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How to Stop Birds from Flying into Your Windows

Birds hitting windows is a major problem for many homeowners. Even though birds have excellent sight, they have trouble seeing glass. If you clean your windows on a regular basis, what birds see is the reflection of the sky or the plants on your windowsill. During the night, when the lights are on, birds can get disoriented and collide with your house. Large windows are a big threat to birds. However, small skylights can be problematic as well. Colliding with a window can cause serious problems for a bird and may lead to lethal consequences. How can you protect your windows and keep birds safe?

  1. Install Interior Blinds

Interior blinds don’t just do an excellent job protecting your home from excessive sunlight or curious neighbors, they can save birds. Keeping blinds partially closed minimizes the reflection. Blinds allow you to choose an angle at which you’ll get sufficient light while keeping birds away.

  1. Remove House Plants from Windowsills

If you have houseplants near your windows, birds may consider them a place to settle or an opportunity to get some food. Put flowers and plants away so they can’t be seen from the outside.

  1. Use Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are an excellent way to allow sufficient light inside your home while keeping birds away. Make sure sheer curtains are closed all day and night long. They can also add to the privacy of your home and improve the interior décor.

  1. Minimize Lighting

When it’s dark out, make sure to keep your curtains closed. Don’t put candles on windowsills and avoid using decorative lights. A bird shouldn’t be able to see inside the room and become disoriented due to bright lights reflected from your windows. Turn the light off whenever it’s not needed to minimize collisions.

  1. Check Your House

Walk outside your home and try to identify glass, which is not duly protected. Add curtains when necessary. You can also use film, which creates a frosted effect. Remember, the bird needs just 3 to 5 inches of uncovered space to fly into a window.

  1. Install One-Way Transparent Film

This type of film is an excellent solution for privacy purposes. It looks transparent on the inside and opaque on the outside. Such a film can keep the birds away as long as it covers an entire window.

  1. Add External Shutters

External shutters do a great job keeping noise and sun out of your windows. They are also a good way to keep birds from being attracted to the glass. By keeping birds away from your windows, you aren’t just helping nature, you are keeping your windows safe and clean.

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7 Questions To Ask When Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service In Your Area

Choosing a top-notch window cleaning company is a tough job, especially considering the formidable choice. After reading asking around and making a list of potential candidates, consider giving them a call and asking a few questions. Their answers could narrow down your choice to a couple of options.

  1. Do you have insurance?

Window cleaning is a dangerous process. Even though, these days, high-quality protection gear exists, accidents still happen. Meanwhile, the possibility of damaging a window during the cleaning session always exists. That’s why all window cleaning companies should have insurance. Don’t hesitate to check the validity of the policy by calling the insurance company.

  1. Do you have a satisfaction guaranteed policy?

What happens if you don’t like the way your windows look after the company’s visit? Can you ask them to redo the job? A top-notch company should be ready to keep cleaning your windows until you are fully satisfied.

  1. How long have you been in the window cleaning business?

While new companies may offer lower rates, lack of experience often means less-than-perfect results. It’s always better to opt for a company, which has been on the market for longer than three years. For such window cleaners, you can easily find reviews and references.

  1. Where can I find your references and reviews?

A respectable window cleaning company should have positive reviews on its website, social media accounts, Yelp, Google, etc. The company’s representatives should readily tell you where you could find such reviews. They should never hesitate to share references since a top-notch company is bound to have many of them.

  1. How big is your team?

If you have a large or urgent project, you may need more than two window cleaners to do the job. Meanwhile, companies that have more than 10 employees are usually highly flexible time and date wise.

  1. Do you offer discounts?

Many window-cleaning companies have discounts for regular or new clients. However, they may not always be upfront with the ways you can save unless you ask about them.

  1. Are there additional fees?

Some window cleaning companies may charge additional fees for such services as interior window cleaning, screen cleaning or working at heights.

How to Keep Your Windows Spotless In the Summer

The summer is in full swing. You’ve cleaned your windows in the spring and probably plan to do it in the fall. How can you make sure they stay as clean as possible in between? Summer seems to be the best time for enjoying clean windows. Precipitations are rare so the glass stays spotless longer. However, numerous factors affect the condition of your windows during warm months of the year. With the right approach, you can enjoy clean windows and plan professional window cleaning for September or October.

  1. Keep the Exterior Clean

Dirt rarely settles on the glass unless it has some help. Such assistance is readily provided by dirty screens and windowsills. Dust, dirt, pollen, and debris settle on the surfaces around your windows, ready to stick to the glass as soon as the rain starts or the wind becomes stronger. Make sure to take care of screens, windowsills, and window frames. You don’t need to be a professional cleaner to give them touchups unless of course, it involves climbing heights. Do as much maintenance as possible without height-access equipment.

  1. Don’t Do Barbecue Near Windows

Barbecue is an integral part of summer fun for many homeowners. However, smoke and grease produced by the grill fly all around your backyard, eventually settling on window frames, windowsills, and glass. Move your barbecue as far away from windows and glass doors as possible. This way you won’t need to scrub the surfaces to make them look satisfactory before the cleaning time comes.

  1. Don’t Use Sprinklers Near Glass Doors

One of the main reasons why glass acquires hard water stains is the use of sprinklers. If you have water falling on the windows and doors, it’s likely to make them dirty. Direct sprinklers away from your home. If it’s impossible, cover the glass while the sprinkler is working.

  1. Keep your Trees and Bushes Trimmed

Trees and bushes near your windows are an excellent source of pollen and dirt. This debris builds up inside them and then travels to your windows. As a result, you get a dirty glass. Trim trees and bushes around your windows to avoid dirty glass and prevent allergy outbreaks for your household members.

  1. Clean Your HVAC

Maintaining your HVAC system involves replacing filters every few months. If you fail to change the filter timely, the number of contaminants in the air of your home increases. They settle on all surfaces, including windows, making your glass appear dirty and foggy. Follow these simple maintenance tips and enjoy clean windows all summer long!

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5 Common Reasons Why Your Windows Get Dirty

Do you ever wonder why your windows are so dirty? Even if you wash them twice a year and do touch ups on a regular basis, the glass can look less than perfect in just a couple of months. What are the most common reasons windows in New York get dirty fast? Let’s find out.

  1. Cleaning Solutions

When you wash windows on your own, you tend to use off-the-shelf cleaning solutions, which work great. But the downside is the residue. Non-professional window cleaners can’t remove the entire residue from the windows, creating an excellent magnet for dirt and grime. Stick to professional window cleaning sessions or use clean water and natural ingredients to wash your windows.

  1. Window Screens

Screens are a must-have for the majority of households all year round. Bugs, mosquitos, bats, and other unpleasant stuff should be kept out of your home. Screens act as protection. However, besides catching bugs and ants, they also trap dust and dirt. When it rains, the dirt makes its way to the glass to stay there until the next cleaning. It’s important to wash screens on a regular basis in order to keep your windows clean longer. The majority of window cleaning companies offer screen-cleaning services as well.

  1. Cooking and Smoking

When you cook, your kitchen becomes an excellent environment for steam, grease, and bacteria. All of the above settles on the glass, making it dirty, muddy, and unpleasant looking. The same happens in households where people smoke. Cigarette smoke creates a greasy yellow film on windows. The longer you leave it there, the harder it is to clean. If you have smokers in your household, you may want to book professional window cleaning sessions quarterly.

  1. Hard Water

Many homeowners can’t resist the desire to hose windows off with their garden hoses. This could be a big mistake since tap water contains sediments and minerals, which leave hard water stains. If not cleaned timely, these stains can ruin your glass and force you to replace windows.

  1. Pets and Children

While your windows may be squeaky clean on the outside, pets and kids can make them dirty on the inside quickly. Children love touching everything around them, including clean glass. So you may see the little palm prints on the glass whenever you expect them the least. Pets climb windowsills, press their noses against the glass, and even lick it. So if you have pets and kids in your home, be ready to clean windows often. Hiring professional window cleaners can help you ensure a top-notch condition of your windows all year round.

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3 Ways To Save Money On Professional Window Cleaning

The benefits of professional window cleaning are obvious. Why do some homeowners refuse to take advantage of it? The reason, which the majority of them names, is the cost.

Many homeowners believe that professional window cleaning is too costly. They try to clean the windows on their own in order to save money.

Meanwhile, DIY window cleaning projects often don’t turn out as expected. An average homeowner doesn’t have sufficient experience and knowledge to achieve excellent window cleaning results. In fact, some of them risk their health by climbing heights and not practicing safety.

If you want to enjoy clean windows all year round while not spending a fortune, you can take advantage of the below tips.


  1. Clean Windows At Least Twice A Year

The cost of professional window cleaning often depends on the complexity of the project. If you don’t book window cleaning sessions on a regular basis, your glass will get extremely dirty. Accordingly, it will take the cleaners more time to deal with it.

If all you need is a simple touch-up once every three to six months, the cost of your window cleaning project is likely to be reasonable.

  1. Look For Deals

Many window cleaning companies offer appealing deals to new and existing clients. For example, at Big Apple Window Cleaning, we give our clients many ways to enjoy a discount.

We reduce the window cleaning costs for regular clients, who book two or more sessions each year. Meanwhile, we offer nice deals for those, who recommend us to their friends.

If you do sufficient research, you are likely to find a window cleaning service in your area that offers nice discounts.

  1. Find A Reputable Company

When you are trying to cut costs on window cleaning, don’t settle for suspiciously low prices. Companies that lure customers in by offering surprisingly cheap deals are unlikely to provide proper service. Buy nice or buy twice.

Take the time to find the most reputable company in your area. It’s likely to offer appealing discounts while providing high-quality service.

The better job the window cleaning company does, the longer you can wait before calling them again.

Saving money on professional window cleaning is easy. All you have to do is try.

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4 Health Benefits of Regular Window Cleaning

When we think about window cleaning, we usually focus on the aesthetic appeal or energy efficiency benefits. Meanwhile, clean windows can improve the health of your household members.

By washing your windows once every six months, you are doing a big service to your family. The benefits are even more impressive if you opt for professional window cleaning. Experts can do a much better job keeping windows clean longer.

Let’s take a look at the surprising health benefits of window cleaning.


  1. Fighting Allergies

Allergy problems are highly common, especially in the spring and summer. Windows are excellent allergen collectors. The dust and pollen settle on the glass and frames to make their way into your house as soon as you open the windows.

Failing to clean your windows and windowsills on a regular basis can lead to such unfortunate allergy symptoms as a headache, itchy eyes, runny nose, and even nausea.

Reduce the risk of allergies and fight allergens by keeping your windows clean all year round, but especially during the allergy season.


  1. Enjoying Sunshine

The sun shining through your windows is an excellent way to enjoy the warmth and lift your spirits. When the windows are dirty, the sunrays can’t get through.

People, who don’t get access to sunshine for a long time, are likely to experience depression and mood swings.

By keeping the windows clean, you can make sure your household members get as much sunshine as possible on the sunny days. Meanwhile, you can reduce your energy bills by taking full advantage of the heat.


  1. Removing Mold

Mold formation is one of the most serious hazards homeowners face. Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and severe allergies. Improperly installed windows are often the best place for the mold to settle since they offer access to moisture.

By keeping your windows clean, you aren’t allowing the mold to harm your health. It’s better to contact professional window cleaners to remove mold since they have proper safety equipment.

  1. Preventing Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are highly common in the United States. Many of them occur when homeowners use ladders. Even a step stool can be a slip and fall hazard.

By ordering professional window cleaning services, you keep yourself and your household members from climbing heights and risking their health.

Clean windows can help you enjoy your home even more. If you want to save time, money, and effort, it makes sense to opt for professional window cleaning services.

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Spring Gutter Maintenance: When, Why, and How

Window cleaning often goes hand in hand with gutter cleaning and maintenance. Failing to keep your gutters clean can lead to numerous downsides, including mold formation, flooding, and roof integrity problems.

Many people opt for cleaning their gutters in the fall and forget about them in the spring. Meanwhile, spring cleaning and maintenance are also highly important for proper gutter function.

  1. Remove Clogging

Winter and spring can be hard on your gutter system. Wind mixed with debris may cause dangerous clogging. Meanwhile, numerous small animals can use the gutters to build their homes since they are high up and offer cover from the rain.

If birds or squirrels are making nests in your gutter system, you may be facing gutter replacement. Clearing gutters from debris makes them less attractive to the unwanted guests. You need to check the gutters on a regular basis to prevent nesting.

If you notice active nests, don’t try to clear them away on your own. Call your local pest control company.

  1. Check The Gutters

After you are done with the cleaning, check the gutters.

Close examination of the gutters can uncover several urgent problems. Even if your gutters looked perfect in the fall, winter could have been hard on them. Ice formation, falling tree limbs, rusting, and general wear and tear can play a bad joke on the homeowner.

Examine the gutters closely for damages. Most likely, you’ll need professional assistance since gutter inspection requires climbing heights. The key problems to look for are leaks and rust.

While checking the gutters, take a look at the roof. It may need maintenance after the winter is over. Pay special attention to mold and algae formation.

  1. Repair The Damage

Even minor gutter damage can turn into a disaster during summer storms. Strong winds and rain can turn minor cracks into large holes, forcing you to replace the gutters. Accumulating debris adds pressure to the system and could damage the fascia boards to which the gutters are attached.

When repairing the damage, pay special attention to the drains as well. Are they clean enough to receive water from the gutters?

Cleaning gutters in the spring is vital to your house’s integrity. Without timely cleaning, inspection, and repair, you could face foundation issues, roof leaks, basement water damage, and much more.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance should be on your spring “to-do” list right below the window cleaning.

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Post-Construction Cleanup: Where To Start

Construction and renovation take time, money, and plenty of effort. When it’s finally over, you want to enjoy your new home as soon as possible. But there is one thing standing between you and relaxation. The cleanup.

Post-construction cleanup can be long and complicated. In order to make the process a little easier, it’s important to come up with a plan. For example, cleaning the walls after you clean the floors is useless. Cleaning windows before you wash the walls is impractical.

Let’s go over a post-construction cleanup plan and checklist.

Start At The Top   

Dust and dirt settle on the floor. So when you begin cleaning, you have to start at the top. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust and other loose debris as possible. Start with the ceiling and work your way down to the walls and the floor.

Try to make long passes sideways in order to catch as much dust with one pass as possible. Go around the window frames and doorframes. Don’t forget to vacuum fixtures and ceiling fans. Make sure to remove the vent covers and vacuum them as well.

Then go down to take care of the floor.

Once you are done collecting dust with a vacuum cleaner (you may have to invest in a heavy-duty one), take water and detergent to proceed with damp cleaning. Start washing at the top and continue along the same path you took with the vac.

Take Special Care Of The Windows

Once you are done vacuuming and washing the ceiling and the walls, go on to take care of the windows.

You will need the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove all the debris around the windows. Then you’ll need a scraper to get rid of the dirt stuck on the glass and a large squeegee to do the washing.

Window cleaning requires extra attention since the stuck-on dirt must be removed gently. Otherwise, you risk damaging the glass and incurring extra expenses.

Work With The Floors

Depending on what type of floors you have, you need to take a special approach. Floors usually take the biggest beating during the construction process. If you have carpeted floors, you may need professional assistance to clean them. Consider getting a steam cleaner to remove the hard-to-reach dust.

If you have a hard-surfaced floor, you can stop at vacuuming and washing. Take the opportunity to make sure the floor isn’t damaged. If you find damages right after the construction work is done, you may still fix them at the contractor’s expense.

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To Buy Or Not To Buy: Pros and Cons Of Skylight Windows

If you’ve ever seen a skylight, you’ve probably fallen in love. The beauty and magic these windows add to any home are unforgettable. Gazing up at the stars or watching the snow fall get a whole new twist with a skylight. Are skylights a worthy investment? Should you consider installing one in your home in order to enjoy the beauty? Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such windows.

Skylight Windows Pros

Here are a few good reasons why you should be thinking about these windows:

  1. Extra Light

Attics tend to be dark. A skylight can become an extra source of light for dark rooms in your home. Meanwhile, they can help you save money on energy by letting more UV light inside to heat up the room during the cold season.

  1. Beauty

Skylights are beautiful. They can offer you and your family members many exciting and romantic moments. These windows don’t just give you extra access to nature’s beauty, they can increase the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Fresh Air

Skylights are an excellent source or fresh air. The higher up your windows are, the fresher the air is. They don’t just bring you more chances to ventilate the room, they can freshen up the air better than the rest of your windows.

Skylight Windows Cons

Installing such windows come with a few substantial cons as well:

  1. Cost

Skylight windows are expensive to install. If you try to save on installation and end up with a mediocre result, you may face energy leaks. These leaks won’t be countered by the solar energy channeled by the window.

  1. Furniture Fading

Skylights channel solar glare, which easily fades the furniture and carpets. If you want to avoid this problem, you could consider tinted or laminated glass. However, it will cost you more money. When planning to install a skylight, you have to keep the interior design of your home in mind in order for the glare to cause the least damage.

  1. Roof Problems

A cheap and improperly installed skylight can cause roof problems, which are costly to repair. In order to avoid leaks, high-quality sealing must be used between the shingles and the frame. In order to get all the benefits of the skylight it’s important to invest in professional window washing on a regular basis. Climbing the roof to clean the skylight glass on your own can lead to accidents. Skylights can be an excellent solution for your home as long as you are ready for the extra expenses.

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5 Ways To Fight Pollen This Spring

The spring is finally here and the majority of people are happy about the weather change. However, with the bright sunshine and green leaves, some of us face a hated enemy – allergies. Pollen starts showing its ugly head in March and may not let go until November. What are the simplest yet highly effective ways to deal with it this spring? Let’s take a look.

  1. Wash Your Windows

Pollen settles on your windows and makes its way into the house every time you open them. Some people believe that fighting pollen involves keeping the windows shut. While you may keep the pollen out by closing windows, you are contributing to the formation of other hazardous air contaminants. Besides allergies, they may cause respiratory problems. Wash your windows on a regular basis to avoid pollen getting into your home. You can schedule sessions in the spring and summer to keep the levels low. In-between the professional cleanings, you can wash the frames and windowsills.

  1. Use HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are designed to filter out particles 0.3 microns in diameter. Meaning, they keep the air in your home clear of tiny contaminants, such as pet dander, dust mites, and most importantly, pollen. You can reduce the number of contaminants in the air by investing in an air purifier and a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters.  Always empty the vacuum bag or dust compartment outdoors.

  1. Take A Shower Before Bed

Some people leave the shower for the morning time, thus bringing all the pollen their bodies have collected to bed with them. The best pollen collector is your hair. So make it a habit to take an extensive shower before going to bed. In order to reduce the amount of pollen you bring into your house, take off the shoes and outerwear right after entering. Don’t bring them to your bedrooms or living room.

  1. Clean Your Pets

While your hair is an excellent pollen magnet, so is your pet’s fur and paws. Ideally, you should keep the pets outside during the pollen season. But if the weather gets cold, you must clean your cats and dogs as thoroughly as possible after each walk in order to reduce the chance of spreading pollen all over your house.

  1. Power Wash The Porch

You can get rid of the pollen outside your home by power washing the porch and the driveway. While it’s a short-term solution, it can help you enjoy an outdoor party or a barbecue without too much pollen getting in your way. Enjoy this wonderful time of the year!