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Window Cleaning

Transparent clean windows allow you to see a brighter world and get more warmth and light inside your office or home. But, surely, it’s not the only reason why you need to get windows cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to your own wellness and the atmosphere, you prolong the lifespan of the windows themselves. And, therefore, you seriously save on probable repairs or windows replacement.

One of the leading windows cleaning companies in Bronx is Big Apple. It’s the brand-new approach to this kind of services. We employ new workers with zero experience to teach them our own professional way in order we could ensure the best quality in the market.

Why you need to hire Big Apple asap

If your windows have been neglected for long (don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one), you should hire a team of experts from Big Apple, because:

  1. It will positively contribute to the good reputation of your company and the image of your house.
  2. It will save your money. Yes, it’s true. Long neglected windows finally damage and make you spend much more. Simple steps and regular maintenance will cut down expenses in the long run. Repairs and replacement caused by neglect are rather expensive.
  3. It will make the environment around you and beloved people cleaner and healthier. Protect yourself, hire professionals, and avoid aggressive chemical products trying to clean the windows on your own.
  4. It will bring you more happy customers! Clean and cozy atmosphere is proved to improve the quality of business. When people feel good at your office, studio, salon or store, they tend to order or buy more.
  5. It will help you not to worry! Big Apple will ease your mind and make you a bit happier! You’ll see – clean windows make a difference!

Glow and sparkle!

We will do the job so smoothly, you won’t be able to believe it’s the same window! Both inside and out – the windows will twinkle and sparkle. Big Apple knows how to treat your windows right, how to make them crystal clear and perfectly transparent. We rely on the latest technologies, eco-friendly products, proficient knowledge of our team and strict observance of the safety rules.

Big Apple provides both residential and commercial window cleaning services. We deal with skylight and screen washing, storm window washing, exterior and interior cleaning. Even the most challenging tasks will find their own reliable solutions.

We guarantee a streak-free result because we use filtered water and biodegradable cleaning solution that does not leave any hard residue. We also provide exterior window cleaning at any height. Do not forget to provide regular cleaning to windows in winter months too. Damages caused by neglect are always more expensive than regular washing services.

Don’t do it yourself

Doing the job without professional help is rather dangerous. If you have no proper training, you can even get stricken by panic at height. Our services stand for public safety. Each worker is supported by insurance coverage. Allow experts to help you and save your money, nerves and time.

Factors to influence the costs

The final cost surely depends on the number of windows, their location and peculiarities. If you want to save more money, please, prepare the windows for washing. Remove all unnecessary objects, provide an access to the windows. Cleaning of multi-pane windows costs more, as well as of highly contaminated ones. If the job requires special harnesses, window belts, door stoppers and other equipment, it can also increase the costs. The more time we spend, the higher the price is. Marketing costs, insurance, logistics are fully included in the final price. This way or another, professional cleaning for your windows is affordable for every average customer in Bronx. You can estimate the project via request form on the website of Big Apple or in a telephone conversation with our specialists. Do not postpone the pleasure of living in a tidier and more beautiful place.


Big Apple Window Cleaning

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