How Often?

Are they really that dirty?

When it comes to decide whether windows need to be cleaned or not – it’s always a dilemma…

Sparkling, spotless clean windows add to many aspects of our lives. Similar to fresh air in a clean room, clean and bright windows add to the feeling of general order and harmony. On the contrary – cleaning your home and making it fresh and organized makes no sense if you leave your windows dirty and translucent… Don’t believe it? Try and see for yourself. You will feel better, more organized, and fresh. We guarantee it!

If you have your home cleaned weekly, then start by having your windows cleaned at least twice per year. See how clean windows add value to your life. Your mood and spirit will be more lively due to the feeling of cleanliness, light and general order.

Compared to the money we spend on cleaning our apartments – window cleaning is really cheap. An average 3 bedroom window cleaning job cost is between $200 and $400 per session. Make it 2 sessions per year (Spring/Fall) and the annual budget would be $400-800. Compared to $60-100 per week spent for housekeeping (average $80 X 52 weeks=$4,160 budget for housekeeping) – it’s not expensive at all.

Usually, cleaning 10-20 standard windows takes 2 professionals about 1-3 hours (depending on the size, level of contamination, access, etc).

For the most part, it is a tough question. These days it takes just a few hours to build a web site and present yourself as a 20-year-old business. One way of separating professionals from amateurs is by checking their social media, photos and reviews online. Another way – by asking them to provide their insurance certificate and calling the broker listed on the COI. They will tell you how old the company is, whether there have been any claims and what their policy really covers.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

The frequency of window washing doesn’t just depend on the weather, recognized standards, and your budget. Many people usually choose to wash their windows when they “look” dirty. Such approach is quite unfortunate because your subjective opinion is usually hindered by the gradual way your windows become dirty. We’ve talked to many of our clients to figure out how they decide that the time Read more...
for the window washing has come. Most of them replied, “The windows started looking dirty.” If you were to take a high-quality picture of your window right after the washing and compare it with a picture you took 3 months later, you would see a big difference. However, since the window is getting dirty gradually, you can’t see the contrast without a “before” photo. That’s why many people wait longer than a year to arrange another window washing session. This unfortunate approach leads to high energy bills and damaged glass. You shouldn’t rely on your eyes and senses to tell you when you need to wash your windows. If six months have passed and the window still seems clean, you should still call a window cleaning company. In case your windows look dirty before the 6 months period is over, you should call the window washing professionals anyway. Sometimes rain, snow, and other environmental factors cause the windows to get dirty faster. The frequency of your window cleaning also depends on the neighborhood you live in. If your home is located in a small and quiet residential neighborhood with other houses and lawns around, you can safely schedule two window cleanings a year. However, if you live in Manhattan and your windows are facing a busy street, you probably have to get ready for seasonal cleanings. All homeowners decide for themselves when to schedule the next window cleaning session. As window cleaning experts, we recommend washing your windows at least twice a year. More frequent cleanings won’t damage your windows. However, taking care of your glass less than two times a year can lead to unexpected replacement expenses. Less..