Should You Clean Your Windows Every Month?

The common rule for the majority of residential homes is that biannual window cleaning is more than enough. Many homeowners hate the task so much that they end up doing it once a year. Others opt for professional window cleaning services to save time and effort.

You may have heard about some people cleaning their windows once a month. Why are they doing it? Is it too often? Let’s dig deeper.

  1. Windows Last Longer

The more often you clean your windows, the longer they last. By keeping dirt, grime, and hard water stains off the glass, you are allowing it to stay intact for decades. Replacing the glass is much more expensive than cleaning windows.

Accordingly, if your windows are facing a busy street and getting plenty of attention from birds, you should consider cleaning them more often than twice a year.

  1. There Is A Smoker In The Household

If you have a smoker in the household, who practices smoking inside the house or apartment, you probably notice a yellowish film over the glass. This film forms rather quickly, making the window appear dirty and reducing the glass quality.

Think about washing your windows from the inside every month or two in order to keep the glass intact and enjoy cleaner air in your home. Midtown.

  1. You Want To Cut Energy Bills

It’s not a secret that sunshine heats up our homes through the glass. If your windows are dirty, it can’t do the job properly. During the winter, glass gets dirty faster while you need sunshine the most. Cleaning windows one every one or two months in the winter can decrease your energy consumption.

  1. Your Windows Are Old

Old windows often have integrity problems. As a result, you have to deal with excessive moisture and mold formation. By cleaning windows on a regular basis, you can deal with these unpleasant consequences while discovering cracks and holes, which need fixing.

  1. You Enjoy A Clean House

In a household with pets and children, windows often get dirtier faster. If you want to enjoy a spotless house, especially when holidays or special occasions are coming up, a monthly cleaning could be a wonderful idea.

If you want to book frequent cleanings from a window cleaning company, you are likely to get a pleasant discount. Don’t try clean windows on your own in case the task requires reaching heights. Midtown.


Cleaning Mirrors Quickly And Efficiently

Even though you can delegate mirror cleaning to a professional window cleaning company Brooklyn, you are unlikely to keep them clean longer than a week or so. If you have small children and pets at home, the clean mirrors may not last a couple of hours.

We asked our experts to share a few professional mirror-cleaning tricks to help you maintain spotless mirrors all year round. Don’t allow dirt, streaks, and smears ruin the beautiful ambiance of your home. Use these simple tips as often as you need.

  1. Take Advantage of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing or Isopropyl alcohol is an excellent agent. It’s cheap and readily available in your nearest grocery store. You don’t need too much of it to get the job done. At the same time, you are reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding chemical-filled glass cleaning sprays.

The 70 percent rubbing alcohol is excellent for removing sticky and grimy spots from your mirrors. It can deal with virtually any buildup in a residential building.

All you have to do is put some of this alcohol on a clean cotton cloth and wipe the mirror. For tough spots, you may need to do a little extra rubbing. Since isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, you are unlikely to see many streaks.

As a bonus, rubbing alcohol is also an excellent agent for removing spots and stains from natural fibers. However, you should always do a spot test before rubbing the entire surface.

  1. Apply White Vinegar

Another wonderful mirror-cleaning agent is white vinegar. In fact, it can become your best friend for numerous cleaning tasks. You can get the vinegar at any grocery store for a reasonable price. It can help you deal with the dirtiest and most problematic mirrors.

All you have to do is dilute the vinegar with water 1:1. For better results, use distilled water. Put the mix into a spray bottle and spray away! You can either spray the solution onto a mirror and then wipe it with a cotton cloth or spray it on the cloth directly.

  1. Use A Microfiber Cloth

Just like a squeegee for a window cleaner, a microfiber cloth should become the favorite tool of a homeowner. It can help you remove the mirror dirt quickly without bothering with cleaning solutions. The polyester and nylon the cloth is made of create a static charge that picks up dust and some dirt.

So if you need a quick fix, use the microfiber cloth. You would still need to do some cleaning with vinegar and rubbing alcohol later on. But the mirror will look clean at least for some time. Brooklyn.


Help! My Windows Are Moldy: What Should Be Done!

Many homeowners notice mold developing on the windowsills and around the frames. The appearance of such unsightly neighbors is not just aesthetically unpleasant, it may be dangerous. Mold spores tend to fly around the house, worsening respiratory problems and making life miserable.

So what should you do if you discover mold on your windows?

  1. Stop The Mold

In order to stop the mold formation right now, it’s highly important to improve room ventilation. High humidity and lack of fresh air are mold’s best friends. Check your home ventilation. How well is it working? Open windows every day for at least 5 minutes to air the room out.

  1. Remove The Mold

One of the good ways to remove the mold is to use Borax. You need to apply it to the surface, scrub the mold, and leave until dry. The bad part about this method is scrubbing. While you are doing it, the mold spores may spread around the room and settle on other surfaces.

A good alternative to Borax is baking soda. It kills mold and absorbs the moisture thus not allowing more mold to grow.

  1. Invest in An Air Purifier

High-quality air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters, which can capture small particles, such as mold spores. Running the air purifier on a regular basis can keep the mold from spreading to other parts of your room.

Another appliance you may want to think about is a dehumidifier. If your home has poor ventilation, high humidity can be a hard problem to battle without assistance.

  1. Check The Glass

If the mold has made its way in between the glass panes, you have a big job cut out for you. You may need to remove the panes and clean them thoroughly. Most likely, you would need to replace the frames.

Improperly installed windows allow the moisture to leak inside, thus helping the mold form. If such is the case, you need to consider replacing your windows.

  1. Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners have their own tricks to battle mold on windowsills and frames. While cleaning the windows, they can also inspect them for leaks and improper installation. You can get professional advice while enjoying clean windows manhattan.

Remember, removing the mild is not a solution. You need to get rid of the cause. Simple cleaning won’t keep it from appearing again and again. manhattan.

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5 Tips For Smart Post Holiday Cleanup

The big Christmas holidays are over, and all the signs of the pre-holiday cleaning are long gone. So much time and effort are invested in holiday preparation that it seems as if post-holiday cleaning is out of the question.

However, dozens of guests, some of which are kids, and numerous family dinners didn’t go unnoticed. The cat played around with Christmas decorations, uncle Bob dropped a plate with applesauce on your favorite carpet, and your best friend stuck a few empty beer (or Coca-Cola) bottles under the couch.

How can you deal with all that without spending the whole weekend dancing with a vacuum cleaner?

  1. Start With Decluttering

Decluttering is always the main part of any cleanup. Take a big garbage bag and walk around the house. You are bound to find torn decorations, empty bottles, gift wrappers, and much more.

Take another bag and put all the unwanted gifts into it. Post-holiday days are excellent for charity efforts. Don’t allow the unnecessary gifts to collect dust in the basement. Donate them!

  1. Remove The Holiday Lights

While you can leave the Christmas tree standing until Candlemas comes, you can take down the lights. It can simplify your overall decoration removal efforts in February. Be careful when storing the lights so you don’t have to buy new ones next year. Wrap them around one of the smaller gift boxes, a piece of cardboard or a paper towel roll.

  1. Wash The Windows

As you take down window decorations, you may find some unpleasant leftover glue or streaks on the glass. Such sticky stuff attracts dust and turns your windows into a disaster. Consider hiring a professional window cleaner to do the job. This way you can save time on the compulsory spring cleaning New York.

  1. Make A Date With An Oven

Cleaning an oven can be such a tough task that you shouldn’t plan any more cleaning that day. In fact, you should think about rewarding yourself for the effort. Don’t leave the oven cleaning for later. The more time passes since the cooking, the harder it will be to clean.

  1. Recycle!

Recycling is a wonderful way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need after the holidays while taking care of the environment.

Use a simple rule. For each new gift you’ve received this holiday season, get rid of one unnecessary item. You can either recycle, sell or donate it.

Do you have any unique ideas about holiday cleanups? We’ll be happy if you share it with us on Facebook. New York.

How To Choose The Best Window Size For Your Home

When you are building a new house or renovating an old one, the size of windows is one of the most important factors to consider. Windows aren’t just responsible for providing a great view, they can regulate the temperature in your home while making space appear larger and brighter. The size of your windows can affect the value of your home as well. That’s why it’s highly important to make the right choice at the planning stage. Window companies can provide various types of windows as long as you know what you need exactly.

Reading The Size Notation

When you come to a store, you see a standard size notation to understand the dimensions of a window. The size notation has four digits. The first two show the width of a window and the second two are the height. For example, 2022 window is 2 feet wide and 2 feet and two inches high. However, there is a trick. The actual window measurements are usually 1/2 an inch less. For example, the measurements of a 2020 window are actually 1 foot and 11.5 inches by 1 foot and 11.5 inches.

The Size of A Window Sill

The IRC (International Residential Code) states that any windowsill has to be installed at least 24 inches above the floor. So if you are after a larger window, you may not be able to find an operable one. Floor-to-ceiling windows are an excellent source of light and sunshine, but you can’t open them.

The Height of A Window

The height of a window isn’t regulated by any rules. As long as it is 24 inches above the floor, it can be as tall as you wish if the ceiling allows. Leaving too much space between the window head and the ceiling can reduce the amount of natural light in your room. If you are after energy-efficient windows, leave as little space between the window and the ceiling as possible unless you are planning a clerestory window above the head.

The proportion of Window Width To Height

The proportion isn’t regulated by the rules so it’s your choice. If you are planning a certain décor for a room, a standard rectangular window may not complement it in the best manner. In modern architecture, continuous windows are gaining popularity. However, they don’t look too good in traditional architecture. It’s important to consult a designer before making an order to window companies. Choosing the right window size depends mostly on your preferences. Keep in mind that large windows are a great choice for any room as long as they are properly installed and don’t become a source of drafts.

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7 Thanksgiving Traditions You Could Start in 2018

Thanksgiving is around the corner. How many traditions does your family have for this holiday? If you can’t come up with more than a couple, the time has come to adopt a few more. If you’ve already booked pro window cleaning for your home, bought a huge turkey, and learned a new gravy recipe, you are ready to find out a few fun traditions to offer your family. Let’s take a look.

  1. Allow Your Kids To Set The Table

Your children have been watching you do it year after year. Allow them to get creative with the table setting. They will be proud to be responsible for such an important task. Meanwhile, you’ll have some free time for cooking or doing other Thanksgiving duties.

  1. Create A Handmade Centerpiece

The table setting is just as important as tasty food. If you create a beautiful centerpiece, your family dinner will get a formal touch. At the same time, you’ll get plenty of compliments. Ask your children to help with this task. Steal some centerpiece ideas from Google.

  1. Make Name Cards

Your Thanksgiving table will become much more exciting if you place name cards on the plates. You can order printed cards or, even better, make special ones for each family member and guest.

  1. Write Your Gratitude

Many families express their gratitude before starting a Thanksgiving dinner. Consider giving each family member a piece of paper and a pen to write those words down. Then you can pass them to the person next to you and have him or her read them. Keeping these pieces of paper can help you stay grateful all year round.

  1. Take A Walk

Thanksgiving dinners often turn into hours of eating and watching TV. How healthy is that? Consider taking a long walk with your family after dinner. If the weather is bad, plan an active game indoors. Don’t allow your family and guests to sit around all day long.

  1. Make Fall Wreaths

Ask your family members and guests to find time to gather foliage before they come to the Thanksgiving dinner. Have them come wearing wreaths. Or arrange a wreath-making workshop after dinner.

  1. Make Memories

Take at least a couple of pictures of the way you spend this Thanksgiving. Print them out and make a collage (or a cloud presentation) for the next year’s celebration. Each year, add more pictures. In 10 years, you’ll have an amazing piece of memory. Traditions do wonders for a family’s integrity. We recommend coming up with at least a couple and sticking to them for years to come. Don’t forget to makepro window cleaning in November a tradition as well.


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Maintaining Your Windows After Window Cleaning

Even if you sign window cleaning contracts with the best companies, your windows won’t stay clean for months without your assistance. Professional home window cleaning can save you from tedious and time-consuming washing, climbing heights, and risking your health. However, it won’t keep you from doing regular touch-ups.After the professionals have left your home, you need to start maintaining the windows. As one of the most respectable window companies in NY, we would like to share some advice to help you enjoy cleaning windows all year long.

  1. Maintain The Screens

Window screens are excellent dirt and dust collectors. On one hand, they do a good job not letting large pieces of dust and annoying insects into your home. On the other hand, when the weather is rainy or windy, the dirt from the screens sticks to the glass. As a result, you “enjoy” unattractive streaks.If the screens don’t appear too dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose debris. If that doesn’t make a difference, remove the screens and wash them in a tub. Wait for the screens to dry before installing them back. Some window cleaning contracts include screen maintenance.

  1. Clean TheWindowsills

Many people clean the windowsills at home but forget about the outdoor part. The surface accumulates all types of dirt and debris. Wind and rain transfer these contaminants to your glass, making it look less appealing. Every time you dust your indoor windowsill, don’t forget about wiping the outdoor part with a wet cloth.

  1. Get The Right Tools

If you can’t wait until the professional window cleaners come, you can do some home window touchups on your own. However, soapy water and a rag are far from the only tools you need. A squeegee is a must-have instrument for any window cleaner, be it an amateur or a professional.Try to avoid spraying too many chemicals on your windows. If you clean the glass on a regular basis, it can be done with pure water.

  1. Vacuum The Tracks

Window tracks are often overlooked. Meanwhile, they collect as much dirt, debris, cobwebs, and such as the screens and windowsills. Whenever you take care of your screens, vacuum the tracks. If vacuuming doesn’t help, wash them with a wet rag.

  1. Don’t Use Furniture To Reach Heights

If you can’t reach the tough spots by standing on your toes, call a professional. Using chairs, tables, and even ladders is downright dangerous. A clean window isn’t worth a month in a cast.

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How Can Professional Window Cleaning Save You Money

Many homeowners don’t consider professional window cleaning because it seems too expensive. They prefer to clean their home windows on their own. Meanwhile, window companies can save you plenty of money as long as you understand the process. Hiring a window cleaning company at least twice a year is a simple way to cut the expenses and enjoy a squeaky-clean glass all year long. So how can professional window cleaning save you money? Let’s find out.

  1. Reduce The Energy Bills

Clean windows allow the sun rays to enter your home and heat it up. Thus, even the coldest winter sunshine can give you some free energy. As a result, you don’t need to run your heating system as much as you would without it. No matter how good you think you are at washing windows, professionals can do it better. Glass cleaned by an expert can allow more sunshine through.

  1. Earn More Money

Imagine you would spend the time you were cleaning windows on doing your day job. How much would you earn? We bet it’s more than you would pay a window company. Window cleaners do their job in a couple of hours. The same work may take you the whole day. You are going to say that you clean your windows on weekends. That’s even worse. You are spending the time allotted for relaxation and family activities on windows.

  1. Avoid Window Replacement

Replacing windows is costly and unpleasant. However, many people face such a need because they fail to see the warning signs. Cracks, hard water stains, and broken seals aren’t usually visible. They can be found during regular inspections done by a professional window cleaner. Timely repair and replacement can save you formidable amounts of money. Home windows need biannual inspections.

  1. Sell Your Home For More

Everyone knows how important curb appeal is for the final sale price. If you are selling your house or apartment, make sure the windows are squeaky clean. A freshly washed window can add a substantial amount to the final price and help you seal the deal.

  1. Stay Healthy

We’ll never get tired of saying how dangerous window cleaning at heights is. People often don’t realize how easy it is to break something when falling off a chair or a ladder. Save your health by hiring professional window cleaners.


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5 Things To Consider When Buying Windows

When you buy new windows, you are making a formidable investment in the cost of your home. Making the wrong choice can lead to extra expenses and unfavorable appearance. Even professional window washing can’t keep your windows clean in case you make a mistake choosing the materials or during installation. Whether you are installing new windows for the first time or considering window replacement, these tips can help you make the right choice at the best price.

  1. Energy Efficiency

A great amount of heat is lost by homes due to windows. Energy efficient glazing can help windows keep the heat in, thus reducing your energy bills during the winter. Properly installed energy efficient windows are vital in New York, where winter can be cold and summers are often smoldering hot. One more benefit of energy efficient windows is that they allow more light to come inside the home and reduce the condensation.

  1. Proper Installation

Only properly installed windows can serve their purpose for many years. Even the smallest installation mistake can lead to lost heat, drafts, condensation, mold formation, and dirty glass. All windows must be properly air sealed in order to operate well. An improper installation leads to quick glass degradation and warrants a frequent window replacement.

  1. Desired Design

The most pleasurable part of purchasing the right window for your home is choosing its design. There are many different options available to the homeowner, starting from the style and ending with color.  The size and shape of windows can differ. However, when you choose the non-standard shape for your windows, you need to consider the maintenance. Professional residential window washing requires proper access to the windows. Of course, window washers can take care of any task but a window that doesn’t open can be an obstacle.

  1. Durable Shatterproof Glass

While shatterproof glass is a formidable investment, it can add a level of protection to your home. Such glass doesn’t just protect against break-ins, it reduces the level of street noise. So if you live near a busy street, such a window may be a savior.

  1. Window Materials

The most widely used window materials are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Vinyl is the most popular material due to its low price tag and low maintenance requirements. It’s durable and moisture-resistant. Aluminum is strong, but its heat and cold conductor properties are not always desirable. Wood is expensive but very stylish. It’s also an excellent insulator. However, it can expand or contract depending on the weather.

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Why Wall Window Cleaning Is Great For Your Windows

You must have seen and heard a lot of hype around fall window cleaning. If window washers work all year round, why focus on cleaning your windows in the three autumn months? Some homeowners believe that warm spring and summer are excellent for the window washing while the cold and rainy fall is out of the question. Even though professional window washing is beneficial for the windows any time of the year, fall cleaning sessions are especially useful. There are many reasons why you should consider cleaning your windows in the fall even if you’ve already done it in the summer.

Dirt And Debris

Fall is the time when leaves, debris, and plenty of other dirt tends to contact the windows making them dirty fast. Cleaning them toward the end of the season can take care of the contaminants and allow the windows to shine all winter long. Meanwhile, the window screen acts as a filter, which catches numerous debris. Once the dirt sticks to the screen and it starts raining, all the unpleasant stuff ends up on your windows. By cleaning windows in the fall, you can get all this dirt under control.

Energy Bills

Dirty windows don’t allow the sunrays to enter your home. While it may seem to be a benefit in the summer, in the winter the sun can save you money. By using the natural heat, you don’t have to overuse your heating system. By cleaning the windows, you can cut your energy bills and lift your mood too. The sunnier your rooms are, the better you feel.

Window Protection

Pro window washing is necessary to keep the windows from getting damaged. All the dirt and debris your windows get in the fall can degrade the glass thus leading to damages, cracks, etc. By washing windows, you are not just protecting your glass, you are saving money. Window replacement is a costly project.

Peace Of Mind

If you clean your windows in the fall, you don’t have to worry about them until the spring. Even though window cleaners work in the winter as well, sometimes the weather can interfere with your plans and their abilities. Many people underestimate the importance of fall window cleaning. All professional window washers in NY recommend taking care of your windows at least twice a year. The best seasons to do it are spring and fall.