How to clean an apartment after the winter and not kill the whole day for it

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You will wash a chandelier with many pendants for half a day, and a professional cleaner will spend no more than an hour on it.

Basic set

When cleaning, in addition to professional chemicals and tools, there are always a few more things:

  1. Microfibre cloth. It collects dust, dirt well, perfectly absorbs water, does not leave scratches and streaks on furniture.
  2. Atomizer. It can be filled with water or some solutions and used for any cleaning.
  3. Melamine sponge. Designed for cleaning difficult-contaminated surfaces. Useful, for example, for express cleaning in the kitchen: moisten the sponge with water and wipe the surfaces of household appliances, window sills, facades, handles.

Whether it is worth buying professional chemistry – everyone decides for himself. Professional chemicals are needed for professional cleaning: the cleaner has a whole range of products that he uses in different situations.


The main problem of windows after winter is street dirt, dust, lime pollution and efflorescence, that is, white salt deposits on the surface. Here’s what you need to know about how to deal with it.

Use a window cleaner. Washing windows with soapy water, as washed before, is not worth it. It is better to use special glass sprays. This product removes dirt, grease and fingerprints without leaving streaks. For some time, the solution prevents fogging of glasses and the formation of condensate.

Buy a rubber grip. Previously, paper towels and newspapers were used to collect water from the windows and avoid streaks. But they are inconvenient to work with – the newspaper gets wet quickly, can leave scratches, and also makes a nasty sound when rubbing against the window.

It is convenient to use a rubber squeegee. It looks like a scraper and is sold at any hardware or auto store. However, it is difficult to wash the outer surface of the window with a short drive: you will have to reach far with your hand. For hard-to-reach places, a pull-out on a retractable bar is suitable.

Rubber squeegee well removes the solution sprayed onto the window. But if you want to get a perfectly dry surface, additionally buy special window rags that do not leave streaks. But with a rag, again, it will be necessary to reach out to dry the window from the outside.

Windows cleaners are washed in the following sequence:

  • First spray plain water on the glass.
  • Then the glass is wiped with a sponge or cloth to remove the main layer of dirt.
  • Spray a solution for glasses and carry out a drive.
  • Smudges and frames are wiped with a rag.

Lamps and chandeliers

The higher and more complex the geometry of the lamp or chandelier, the harder it is to wash them. A professional cleaner will clean an average cascading crystal chandelier with many pendants in an hour, while for an ordinary housewife it can take a whole day.

Here is the sequence in which the cleaners work:

They cover the floor under a chandelier with an oilcloth or a large package.

Turn off electricity. It is advisable not only to turn off the light on the switch, but to de-energize the room with the chandelier. There are times when the owners connect the switches incorrectly, and there is voltage on the chandelier body, even if the lamps are not lit.

Spray the usual glass cleaner – so plentifully that the solution begins to drain. If you just need to remove the dust, then they are waiting for drying and that’s it. So the dust will go away with the solution.

If you need to add shine, then after drying, pour the chandelier again abundantly with the product, and after 5 minutes wipe all the shades, curls and pendants with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe everything dry with a smooth cloth.

Remember, we can give a lot of advice, but we can also save your time and nerves, trust the professionals and call us.


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