How to Keep Your Windows Spotless In the Summer

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Summer seems to be the best time for enjoying clean windows. Precipitations are rare so the glass stays spotless longer. However, numerous factors affect the condition of your windows during the warm months of the year. With the right approach, you can enjoy clean windows and plan professional window cleaning for September or October.

Here are 5 tips to keep windows clean during the summer:

  1. Keep the Exterior Clean
  2. Don’t Do Barbecue Near Windows
  3. Don’t Use Sprinklers Near Glass Doors
  4. Keep your Trees and Bushes Trimmed
  5. Clean Your HVAC

Let’s talk about each more specifically.

Keep the Exterior Clean

Dirt rarely settles on the glass unless it has some help. Such assistance is readily provided by dirty screens and windowsills. Dust, dirt, pollen, and debris settle on the surfaces around your windows, ready to stick to the glass as soon as the rain starts or the wind becomes stronger. Make sure to take care of screens, windowsills, and window frames. You don’t need to be a professional cleaner to give them touchups unless of course, it involves climbing heights. Do as much maintenance as possible without height-access equipment.

Don’t Do Barbecue Near Windows

Barbecue is an integral part of summer fun for many homeowners. However, smoke and grease produced by the grill fly all around your backyard, eventually settling on window frames, windowsills, and glass. Move your barbecue as far away from windows and glass doors as possible. This way you won’t need to scrub the surfaces to make them look satisfactory before the cleaning time comes.

Don’t Use Sprinklers Near Glass Doors

One of the main reasons why glass acquires hard water stains is the use of sprinklers. If you have water falling on the windows and doors, it’s likely to make them dirty. Direct sprinklers away from your home. If it’s impossible, cover the glass while the sprinkler is working.

Keep your Trees and Bushes Trimmed

Trees and bushes near your windows are an excellent source of pollen and dirt. This debris builds up inside them and then travels to your windows. As a result, you get a dirty glass. Trim trees and bushes around your windows to avoid dirty glass and prevent allergy outbreaks for your household members.

Clean Your HVAC

Maintaining your HVAC system involves replacing filters every few months. If you fail to change the filter timely, the number of contaminants in the air of your home increases. They settle on all surfaces, including windows, making your glass appear dirty and foggy. Follow these simple maintenance tips and enjoy clean windows all summer long!


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