Facade cleaning – industrial climbing

Facade cleaning - industrial climbing

Today, a unique form of cleaning service is gaining popularity: industrial climbers washing facades. It is vital to maintain the aesthetic and quality qualities of a building’s external surface in order to ensure the construction materials and structures have a long service life.

The following structures are thought to be the hardest to clean:

Aluminum. They are more pollutant-prone than others. When working with them, experts exercise extreme caution, employing only proven cleaning solutions.

Double-glazed windows. The fact is that the sealant, which is poured during the arrangement between frames and packages, can be destroyed under the pressure of strong winds or water. As a result, the joints are depressurized and leakage occurs. Today, heated double-glazed windows are very often used in the construction of buildings, so climbers need to wash the windows not only from the outside of the house, but also from the inside.

When is the facade supposed to be cleaned?

When the contract is signed by the owner, the number of required facade cleanings is eventually mentioned. As a general rule, washing should be performed at least once a year, ideally twice; thus, it is considered seasonal.

However, in Europe and the US, the procedure is performed out much more often, at least 5 times a year. The lack of desire to resort to hygiene procedures is more often explained by the strong gas contamination and dustiness of megacities. Experts say that just a week after the facade of the building is washed to a shine, it becomes gray and unsightly again.

Rope Access Technicians are required when cleaning facades.

Usually large cleaning businesses provide the following services to their customers:

Window cleaning can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including industrial mountaineering and the use of specialized equipment and technology.

Effortless pollution removal from the surfaces of glasses, bricks, tiles, plaster, and other building materials. This service is available on a regular basis or on a one-time basis – following the completion of the building’s construction or repair work.

Facade subscription service. It entails the execution of a long-term contract for the regular cleaning of the building’s exterior. The scope of services may contain conventional tasks; the remainder is negotiated in a separate agreement.

Cleaning glass in difficult-to-reach areas In this instance, we’re referring to domed or inclined glazing as well as intricate structural aspects of the building.

Individual window cleaning. You can enter into an agreement with a cleaning firm for window and facade cleaning for a single business located on a high-rise building’s floor.

Additional services include the following:

  • Cleaning of the ventilation system;
  • Cleaning the dust from the ceiling structures and communications systems;
  • After a fire or smoke, cleaning industrial or residential premises;
  • Metal structures’ washing and degreasing;
  • Air conditioners cleaning;
  • Washing outdoor advertising signs;

Prices and the availability of extra services are discussed on an individual basis.

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