5 Common Reasons Why Your Windows Get Dirty

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Do you ever wonder why your windows are so dirty? Even if you wash them twice a year and do touch ups on a regular basis, the glass can look less than perfect in just a couple of months. What are the most common reasons windows in New York get dirty fast? Let’s find out.

  1. Cleaning Solutions

When you wash windows on your own, you tend to use off-the-shelf cleaning solutions, which work great. But the downside is the residue. Non-professional window cleaners can’t remove the entire residue from the windows, creating an excellent magnet for dirt and grime. Stick to professional window cleaning sessions or use clean water and natural ingredients to wash your windows.

  1. Window Screens

Screens are a must-have for the majority of households all year round. Bugs, mosquitos, bats, and other unpleasant stuff should be kept out of your home. Screens act as protection. However, besides catching bugs and ants, they also trap dust and dirt. When it rains, the dirt makes its way to the glass to stay there until the next cleaning. It’s important to wash screens on a regular basis in order to keep your windows clean longer. The majority of window cleaning companies offer screen-cleaning services as well.

  1. Cooking and Smoking

When you cook, your kitchen becomes an excellent environment for steam, grease, and bacteria. All of the above settles on the glass, making it dirty, muddy, and unpleasant looking. The same happens in households where people smoke. Cigarette smoke creates a greasy yellow film on windows. The longer you leave it there, the harder it is to clean. If you have smokers in your household, you may want to book professional window cleaning sessions quarterly.

  1. Hard Water

Many homeowners can’t resist the desire to hose windows off with their garden hoses. This could be a big mistake since tap water contains sediments and minerals, which leave hard water stains. If not cleaned timely, these stains can ruin your glass and force you to replace windows.

  1. Pets and Children

While your windows may be squeaky clean on the outside, pets and kids can make them dirty on the inside quickly. Children love touching everything around them, including clean glass. So you may see the little palm prints on the glass whenever you expect them the least. Pets climb windowsills, press their noses against the glass, and even lick it. So if you have pets and kids in your home, be ready to clean windows often. Hiring professional window cleaners can help you ensure a top-notch condition of your windows all year round.


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