High Rise Window Cleaning


Benefits of Hiring Professional High Rise Window Cleaning

Dec 12, 2023

Benefits of Hiring Professional High Rise Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaning is a highly specialized profession that requires a certain level of training and safety measures. Each state and city have their own regulations for the safety of window cleaners, and it is often necessary to have a certification before you can work as a high rise window washer.


While window cleaning at ground level is a relatively safe job, working at high altitudes poses an entirely different set of challenges. One of the major issues is environmental conditions.

High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning


Wind is a common friend on the ground, but way up on the side of a skyscraper, it travels at much higher speeds and it’s essential for cleaners to carry equipment that guards against it. Another issue is the possibility of insects that thrive at high altitudes. These can irritate the skin of workers and can even cause fatal illnesses.

Window cleaners are highly aware of the potential risks of this job, and they do everything possible to ensure their safety. They take safety drills seriously, perform regular tests on their equipment and make sure they’re wearing the right safety gear.


Using a variety of specialized equipment, professional high rise window cleaners can safely access the windows of buildings hundreds of feet up. The equipment includes ropes, platforms, ladders, water fed poles, and aerial lifts.

The type of equipment used depends on the building, its location, and the access available to the cleaning team. Some of the more popular options include a man lift, telescopic boom lift, or truck-mounted platform.

A movable scaffold or bosun chair is another method that provides a stable work area for workers to clean high-rise windows. These platforms are lowered by a pulley system, and can be easily moved to the next floor when it’s time to go back up.

It’s important to ensure that the movable platform is designed in a way that will not pose any danger to workers or people below. This can be done by checking the ropes and pulleys, as well as ensuring that there are additional safety measures in place.


Cleaning windows is an important part of building maintenance. It not only helps keep the building looking clean, but it also extends the life of its windows.

High rise window cleaners receive specialized training to ensure that they are safe and effective at their job. In addition to completing safety certifications, they are required to use the right kind of equipment and follow strict work practices.

A movable platform is a good option for allowing window cleaners to stand on the exterior of a high rise building without the risk of falling off. These platforms can be suspended from the roof or from water fed poles.

High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning


High rise window cleaning is a challenging, dangerous, and often risky job. However, if you have the right training, equipment, and experience, you can become a successful high rise window cleaner.

The average salary for a high rise window cleaner is around hundred dollars per hour. This is a good salary for a janitorial profession that requires skill and risk.

A high rise building needs regular and thorough window washing to maintain its appearance and keep its views pristine. It also helps protect a building’s investment by keeping pollution and dirt from etching the windows.

A professional window washing company can provide a variety of techniques to clean high rise windows. Some of these methods include water-fed poles, cherry pickers and cradle systems.

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