Does Your Window Cleaning Company Have Insurance?

Does Your Window Cleaning Company Have Insurance?

Your windows may use a little Attention. Choosing a professional window cleaning service is a smart move if you know the advantages of doing so and you’re searching around for the best deal. In the event of an accident on your property or damage to your house, whether or not your cleaning service has insurance might signify a great deal.

Insurance for window cleaning is precisely what it says it is—it protects you and the firm in the event of an accident.


The Importance of Insurance.

Homeowners who’ve already worked with unregistered and unlicensed companies have claimed innumerable bad stories. Homeownership can be a costly and stressful experience for everyone involved. Before signing any contracts with a professional company, make sure you enquire about their insurance policies.

If you’re going to hire someone to clean your windows, it’s crucial to know whether or not they’re covered by liability insurance.


At some point, someone can get hurt.

They can end the bad way: something goes wrong, someone gets hurt, or the contractor left something incomplete, which leads to an injury later. And, of course, the homeowner is the one who has to pay the price. With certainty, no amount of home repair or window washing will be worth the hundreds of dollars in legal bills, compensation, or mental anguish.

A worker who gets hurt while cleaning your windows and you don’t have an insurance contractor or firm to hold financially responsible for their medical bills and missed income is something to keep in mind.


There’s a Chance You’ll Get Damaged.

It’s not simply the possibility of sky-high medical expenditures that you need to be concerned about. If the uninsured window cleaning firm causes damage to your property, you’ll be on the hook for the repairs.

No, it wasn’t your fault that a worker tripped and cracked your windowpane’s glass. Because it’s not free. Because of the improper cleaning chemical, your pane has spots and turned brownish. You’ll have to pay for it, too. Damage like this is covered by an insured window-cleaning service—is it inconvenient? Probably, but window cleaning insurance will take care of that.

The bottom line is that working with an uninsured person is simply not an option. If a window cleaning firm claims to be insured, it doesn’t necessarily imply that they’re telling the truth.


Insurance Coverage for Liability

In the event of an accident, your home and loved ones are both covered by general liability insurance. The contractor’s general liability insurance, for example, will cover you if you’re hurt as a result of their labor or negligence.


Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Worker’s compensation pays for an employee’s medical expenses and time off from work if they are injured on the job. Homeowners may be responsible for these charges, no matter how they came about.

Consider Big Apple Windows Cleaning if you’re ready to hire a professional window cleaning service. License and insurance are not an issue for us. We carry an $11 million insurance policy. At Big Apple Window Cleaning , we strictly follow IWCA and OSHA regulations. This means that we do all for our workers safety, and therefore, your peace of mind.

Additionally, we provide a variety of other services. Cleaning the exterior of your home all at once is a common practice for many homeowners. Clean windows are not a significant benefit when they are re-soiled by debris from dirty gutters shortly afterward. When it comes to exterior home maintenance, we offer everything from gutter cleaning to power washing to walkway and driveway sealing. Contact us now!


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