Window cleaning equipment

  1. 4 cm retractable scraper for removing small-sized dirt and cleaning frames from films and stickers.
  2. 15 cm scraper for cleaning glass from paint, cement, limescale.
  3. Holder with a fur coat. You need several coats with you for different degrees of glass pollution. For example, for street and household pollution, a conventional fur coat is used, for severe pollution, a fur coat with an abrasive insert or interspersed with a hard nap is already needed.
  4. Slide (squeegee, squidge) for driving water from glass.
  5. Telescopic pole that fits both the holder with the fur coat and the squeegee. Useful for high-glazed work.
  6. Microfiber napkin with a density of 300-360 g / m2. for cleaning frames and interframe spaces.
  7. Smooth microfiber cloth to wipe away marks that may remain after bending over the frame. You need to have about 10 of these napkins with you because it is advisable to use it only dry to avoid stains on the glass.
  8. White pad paired with a manual pad holder for tricky glasses. Red or green pad for cleaning frames and inter-frame spaces, slopes, and window sills.
  9. Bucket.

For what purposes are rotary and non-rotary slides needed?

Slide or, as it is also called, the squeegee consists of a chute with rubber and a handle. A slide with a non-rotating handle works only in one plane. With a complex glazing design, for example, a blind loggia or arched windows, it will be more convenient to use a rotary slide. It can also be locked in a straight position with an adjusting screw, and also gives you the ability to set the angle of inclination that you need.

Slide 30 degrees and straight (zero), what’s the difference?

The slide with a 30-degree handle can be used both for manual window cleaning and for working at height using a telescopic pole. Straight (zero) handles are only used in conjunction with a telescopic pole. It is convenient to wash large showcases with such squeegees. Another distinctive feature is that the zero handle does not have a button for attaching the chute, like the handle at 30 degrees. Therefore, to secure the channel to the handle, you need a screwdriver and pliers.

What is the difference between soft and hard rubber?

Hard rubber is used in most cases at high ambient temperatures from 30 ° C. Under these conditions, it has good contact with the glass, while the soft rubber will adhere slightly to the glass. In other cases, soft rubber wins, as it works well on both smooth and rough surfaces, while hard rubber will leave some streaks and not completely driven water. That is why soft rubber is most often acquired in our climate. It is versatile and suitable for all workloads. The rubber changes as it starts to leave streaks. With daily use, the rubber usually lasts for 1-2 months.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Biannual Window Cleanings

While window cleaning is an integral part of house maintenance, many people avoid doing it for different reasons. Some homeowners simply forget to set up an appointment. Others don’t like working at heights. 

Collaborating with a window cleaning company can solve both problems. Overlooking the importance of window cleaning is out of the question for the following reasons.

  1. Glass Requires Regular Cleaning

While it’s hard to see, the structure of the window glass is porous. These pores collect dirt. Over time, if you don’t take care of the grime, it etches into the glass and affects the transparency. Such a problem is almost impossible to fix. The only way out is replacing windows.

Hard water from sprinkler systems can cause hard water stains. If not removed timely, they stay on the glass forever. 

Other things that can cause irreversible glass damage are oxidization (for windows with metal frames), acid rain, and sea spray. 

If you notice the glass losing its transparency, it may be too late to fix. Take preventive measures by booking biannual window cleaning sessions. 

  • Clean Windows Improve Heat Efficiency

Dirty windows affect the temperatures in your home or apartment. The dirtier the glass is, the fewer UV rays can enter your home. 

Sun rays are a free source of heat you can use in the winter to reduce your heating bills. You can enjoy comfortable temperatures without adjusting the thermostat. 

If you have low-efficiency windows, the effect of the dirty glass is even worse. By cleaning your windows right before the cold season starts, you can improve their heat efficiency and cut heating expenses. 

  • Regular Cleaning Reduces Maintenance Costs

Restoring glass that suffers from hard water stains and etched dirt can be difficult. Cleaning windows that haven’t been washed for years may take too much time. All of the above comes with extra costs. 

When you don’t clean your windows regularly, it’s easy to miss micro cracks, scratches, mold formation, and other problems. The later you notice issues with your windows, the harder and more expensive they are to fix.

  • Clean Windows Look Nice 

One of the most important reasons why you should consider a regular window cleaning schedule is appearance. Clean windows look nice. They improve the curb appeal of your home and boost your mood.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to keep your windows in top shape and avoid unexpected maintenance expenses, schedule regular window cleaning sessions. 

Spring Cleaning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders created a huge amount of free time for many homeowners. While some people are still working remotely, they can spend the time they used for commuting to work on spring cleaning. 

Even though the world is changing rapidly, many things stay the same. One of them is seasonal cleanings. Let’s look at what you can do while waiting for life to get back to normal.

  1. Wash Windows

Even if you’ve already booked a professional window cleaning in the fall or winter, you can do some touching up. Make sure you don’t climb heights or try to wash anything that is out of reach. 

Cleaning windowsills and window frames is an important part of window washing. It can help keep the air in your home clean, thus keeping your immune system in good shape. 

  • Declutter Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the dirtiest place in your home. Grease, grime, and dirt land on walls and windows when you cook. They also settle on surfaces and equipment. The more stuff you have in your kitchen, the more likely it is to harbor bacteria.

If you are under stay-at-home orders, you are probably spending more time in the kitchen than you used to. Take the opportunity to evaluate what you really need there. 

  • Perhaps you can store some of the things in cabinets or drawers rather than leaving them on the surfaces to collect dirt.
  • Or maybe you should rethink decorative elements, such as statuettes and vases that don’t contribute to the kitchen’s functionality. 
  • Re-Think Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs. Make sure you don’t have to struggle with cleaning small decorative pieces. Simply remove them. If you store towels or other fabrics in the bathroom, wash them. 

Invisible viruses and bacteria settle on anything you leave in the bathroom and make their way into your body. 

  • Old shower curtains can be covered by mold and mildew.
  • Toothbrush and soap holders need a thorough cleaning. 
  • Trashcan must be washed and disinfected properly. 
  • Improve Your Work Station

If you need to work remotely, pay special attention to your workstation. It has to be free of clutter. If you can, place your desk near a window to enjoy natural light and fresh air. 

Pay attention to the unnecessary items on the desk and in drawers. When it comes to a comfortable and productive workspace, minimalism is the key. 

Final Thoughts

Just because the world is changing, some of the habits don’t need to follow suit. Start spring cleaning today to enjoy a comfortable and orderly life tomorrow. 

4 Ways to Make Your Windows Allergy-Proof

As the sneezing season is coming closer, it’s time to think about allergy-proofing your home. Since windows provide direct access to the outdoors, it’s important to pay special attention to their maintenance. Take advantage of the following tips to keep as many allergens out as possible.

  1. Washing Your Windows Frequently

When windows and frames are covered in dust and grime, they create an excellent environment for dust mites. No matter what type or size windows you have, they tend to attract plenty of dust all season long. 

Making sure windows are clean both inside and out removes dust mites and mold spores, keeping the air in your home clean. You can wipe the windowsills and frames with a 5% bleach-to-water solution for the best results. 

  • Move Your Air Purifier Closer to the Window 

Air purifiers do an excellent job keeping mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens at bay. The closer you place the appliance to the source of these contaminants, the fewer chances you have of encountering them in your room. 

Make sure you are using a purifier with a HEPA filter. It can battle up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter. Some purifiers have additional filters designed specifically to capture allergens.

  • Invest in Synthetic Curtains

Heavy drapes and slatted blinds are excellent dust collectors. When the allergy season rolls around, these window covers make it hard to battle airborne contaminants. They collect dust, pollen, and mold spores while being tough to clean.

Ideally, you should invest in synthetic curtains. If you are a fan or shutters, make sure the slats are large enough for easy vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. 

When washing curtains, use hot water so it kills all the dust mites and mold spores, clinging to it. 

Consider investing in window film and removing curtains altogether. 

  • Fill in the Cracks

Check your window frames carefully for any cracks or gaps. No matter how well you treat your windows, one little crack can let all the unwanted particles enter your home. Inspect the caulking around your windows for any visible damage. Replace damaged frames and windowsills. 

When you hire professional window cleaners, ask them to inspect windows carefully. They may discover problems that you’ve overlooked. 

Final Thoughts

Your main goal is to keep allergens from entering your home. However, since it’s impossible to keep windows closed at all times, make it harder for them to stay inside.  

Why New Yorkers Need Energy Efficient Windows

Weather fluctuations in New York aren’t a surprise. It can get extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. Talking about the weather is only fun when you know your home is protected.

One of the simplest ways to keep hot and cold air from escaping your property is energy-efficient windows. Old single-pane windows suffer the impact of weather changes and eventually turn into an excellent airflow outlet. 

Why Energy Efficient is Important for New Yorkers

If you have an old house, windows are likely to be old as well. Even if they look durable, these windows have the potential of becoming problematic in the nearest year or two. As they start to let the air in and out, the energy efficiency of your house goes down. Drafts mean higher energy bills and lower comfort levels. 

At some point, no matter how much you adjust your thermostat, you are likely to face problems with maintaining a comfortable temperature. Heating and cooling costs in New York can be rather high. If you add HVAC system maintenance, you end up paying a hefty sum to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Replacing Windows Could Help You Save Money

Windows are generally responsible for about 30% of residential heating and cooling energy consumption. If you have old windows, you may be surprised to learn how far the window manufacturing industry has come since the last time you considered a replacement.

Today, double and triple-pane windows offer your house high-quality draft protection. Meanwhile, different types of coating could deflect sunrays from your windows, thus keeping your house cool during the summer and preventing furniture fading. 

Why Energy Efficient Windows Are Important

Energy star rated windows could be up to three times more energy-efficient than their old counterparts are. If your windows are older than 15 years, you may want to consider replacing them. 

New windows don’t just save you energy, they improve curb appeal, make window cleaning easier, toughen your home’s security, and boost the house’s resale value. 

If you decide to replace your windows, look for a manufacturing company that offers products with an Energy Star certification. If you choose such windows, you could be eligible for a tax credit. 

While window replacement could be expensive, it can save you money in the long run. It’s better to replace the windows room by room than to put off the replacement until you have enough money for an entire home.

Make sure to keep your new windows clean to enjoy the highest rate of energy efficiency all year round. 

When is the Best Time for Your Next Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is an essential part of your home care. When the windows are dirty, your entire house could be affected. From the lack of sunshine to severe allergy reactions, forgetting to wash your windows could lead to many unfortunate consequences.

The quality of your window cleaning depends on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Since window washing involves reaching heights, it could carry potential dangers to your health. Meanwhile, without experience, training, and special equipment, you are unlikely to achieve high-quality results.

Spring Cleaning is Highly Convenient 

The best time to start cleaning your windows is spring, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. During the winter, windows accumulate high amounts of dirt and grime. Rain and snow coupled with slush and pollution could turn your glass into a muddy surface. If your windows are facing a busy road, the situation could even be worse.

Depending on the winter weather and the location you live in, your needs for window cleaning may vary. However, all experts recommend cleaning windows in the spring. It’s an excellent time to get rid of all the grime and prepare your home for a worry-free summer. 

If your house is old and windows are framed with steel or timber, you may face corrosion unless you clean them properly. Moisture accumulates inside the old frames leading to mold formation and damage to your home. That’s why ignoring spring cleaning for old houses is even more dangerous than for newly-built properties. 

Wash, Dry, and Repeat?

Even though spring cleaning is highly effective, it shouldn’t be the only cleaning you opt for. Window washing experts recommend biannual window cleaning to keep your glass in top shape.

The second season, which is highly suitable for window cleaning, is the fall. By evenly spacing out your cleanings, you can achieve the best results. Meanwhile, fall cleaning can prepare your home for the winter. Clean windows give sunshine direct access to your property, thus heating it and helping you save on energy bills. 

Can Rain Make My Windows Dirty Again?

Some homeowners worry about cleaning their windows in spring and fall because of frequent rainfall. 

It’s important to understand that rain doesn’t make your windows dirty. Rainwater is clean and transparent. After dropping on a clean window, it will disappear with time without leaving spots. Meanwhile, if it falls on a dirty window, the water mixes with grime and leaves streaks.

What if I Missed Spring and Fall Cleanings?

If you’ve missed your regular cleaning, don’t worry. The majority of window cleaning companies works all year round. Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t put the washing off for another half a year. 

Starting the New Year with Clean Windows: 4 Resolutions for Your Home

The New Year is finally here, and we hope you’ve left all the worries behind. The best way to start this year is to make the right resolutions for your home care. After all, your home is your fortress. If something goes wrong, the entire life may turn upside down. 

The right resolutions can give your home a higher value while providing peace of mind to its inhabitants. If you want to enjoy your house in 2020, it’s time to make promises and try to keep them. 

While you are doing an excellent job taking care of your home from the inside, we’ll help you do it from the outside as well. 

The beginning of the year is always fun, fresh, and full of ambitions. Take advantage of the feeling you are experiencing right now.

  1. Clean Your Windows

Your first resolution should be to keep your windows clean all year round. To ensure the excellent aesthetic appeal of your house coupled with the integrity of your windows, you should schedule biannual cleanings. Consider starting the New Year by booking window cleaning services. You can get a discount for being a regular client.

Remember, DIY window cleaning is cheaper but much more dangerous and much less effective. Leave it to the experts.

  • Take Care of Your Trash Bins

While your outdoor trash bins don’t seem to warrant much of your attention, they are an excellent spot or bacteria growth. Salmonella and E.coli are frequent visitors inside trashcans. You and your children could contact them when throwing the garbage out. To prevent unfortunate consequences, resolve to clean outdoor trash bins at least once a month. 

  • Remove Hanging Branches

Hanging branches are a big hazard for your home. As the cold season arrives and winds start blowing, you are endangering yourself and your loved ones by ignoring branches. They can fall on your roof and cause serious damage.

Resolve to inspect trees around your house and hire professional branch trimmers. Just as window cleaning, branch care involves height access, which is dangerous unless you have special training and equipment. 

  • Consider Pressure Washing

Taking care of your façade is highly important for the integrity of your house. This cleaning method can help reach between the cracks of the house’s exterior siding, pool deck, and walkaways. You can remove mold and algae that starts to make its way inside the house while improving the aesthetic appearance of the façade. 

Resolve to keep your house clean in 2020. You’ll thank yourself when 2021 comes. 

7 Window Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Don’t you love making your house look special for the holidays? If you are already done with the pre-holiday cleaning, it’s time to think about decorations. We recommend hiring professional window cleaning services to make sure your Christmas décor looks even more fantastic.

As one of the busiest window cleaning companies in NYC, we’ve seen many different holiday window decors and would like to share a couple of them with you.

  1. Miniature Wreaths

You don’t have to go all out and buy a huge wreath for your windows. After all, it will cover the entire glass and not allow any light inside. 

Buy several mini-wreaths, tie a red ribbon around them and hang on the window. You can tie the ribbon to a handle or hang it from a curtain rod.

  • Little Green Bells

Bells are an excellent decoration for your windows. They don’t touch the glass as they are hanging from the handle. Meanwhile, they create an excellent holiday ambiance. You can buy bells that ring a certain melody or settle for wooden or paper options. 

  • Hanging Candles

Instead of putting candles on the windowsill, you can hang them from a curtain rod. Consider investing in a simple wreath with a candleholder inside. It’s a new approach to an old tradition, which is bound to make your house look special this season. Meanwhile, you can keep your windowsills free from clutter.

  • Leaf Garland

Instead of putting something in front of your window, you can decorate the entire frame. Invest in a leaf or a pine garland and hang it around the perimeter of the glass. Such a decoration can breathe new life into your room. 

  • Snowflakes

Children love making paper snowflakes. Why not hang the best of them on your glass? Just be careful with the glue. Regular glue may ruin your glass or make it tough to clean. Consider either buying special glue or securing snowflakes with tape. 

  • Christmas Balls

Who said you should only be hanging Christmas balls on Christmas trees? You can use them to decorate the entire house, including windows. Just make sure you settle for small ornaments so they don’t cover the entire glass. 

  • Christmas Tree

Do you want to give your house a special look? Think about placing your Christmas tree right in front of the window. It will look truly amazing when it’s dark outside.  

Whatever you do to decorate your windows, try to go easy on the glass. This way you can avoid a post-holiday window cleaning session. 

The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

The fall is in full swing. You need to get ready for the cold season. If you don’t want to spend your holidays cleaning, sweeping, washing, and tidying up, consider doing it in advance. While the weather isn’t terrible yet, and the sun is slightly warm, cleaning isn’t as annoying is it could be in winter.We’ve come up with this simple fall cleaning checklist to help you get ready for the wintertime. Don’t hesitate to change the order of these tips. Just make sure you are done by Christmas. 

  • Wash Your Windows

Your windows have been through some tough times this summer. Hard water stains, bird excrements, dust, and dirt are probably covering each window in your home. Before the cold season arrives, make sure to wash all glass thoroughly. Dirty windows don’t allow sunshine to peek through, thus increasing your winter energy bills.We recommend opting for professional window cleaning services. With them, you don’t just save time, you can be sure your windows stay in good condition for months. 

  • Flip and Clean Your Mattress

Did you know that mattresses have to be flipped every six months? The fall is the time to do it. If your mattress can’t be flipped, rotate it 180 degrees. You’ll be amazed at how much better your sleeping experience will become. Once you flip or rotate the mattress, sprinkle it with baking soda, allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum the surface. This can help your mattress stay fresh and odor-free until the next flip.

  • Clean Your Gutters 

Dirty gutters pose a serious danger to the condition of your home. As the fall comes, old leaves, tree branches, and other debris clog the gutters, blocking free water flow. As a result, water collects into puddles and starts seeping inside your home, ruining everything on its way.Just as with windows, it’s better to hire professional gutter cleaning services to avoid dangerous climbing and poor cleaning results.

  • Replace HVAC Air Filters

Your HVAC system will be taking a big toll in the wintertime. If you forget to change filters, you won’t just be breathing contaminated air. You’ll be straining the entire system. If you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, such as the loss of heat source in the winter, make sure all filters are replaced.Consider replacing other filters in your home as well. When was the last time you changed/washed the following?

  • Vacuum cleaner filter
  • Air purifier filter
  • Humidifier filter
  • Range hood filter
  • Dishwasher filter

Spend one fall weekend taking care of your home, and it will take good care of you when winter comes. 


Pros and Cons of Becoming a Window Cleaner

When you were still in kindergarten, did you dream about becoming a window cleaner? Highly unlikely, right? But you may have wanted to become Spiderman or get an opportunity to look at the world from another angle.

Window cleaning is not one of the highest paying professions in the world, but it deserves respect and attention. Being a window cleaner means conquering new heights, testing your physical stamina, learning new things every day, and much more.
Let’s talk about the pros and cons of becoming a professional window cleaner.


  1. High Demand

Professional window cleaners, who do their job well, are hard to find. However, the number of windows in the world is growing day by day. That’s why these experts are highly demanded.

Being a professional window cleaner involves a serious approach to learning numerous nuances of the industry. In some states, these experts are required to pass special exams that usually have to do with safety issues.

  1. Outdoor Work

Window cleaners spend the majority of their time working outside. It’s an excellent way to stay healthy while getting a chance to enjoy nature and look at a city from up high.

By climbing heights, window cleaners have an opportunity to see what only a few people in the city do. They enjoy a sense of peace and independence an average office worker could only dream about.

  1. Flexible Schedule

If you want to start working as a window cleaner, you don’t need to spend the entire day cleaning windows. Many companies offer a flexible schedule for their workers. If you want to keep your current job and try working as a window cleaner in your free time, it’s possible.


  1. Dangers to Your Health

Window cleaning is a dangerous job. Climbing heights involves plenty of training and attention. Risk is an integral part of the profession.

  1. Weather Whims

While working outdoors in good weather is an advantage, cleaning windows when it’s cold or rainy is downright unpleasant. Window cleaners have to face different weather conditions, but only a few of them are bad enough to reschedule the cleaning session.

  1. No Phone Rule

Window cleaners can’t use smartphones or listen to music while they do their job. This has to do with safety issues. Some people may feel a little bored without any entertainment while cleaning windows.