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Normally, we clean rooms in the houses but put filthy windows for later. You know how much time it will take and give up even before you start. But this desire to see a clear blue sky through clean windows is strong and natural; that is why you finally decide to take care of your windows. Well, it’s time to connect with the world and have a clean look through those windows.

Now we are going to speak about the best and most efficient techniques for washing windows.

How to get rid of streaks

Streaks is the most disappointing thing about windows cleaning. You wash and scrub and repeat it many times, but the windows remain streaky despite all the hard work. But it’s not hard to prevent streaks you just need some practice and knowledge.

Streaks are created by residue from detergents. It often happens when you wash windows on a sunny hot day when the water evaporates quickly. It may also happen if you don’t remove all the water from the glass. An ordinary towel is far from perfect for this task; it’s not absorbent enough. So, it’s best to start cleaning on winter or cool autumn days and make use of a microfiber kitchen cloth. You will also need a squeegee with a rubber blade, a bucket with warm water, and a soapy solution. Do not also forget to protect the floors with a big towel.

Remove dirt and dust

First of all, you should get rid of the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the glass. Use a vacuum cleaner for the inner side of the windows, corners, and frames. The exterior of the windows is to be cleaned with a sponge and warm solution with a small portion of dish detergent.

The best tool to remove excess water from the glass is a squeegee. It’s the main secret of a streaks-free window. Do not use much water and use towels to prevent the squeegee from dripping water all over the window.

Use a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid for a bucket of water to make the solution or replace it with a special product bought in a supermarket.

Utilize a sponge to apply the solution to the window but don’t make the glass and the frames too wet. Use a damp squeegee with a sharp blade (it’s crucial) to remove excess water from the glass. You should change blades with a frequent cadence: prepare some for replacement.

You can wipe off excess moisture with an absorbent microfiber towel. Voila! It seems you can enjoy a sparkling window now and the view outside with a glass of tasty wine!

Hire Big Apple to save time and nerves

window cleaningResidential and commercial houses in New York rely on the high-quality care of Big Apple company. Our team makes windows as spotless as on the day of their installation. The room with clean windows allows more light in, and you feel comfortably connected to the outer world. Inside and outside cleaning should be provided to windows regularly, and we offer our professional but affordable services to every busy citizen of New York. No matter how high your windows are, what shape or size they have – we complete even the most challenging tasks.

Big Apple has reliable professional tools and equipment, vast experience, polite employees trained under our own specially created program. Proper insurance and licenses always protect them. Here, in Big Apple, we are trying to create an environment where employees can grow – both professionally and personally as a member of the big friendly team. We prefer to hire people without experience, young and talented ones to invest in their development, training, and improvement of their skills. It takes years to become a true master in this risky profession.

We appreciate your time and can be very flexible with the working schedule. You can discuss all details and estimate the job with our operators. Regular clients also enjoy special offers and bonuses. If you like the quality of our services, please, let your friends, colleagues, and family members enjoy beautifully washed windows from Big Apple too! Our mission is to add light and coziness to your life!


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