8 Things You Need to Know About Your Windows

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You already know that you have to wash your windows at least twice a year. Ideally, each homeowner should consider hiring professional window cleaners in the spring and in the fall.

With the fall around the corner, we remind you about the upcoming cleaning and giving you some food for thought about your windows.

Lack of information about your windows could lead to unnecessary expenses and life quality reduction. Read on! You are bound to learn something new.

Top 3 Windows Tips

  1. If you’ve installed your windows over twenty years ago, it may be time to replace them. If you’ve purchased a house with windows installed, contact the previous owner for information. It’s time to replace windows if you constantly notice drafts, problems with opening and closing windows, and excessive condensation.
  2. If you are tired of loud outdoor noises, you can avoid them by installing double-pane windows. Thick glass is not just an excellent way to keep the noise out, it can keep more warm air in during the winter than single-pane windows.
  3. If you opt for solid wood home windows, you can enjoy high-quality weather insulation and an excellent home appearance. However, such windows tend to be costly and require extensive maintenance. The reason is that excessive moisture can result in expanding and contracting of the wood.

5 More Useful Tips

  1. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose vinyl windows for your home. They don’t require much maintenance except for regular washing. They are quite affordable as well. The only downside is that the color is likely to fade with time.
  2. If you want something durable, consider getting composite windows for your home. They cost more than vinyl but less than wooden windows.
  3. Some homeowners settle for aluminum home windows because they are cheap but durable. The downside of such windows is easy to heat and cold conduction. Meanwhile, aluminum windows may not be the best choice for your décor.
  4. Leaky and poorly installed windows may cause up to a 30% increase in your energy home bills all year long. By ensuring high window quality and booking regular window cleaning, you can save money on energy bills.
  5. It’s important to let the sunshine in by opening the drapes. However, the direct sunshine could cause fading to your furniture, carpets, and other fabrics. You may want to invest in a special window coating that deals with UV rays and glare.

Understanding which windows to install and how to take care of them can save money every year.


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