Exterior Window Cleaning with Guarantee

Exterior Window Cleaning with Guarantee

Excellent services to make windows clean from outside are just near you to solve this bothersome domestic problem! Let yourself focus on some more important things instead of climbing ladders and washing windows. Rejuvenate your house with the experienced team of Big Apple!

Let’s admit this fact: exterior windows cleaning is a laborious, risky, and time-consuming job. And even if you finally find time, buy cleaning products, and prepare the necessary tools to tackle this task, you will hardly be fully satisfied with the result. The most reasonable solution is professional services covered by the warranty. It’s not so expensive to make your house more appealing! And quite often – less expensive than dealing with the aftermath of DIY washing…

Why ordering from Big Apple?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Big Apple services:

Properly licensed and insured

The company of your choice should be responsible enough to get through the trouble of getting a license. If it did, it means that the company truly cares about its business and clients, and also plans to keep its position in the market for long. Do not also hesitate to ask if the workers are properly insured. Exterior windows cleaning is a risky undertaking and incidents are possible, although rare. If it happens on your territory with the worker who is not covered by insurance, who do you think he will come after? The company that refused to compensate for this risk? Nope!

Feedback from clients

It’s always best to find out about the service provider from your friend, colleague, or family member. The one you can trust. Always pay attention to the impression of previous customers when you choose the service provider. Reliable firms that entered the market years ago are always covered by reviews on the web. In New York, Big Apple company has a wonderful reputation confirmed by positive testimonials on review sites and its official website. To have even more confidence, do contact some authors of positive reviews via emails or phone.

History of the company

Avoid firms that opened just yesterday. The results of their work can be disastrous. And it will be you to deal with the aftermath as the firm can disappear the following day. The longer a company is in business, the bigger the chances are to be satisfied with the job. Such companies, as Big Apple, already know how to meet the expectations of customers, avoid risks and incidents, optimize logistics, choose the best cleaning products and tools. To put it shortly, it knows how to make you happy.

Services Included

When you hire residential cleaning services, you should know what you pay for and protect yourself from extra fees. In Big Apple, you always get the final cost before the arrival of the working team to your location.

Background check for employees

Even if those guys come, do their work, and leave, clients want them to be punctual, polite, and neat, not only qualified to do this job. We always check the background of our workers before sending them to your property. Besides, Big Apple does not have staff turnover – our employees are motivated to stay.

Safety training for employees

Exterior window cleaning is a risky job. It does not happen often, but people are not 100% safe from falling off ladders. Big Apple cares about its team and does everything to do windows cleaning safely. That is why we train and provide all employees with safety equipment.

Safe, efficient, and affordable windows cleaning in NY

The result of our work is always a better-looking home. At the same time, we also take measures to ensure a smooth and safe working process. We fully trust our workers as they have been helping to make your living spaces look brighter and cleaner for years. If you still have any questions related to this type of service, do contact us via email or phone! Get the job done and covered by the guarantee of the perfect result – safely, efficiently, and at a fair price!


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