Should You Clean Your Windows Every Month?

How often is it recommended to wash the windows in New York

The common rule for the majority of residential homes is that biannual window cleaning is more than enough. Many homeowners hate the task so much that they end up doing it once a year. Others opt for professional window cleaning services to save time and effort.

You may have heard about some people cleaning their windows once a month. Why are they doing it? Is it too often? Let’s dig deeper.

  1. Windows Last Longer

The more often you clean your windows, the longer they last. By keeping dirt, grime, and hard water stains off the glass, you are allowing it to stay intact for decades. Replacing the glass is much more expensive than cleaning windows.

Accordingly, if your windows are facing a busy street and getting plenty of attention from birds, you should consider cleaning them more often than twice a year.

  1. There Is A Smoker In The Household

If you have a smoker in the household, who practices smoking inside the house or apartment, you probably notice a yellowish film over the glass. This film forms rather quickly, making the window appear dirty and reducing the glass quality.

Think about washing your windows from the inside every month or two in order to keep the glass intact and enjoy cleaner air in your home. Midtown.

  1. You Want To Cut Energy Bills

It’s not a secret that sunshine heats up our homes through the glass. If your windows are dirty, it can’t do the job properly. During the winter, glass gets dirty faster while you need sunshine the most. Cleaning windows one every one or two months in the winter can decrease your energy consumption.

  1. Your Windows Are Old

Old windows often have integrity problems. As a result, you have to deal with excessive moisture and mold formation. By cleaning windows on a regular basis, you can deal with these unpleasant consequences while discovering cracks and holes, which need fixing.

  1. You Enjoy A Clean House

In a household with pets and children, windows often get dirtier faster. If you want to enjoy a spotless house, especially when holidays or special occasions are coming up, a monthly cleaning could be a wonderful idea.

If you want to book frequent cleanings from a window cleaning company, you are likely to get a pleasant discount. Don’t try clean windows on your own in case the task requires reaching heights. Midtown.


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