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External Window Cleaning

External windows cleaning is the task to be completed by professionals, not residents of a house or office employees. It’s a risky undertaking and may cause damages of facades and windows or even traumas. Besides, shiny and streak-free result can be guaranteed only by specialists.

Windows cleaning of superb quality from Big Apple

If you depend on Big Apple, you have excellent results – perfectly clean windows that make your house more inviting and beautiful. We know how important it is for residents to look through perfectly transparent and clean windows at the surrounding landscape, how important it is for a commercial building to create the image of a cozy neat space where clients feel like dear guests. And we know how to help you and make you absolutely happy with our services in New York.

Here you can get:

We can remove any dirt no matter how aged and heavy it is!

Why Big Apple?

If you have ever tried to clean windows on your own, you know well how much time and how many efforts it takes. At the same time, you have a lot of other things to do and you must be too busy to waste almost the entire day on windows washing. For many companies and residents in New York, it became a habitual thing to hire a professional team for exterior windows cleaning. Specialists from Big Apple work promptly, professionally in a detail-oriented manner. And they deal with all possible windows – small, big, low and high, round or square. Depending on the task, we will choose the best suitable equipment and tools, cleaning products and a suspension system to reach your windows.

Big Apple guarantees:

  • Harmless methods of cleaning

100% pure water, green and non-aggressive cleaning products that leave no streaks and remove previously applied detergents.

  • Reliable insurance

We want you to have peace in mind by knowing that all exterior windows operations executed on your territory are fully safe and insured.

  • Flexible terms and convenient options

We are going to meet your schedule and do the job when you find it convenient including weekends.

  • Proper equipment

We have all proper tools and washing equipment to complete any task no matter how challenging it may seem: rags, scrapers, mini brushes, squeegees and pressure washing equipment to make windows clean and to bring a smile on your face.

  • Cost-effective solution

Big Apple has fixed prices for the services whose length is far from fixed. Besides, regular clients can enjoy special offers and discounts.

Exterior windows cleaning in high-rise buildings

Just imagine how many different windows are in New York! And all of them need care and maintenance. Only skilled professionals are hired to wash windows in high-rise buildings of the city. People who do this job undergo extensive training and certification. The safety standards of the industry are very high but we do our best not only to meet but to exceed them. We know how to clean unusually shaped windows, to move across facades with protruding elements and balconies, how to make all-glass facades shine. Big Apple hires workers with no previous experience and provides special training to raise true professionals. The risky undertaking of exterior windows cleaning can involve incidents but our company reduces them to a trickle. Every member of the team is covered by insurance and supported by proper licenses. That is why incidents while washing your windows is the last thing you need to worry about.

It’s always better to choose a well-reputed company instead of those that opened the other day. Results of their manipulations can be disastrous. Besides, such companies can disappear as easily as they emerged.

Big Apple has many regular clients who share information about the company with friends, relatives, colleagues. It’s nice to know that people treat Big Apple as a true friend – the one they can trust and depend on. Your impression of our services is highly important to us! Please, share your opinion and let us know if we can improve something for you.


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