Help! My Windows Are Moldy: What Should Be Done!

windows get moldy

Many homeowners notice mold developing on the windowsills and around the frames. The appearance of such unsightly neighbors is not just aesthetically unpleasant, it may be dangerous. Mold spores tend to fly around the house, worsening respiratory problems and making life miserable.

So what should you do if you discover mold on your windows?

  1. Stop The Mold

In order to stop the mold formation right now, it’s highly important to improve room ventilation. High humidity and lack of fresh air are mold’s best friends. Check your home ventilation. How well is it working? Open windows every day for at least 5 minutes to air the room out.

  1. Remove The Mold

One of the good ways to remove the mold is to use Borax. You need to apply it to the surface, scrub the mold, and leave until dry. The bad part about this method is scrubbing. While you are doing it, the mold spores may spread around the room and settle on other surfaces.

A good alternative to Borax is baking soda. It kills mold and absorbs the moisture thus not allowing more mold to grow.

  1. Invest in An Air Purifier

High-quality air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters, which can capture small particles, such as mold spores. Running the air purifier on a regular basis can keep the mold from spreading to other parts of your room.

Another appliance you may want to think about is a dehumidifier. If your home has poor ventilation, high humidity can be a hard problem to battle without assistance.

  1. Check The Glass

If the mold has made its way in between the glass panes, you have a big job cut out for you. You may need to remove the panes and clean them thoroughly. Most likely, you would need to replace the frames.

Improperly installed windows allow the moisture to leak inside, thus helping the mold form. If such is the case, you need to consider replacing your windows.

  1. Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners have their own tricks to battle mold on windowsills and frames. While cleaning the windows, they can also inspect them for leaks and improper installation. You can get professional advice while enjoying clean windows manhattan.

Remember, removing the mild is not a solution. You need to get rid of the cause. Simple cleaning won’t keep it from appearing again and again. manhattan.


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