Christmas Window Decorations: Top 7 Absolutely Lovely Pick-Ups

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Don’t you love making your house look special for the holidays? If you are already done with the pre-holiday cleaning, it’s time to think about decorations. We recommend hiring professional window cleaning services to make sure your Christmas décor looks even more fantastic.

As one of the busiest window cleaning companies in NYC, we’ve seen many different holiday window decors and would like to share a couple of them with you.

Miniature Wreaths

You don’t have to go all out and buy a huge wreath for your windows. After all, it will cover the entire glass and not allow any light inside. 

Buy several mini-wreaths, tie a red ribbon around them and hang them on the window. You can tie the ribbon to a handle or hang it from a curtain rod.

Little Green Bells

Bells are an excellent decoration for your windows. They don’t touch the glass as they are hanging from the handle. Meanwhile, they create an excellent holiday ambiance. You can buy bells that ring a specific melody or settle for wooden or paper options. 

Hanging Candles

Instead of putting candles on the windowsill, you can hang them from a curtain rod. Consider investing in a simple wreath with a candleholder inside. It’s a new approach to an old tradition, which is bound to make your house look special this season. Meanwhile, you can keep your windowsills free from clutter.

Leaf Garland

Instead of putting something in front of your window, you can decorate the entire frame. Invest in a leaf or a pine garland and hang it around the perimeter of the glass. Such a decoration can breathe new life into your room. 


Children love making paper snowflakes. Why not hang the best of them on your glass? Just be careful with the glue. Regular glue may ruin your glass or make it tough to clean. Consider either buying adhesive or securing snowflakes with tape. 

Christmas Balls

Who said you should only be hanging Christmas balls on Christmas trees? You can use them to decorate the entire house, including windows. Just make sure you settle for small ornaments; so they don’t cover the whole glass. 

Christmas Tree

Do you want to give your house a unique look? Think about placing your Christmas tree right in front of the window. It will look gorgeous when it’s dark outside. Whatever you do to decorate your windows, try to go easy on the glass. This way, you can avoid a post-holiday window cleaning session. 


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