residents to look through perfectly transparent and clean windows at the surrounding landscape, how important it is for a commercial building to create the image of a cozy neat space where clients feel like dear guests. And we know how to help you and make you absolutely happy with our services in New York.

Here you can get:

  • Regular wash services;
  • Acid wash services;
  • Post-construction windows cleaning;
  • Initial wash.

We can remove any dirt no matter how aged and heavy it is!

Why Big Apple?

If you have ever tried to clean windows on your own, you know well how much time and how many efforts it takes. At the same time, you have a lot of other things to do and you must be too busy to waste almost the entire day on windows washing. For many companies and residents in New York, it became a habitual thing to hire a professional team for exterior windows cleaning. Specialists from Big Apple work promptly, professionally in a detail-oriented manner. And they deal with all possible windows – small, big, low and high, round or square. Depending on the task, we will choose the best suitable equipment and tools, cleaning products and a suspension system to reach your windows.

Big Apple guarantees:

  • Harmless methods of cleaning

100% pure water, green and non-aggressive cleaning products that leave no streaks and remove previously applied detergents.

  • Reliable insurance

We want you to have peace in mind by knowing that all exterior windows operations executed on your territory are fully safe and insured.

  • Flexible terms and convenient options

We are going to meet your schedule and do the job when you find it convenient including weekends.

  • Proper equipment

We have all proper tools and washing equipment to complete any task no matter how challenging it may seem: rags, scrapers, mini brushes, squeegees and pressure washing equipment to make windows clean and to bring a smile on your face.

  • Cost-effective solution

Big Apple has fixed prices for the services whose length is far from fixed. Besides, regular clients can enjoy special offers and discounts.

Exterior windows cleaning in high-rise buildings

Just imagine how many different windows are in New York! And all of them need care and maintenance. Only skilled professionals are hired to wash windows in high-rise buildings of the city. People who do this job undergo extensive training and certification. The safety standards of the industry are very high but we do our best not only to meet but to exceed them. We know how to clean unusually shaped windows, to move across facades with protruding elements and balconies, how to make all-glass facades shine. Big Apple hires workers with no previous experience and provides special training to raise true professionals. The risky undertaking of exterior windows cleaning can involve incidents but our company reduces them to a trickle. Every member of the team is covered by insurance and supported by proper licenses. That is why incidents while washing your windows is the last thing you need to worry about.

It’s always better to choose a well-reputed company instead of those that opened the other day. Results of their manipulations can be disastrous. Besides, such companies can disappear as easily as they emerged.

Big Apple has many regular clients who share information about the company with friends, relatives, colleagues. It’s nice to know that people treat Big Apple as a true friend – the one they can trust and depend on. Your impression of our services is highly important to us! Please, share your opinion and let us know if we can improve something for you.

Highrise Window Cleaning: Big Apple

Highrise Window Cleaning: Big Apple

The company with services as transparent as your freshly cleaned glass

Do not balance on the height and put your life and health to risk trying to wash windows in a high-rise building on your own! This is really reckless and dangerous. You can achieve excellent results with help of a reputable, properly insured and reliable company like Big Apple. You will be surprised by the cost – it’s much more affordable than you thought!

There are different methods applied by professionals for cleaning windows in high-rise buildings. Each of them has its own advantages and requires particular equipment:

Water fed pole system

This method is used for many commercial buildings of New York. Being comparatively cheap, it allows to get great results and perfectly clean windows. The method is based on the advanced, 100% safe technology. It does not damage windows and purifies the glass from all the dirt. Besides, water fed pole system is the eco-friendly choice free from detergents. The method is recommended for buildings with maximum five storeys. The building can be used in the same fully functional manner as soon as the job is completed.


Big Apple also makes use of suspending systems to reach dirty windows of high-rise buildings. Sometimes a cradle represents the only way to do the job. At the same time, this method requires the high level of professionalism and could be realized only under certain circumstances. The building should be absolutely safe and integral.

It’s true that some modern buildings do have their own integrated cradle systems, but even in this case it’s far from safe to use the cradle on your own. Address a reliable professional company to complete the task.

Mounted platforms

In some cases, cradle systems are not available or not recommended to be used (for example, when the building is too old to trust its integrity). That’s the scenario when professionals prefer mounted platforms. A platform can be mounted on a small vehicle or a compact truck.

Operations executed with help of mounted platforms can be very versatile. Such equipment (especially when fully appropriate for the height of the building and its layout) can set up really quickly and do the job well.

But what if a building has a challenging scale or layout? It’s not a problem for mounted platforms – compared to other options, they are easily adjustable and enabling workers to maneuver between windows and protruding elements of the structure. At the same time, they have the important advantage of reaching great heights.

Rope access

In the absence of a cradle, specialists may use abseiling to clean your windows. This method should always be used by professionals. They will make sure they won’t damage the outer surface of the structure. The method allows to maneuver quickly across the building and reach any window. But it’s not convenient when workers need to hold heavy equipment. Abseiling is a diverse and cost-effective windows cleaning option, though risky. Besides, it allows to get close to windows and, therefore, to provide high-quality and flawless cleaning.

So, what method should you choose?

It depends. Consider the height of the building, its layout. Take into consideration such factors as time – if you need the job to be done urgently, do not use complicated equipment. Care about other people and those who use the building – probably, they won’t be happy to see someone outside their windows on the seventh floor if they behave as if their space is fully private.

In any way, we do not recommend you to clean windows of a tall building higher than floors 1 or 2. Do not put yourself to an unlimited risk. A professional team from Big Apple will do it safely, quickly and won’t hit your pocket. Think about probable risks and your time – compare them to the cost of our services to conclude it’s the best decision to choose Big Apple! We will save for you more!

Contact our company to find out how often you need to wash windows, consult with specialists and to discuss the best methods of cleaning for a high-rise building. With Big Apple you are going to get great results without excess expenditures!

Best Way to Clean Windows Inside and Out

Best Way to Clean Windows Inside and Out

Normally, we clean rooms in the houses but put filthy windows for later. You know how much time it will take and give up even before you start. But this desire to see a clear blue sky through clean windows is strong and natural; that is why you finally decide to take care of your windows. Well, it’s time to connect with the world and have a clean look through those windows.

Now we are going to speak about the best and most efficient techniques for washing windows.

How to get rid of streaks

Streaks is the most disappointing thing about windows cleaning. You wash and scrub and repeat it many times, but the windows remain streaky despite all the hard work. But it’s not hard to prevent streaks you just need some practice and knowledge.

Streaks are created by residue from detergents. It often happens when you wash windows on a sunny hot day when the water evaporates quickly. It may also happen if you don’t remove all the water from the glass. An ordinary towel is far from perfect for this task; it’s not absorbent enough. So, it’s best to start cleaning on winter or cool autumn days and make use of a microfiber kitchen cloth. You will also need a squeegee with a rubber blade, a bucket with warm water, and a soapy solution. Do not also forget to protect the floors with a big towel.

Remove dirt and dust

First of all, you should get rid of the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the glass. Use a vacuum cleaner for the inner side of the windows, corners, and frames. The exterior of the windows is to be cleaned with a sponge and warm solution with a small portion of dish detergent.

The best tool to remove excess water from the glass is a squeegee. It’s the main secret of a streaks-free window. Do not use much water and use towels to prevent the squeegee from dripping water all over the window.

Use a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid for a bucket of water to make the solution or replace it with a special product bought in a supermarket.

Utilize a sponge to apply the solution to the window but don’t make the glass and the frames too wet. Use a damp squeegee with a sharp blade (it’s crucial) to remove excess water from the glass. You should change blades with a frequent cadence: prepare some for replacement.

You can wipe off excess moisture with an absorbent microfiber towel. Voila! It seems you can enjoy a sparkling window now and the view outside with a glass of tasty wine!

Hire Big Apple to save time and nerves

Residential and commercial houses in New York rely on the high-quality care of Big Apple company. Our team makes windows as spotless as on the day of their installation. The room with clean windows allows more light in, and you feel comfortably connected to the outer world. Inside and outside cleaning should be provided to windows regularly, and we offer our professional but affordable services to every busy citizen of New York. No matter how high your windows are, what shape or size they have – we complete even the most challenging tasks.

Big Apple has reliable professional tools and equipment, vast experience, polite employees trained under our own specially created program. Proper insurance and licenses always protect them. Here, in Big Apple, we are trying to create an environment where employees can grow – both professionally and personally as a member of the big friendly team. We prefer to hire people without experience, young and talented ones to invest in their development, training, and improvement of their skills. It takes years to become a true master in this risky profession.

We appreciate your time and can be very flexible with the working schedule. You can discuss all details and estimate the job with our operators. Regular clients also enjoy special offers and bonuses. If you like the quality of our services, please, let your friends, colleagues, and family members enjoy beautifully washed windows from Big Apple too! Our mission is to add light and coziness to your life!

Window Washing: Get Rid of Streaks Forever

Washing windows without streaks is the dream of every housewife. Wet cleaning of windows is advisable once every three months. However, bad-located apartments require more frequent window washing sessions. Industrial zone outside the window, nasty weather, ground floor – all of those can affect optimal washing cadence. 

How to choose a detergent?

Washing windows without streaks means choosing the appropriate detergent. The modern market now provides households with a huge variety of them, so the choice should depend on the type of windows:

  • For windows with painted wood frames, soapy water, liquid soap, or any liquid cleaner will work. Households can opt for an ordinary aqueous solution of ammonia (in a liter of water – 2 tablespoons). Avoid using baking soda as it makes the paint fade.
  • For plastic windows, you will have to abandon the coarse washcloth and abrasive powders – they can damage the sensitive material, which is vulnerable to mechanical stress.
  • Washing plastic windows without streaks requires a precise approach. It is better to entrust this mission with a liquid detergent.

Window cleaning accessories

The work uses a regular sponge and a solution with a cleaning agent.

The second in line is window glass. This stage involves removing the main contaminants from the glass. To do this, prepare a new solution, add detergent and foam. Then apply it with a rag, sponge, or window squeegee to the glass part of the window. Particularly persistent and stubborn dirt is soaked for 2-3 minutes.

The next step is to change the water to clean water and thoroughly wash off all the dirty foam from the glass. Dirt should be tried to be driven down with a sponge or rag. At the end of the work, it is advisable to run a rag along the entire perimeter of the window. This helps to get rid of dirt accumulated at the junction of the frame and glass.

The next step is to remove moisture and dry the glass. To do this, you can use a window mop with various attachments: a rubberized one will help get rid of excess moisture, a soft one – wipe dry. If this tool is not available, you can use flannel dry rags or rags of any soft, lint-free material, only they will need a sufficiently large number. At the same stage, you can apply another time-tested method – washing the windows with a newspaper. Rubbing the windows with crumpled newspapers will help remove streaks, sand the glass surface and contribute to a beautiful shine.

Exterior Window Cleaning with Guarantee

Exterior Window Cleaning with Guarantee

Excellent services to make windows clean from outside are just near you to solve this bothersome domestic problem! Let yourself focus on some more important things instead of climbing ladders and washing windows. Rejuvenate your house with the experienced team of Big Apple!

Let’s admit this fact: exterior windows cleaning is a laborious, risky, and time-consuming job. And even if you finally find time, buy cleaning products, and prepare the necessary tools to tackle this task, you will hardly be fully satisfied with the result. The most reasonable solution is professional services covered by the warranty. It’s not so expensive to make your house more appealing! And quite often – less expensive than dealing with the aftermath of DIY washing…

Why ordering from Big Apple?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Big Apple services:

Properly licensed and insured

The company of your choice should be responsible enough to get through the trouble of getting a license. If it did, it means that the company truly cares about its business and clients, and also plans to keep its position in the market for long. Do not also hesitate to ask if the workers are properly insured. Exterior windows cleaning is a risky undertaking and incidents are possible, although rare. If it happens on your territory with the worker who is not covered by insurance, who do you think he will come after? The company that refused to compensate for this risk? Nope!

Feedback from clients

It’s always best to find out about the service provider from your friend, colleague, or family member. The one you can trust. Always pay attention to the impression of previous customers when you choose the service provider. Reliable firms that entered the market years ago are always covered by reviews on the web. In New York, Big Apple company has a wonderful reputation confirmed by positive testimonials on review sites and its official website. To have even more confidence, do contact some authors of positive reviews via emails or phone.

History of the company

Avoid firms that opened just yesterday. The results of their work can be disastrous. And it will be you to deal with the aftermath as the firm can disappear the following day. The longer a company is in business, the bigger the chances are to be satisfied with the job. Such companies, as Big Apple, already know how to meet the expectations of customers, avoid risks and incidents, optimize logistics, choose the best cleaning products and tools. To put it shortly, it knows how to make you happy.

Services Included

When you hire residential cleaning services, you should know what you pay for and protect yourself from extra fees. In Big Apple, you always get the final cost before the arrival of the working team to your location.

Background check for employees

Even if those guys come, do their work, and leave, clients want them to be punctual, polite, and neat, not only qualified to do this job. We always check the background of our workers before sending them to your property. Besides, Big Apple does not have staff turnover – our employees are motivated to stay.

Safety training for employees

Exterior window cleaning is a risky job. It does not happen often, but people are not 100% safe from falling off ladders. Big Apple cares about its team and does everything to do windows cleaning safely. That is why we train and provide all employees with safety equipment.

Safe, efficient, and affordable windows cleaning in NY

The result of our work is always a better-looking home. At the same time, we also take measures to ensure a smooth and safe working process. We fully trust our workers as they have been helping to make your living spaces look brighter and cleaner for years. If you still have any questions related to this type of service, do contact us via email or phone! Get the job done and covered by the guarantee of the perfect result – safely, efficiently, and at a fair price!

Outdoor Window Cleaning – Quick and Reliable Services From Big Apple

Outdoor Window Cleaning – Quick and Reliable Services From Big Apple

Do you want to see through your windows as if no glass between you and the surrounding landscape? Let us make the eyes of your house clean and absolutely transparent – your house is going to be as cozy as ever. You can truly let that sunshine in!

Freshly cleaned windows make any house brighter and more inviting. But residents often ignore this part of work when they do the house. It’s not hard to understand though. Windows cleaning is the laborious work that takes hours when done by home owners. The worst thing that soon after they finish the work, they see stains on the glass and either give up or repeat all the stages of the cleaning process. Why would certainly envy those who got used to trust this time-consuming job to a specialized team – their perfectly clean windows are in the optimal condition!

Residential window washing you can afford

No, seriously! You surely have many other important things to do! Spending time with a family, finishing some business projects, seeing those you haven’t see for ages. Do you really want to waste this time on cleaning those dirty windows? Our company is a well-reputed New York based company that will always save you from windows cleaning routine. The process does not take much time when performed by our guys. It is fully tailored to your lifestyle.

Okay, how much?

The main factor to influence the final cost of windows cleaning is time, of course. If you want the job to be done faster, please, remove all those souvenirs, cacti, books and toys from the sills in advance. No! We don’t mind to do this too as well as to bring them back when the work is done but it will make the process longer and the services – more expensive. These are some other factors that can influence the cost:

Special equipment required for safety of workers.

Safety truly goes first. Some projects cannot be implemented in the absence of special fall restraint equipment – belts, harnesses, door stoppers etc. It takes time to prepare these things. No so long, though.

Obstacles or other factors preventing windows from opening

When windows do not properly open due to any reason (stuck, painted, damaged, neglected for long etc.), our specialists will initially need to solve this problem before they start cleaning. So it means they spend more time you have to pay for.

Type of glass

Cleaning windows with plain glass is cheaper than ones with multi-plane glass. Be ready to pay a higher price for cleaning French-style windows or other types of windows with multiple panes.

Level of contamination

Those windows that have not been cleaned for years need more attention and care now. Long exposed to dirt accumulation and chemical reactions, they may need not only cleaning but also some restoration. Wash your windows on a regular basis to avoid damages and prolong the service life of the windows.

Project location

Logistics also influences the final cost of the services. Please, be ready to provide the access to the windows as soon as our workers arrive.

Some additional indirect factors also influence the final cost. When you pay for windows cleaning, you also pay for qualification of workers – as they were properly trained to do this job professionally; efficiency of management; coverage of insurance and marketing costs that make up 5-10% from the total cost of the services. In Big Apple regular customers can count on tangible discounts.

Get the job estimated by contacting our specialists. Get also informed on how you can save on using our services. Big Apple is a very flexible and client-oriented company – the more frequent your orders are, the more you save!

Get your windows cleaned with Big Apple

If you still hesitate about residential windows cleaning services, just try it once with our company to never come back to this work by your own efforts. We can show and prove all the benefits of this solution to you. Big Apple cleaning services in NY is a smart, affordable and convenient choice for your windows!