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No matter how many efforts are made for cleaning the apartment, it won’t look tidy if you ignore the windows. The house becomes perfectly inviting, cozy and shining when you do care about the windows too. The best you can do for the eyes of your house is to use professional services, of course. Specialists work effortlessly, they have done it hundreds of times. But you wish to complete the task on your own, you should know some useful tips for windows cleaning.

First of all, keep in mind that harsh chemical detergents won’t do good. Besides, they do not guarantee excellent results and may leave streaks and residues on the glass. And probably you will have a tough time trying to remove them.

Secondly, you do not have to buy very expensive products. Good results can be achieved even with products from cheap brands.


All those towels, newspapers and spray bottles can be replaced by a squeegee. It’s the best tool for this task, believe it or not. A squeegee will save the glass from streaks and will also save your time. Choose the squeegee with a rubber blade – the one used by professionals. Change the squeegee as soon as you notice it leaves streaks.

Use a ladder with a stabilizer to reach the window in a residential house. Take a plastic bucket and fill it with warm water (a couple of gallons) and a teaspoon of the liquid you normally use to wash dishes. On a warm day it’s recommended to use cool water. On a very cold day you can’t perfectly do the job without wind shield washing solution.

Some professional tips for those who prefers DIY

  • If you use dishwashing liquid or a special cleaning solution, it makes no sense to use vinegar.
  • Prior to cleaning, take a wet terrycloth rag to wipe the frame from outside.
  • Use the swirling motion to get rid of dirt and dust in all angles and edges.
  • Clean the entire glass, do not ignore certain areas.
  • After cleaning, wipe the window with a rubber squeegee to dry out the glass. The squeegee should be moved across the glass horizontally (thirty degrees).
  • If you deal with stubborn dirt on the glass, apply the scouring pad of the sponge.
  • Clean the windows steadily moving from top to bottom.
  • Do not forget to clean the rubber blade with a clean towel or a piece of cloth. Get rid of excess water between passes.
  • Keep all necessary tools at hand or in your pocket (clean towel) to save time and work faster.
  • Rely on microfiber rags or towels – they will perfectly help you.
  • When you repeat cleaning all over again, move the squeegee overlapping previous stokes.
  • Remove excess water and remaining suds with a dry rag moving across the window.
  • Complete the cleaning process by wiping down any remaining streaks with a dry microfiber kitchen towel.
  • The first stage of the process requires a scrubber, the second one – a squeegee. To protect the bottom edge of the window, put a terrycloth rag there.
  • Cut the squeegee into halves if it is too big.
  • Narrows strips of the window are best to be cleaned with the tip of a squeegee.
  • Make use of a canvas drop cloth to put it on the floor under the window being cleaned.

Congratulations! Your window is probably clean now!

Let us help you

If you want to save your time for more entertaining or important things, let Big Apple Windows Cleaning company take care of your windows in New York. This job can be risky and time-consuming, so it’s always better to rely on a professional team. We know that many people try to save money on professional services. It often leads to multiple mistakes, lost time or even traumas. That is why we always recommend to hire professional windows cleaners – specially trained and properly insured for this job. Please, contact Big Apple company to estimate your task, get professional advice and discuss all related details. It’s more affordable and much more convenient than DIY cleaning! Once you try our services, you will never return to the dangerous DIY option. Give us a call and make your house sparkle again!


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