Outdoor Window Cleaning – Quick and Reliable Services From Big Apple

Outdoor Window Cleaning – Quick and Reliable Services From Big Apple

Do you want to see through your windows as if no glass between you and the surrounding landscape? Let us make the eyes of your house clean and absolutely transparent – your house is going to be as cozy as ever. You can truly let that sunshine in!

Freshly cleaned windows make any house brighter and more inviting. But residents often ignore this part of work when they do the house. It’s not hard to understand though. Windows cleaning is the laborious work that takes hours when done by home owners. The worst thing that soon after they finish the work, they see stains on the glass and either give up or repeat all the stages of the cleaning process. Why would certainly envy those who got used to trust this time-consuming job to a specialized team – their perfectly clean windows are in the optimal condition!

Residential window washing you can afford

No, seriously! You surely have many other important things to do! Spending time with a family, finishing some business projects, seeing those you haven’t see for ages. Do you really want to waste this time on cleaning those dirty windows? Our company is a well-reputed New York based company that will always save you from windows cleaning routine. The process does not take much time when performed by our guys. It is fully tailored to your lifestyle.

Okay, how much?

The main factor to influence the final cost of windows cleaning is time, of course. If you want the job to be done faster, please, remove all those souvenirs, cacti, books and toys from the sills in advance. No! We don’t mind to do this too as well as to bring them back when the work is done but it will make the process longer and the services – more expensive. These are some other factors that can influence the cost:

Special equipment required for safety of workers.

Safety truly goes first. Some projects cannot be implemented in the absence of special fall restraint equipment – belts, harnesses, door stoppers etc. It takes time to prepare these things. No so long, though.

Obstacles or other factors preventing windows from opening

When windows do not properly open due to any reason (stuck, painted, damaged, neglected for long etc.), our specialists will initially need to solve this problem before they start cleaning. So it means they spend more time you have to pay for.

Type of glass

Cleaning windows with plain glass is cheaper than ones with multi-plane glass. Be ready to pay a higher price for cleaning French-style windows or other types of windows with multiple panes.

Level of contamination

Those windows that have not been cleaned for years need more attention and care now. Long exposed to dirt accumulation and chemical reactions, they may need not only cleaning but also some restoration. Wash your windows on a regular basis to avoid damages and prolong the service life of the windows.

Project location

Logistics also influences the final cost of the services. Please, be ready to provide the access to the windows as soon as our workers arrive.

Some additional indirect factors also influence the final cost. When you pay for windows cleaning, you also pay for qualification of workers – as they were properly trained to do this job professionally; efficiency of management; coverage of insurance and marketing costs that make up 5-10% from the total cost of the services. In Big Apple regular customers can count on tangible discounts.

Get the job estimated by contacting our specialists. Get also informed on how you can save on using our services. Big Apple is a very flexible and client-oriented company – the more frequent your orders are, the more you save!

Get your windows cleaned with Big Apple

If you still hesitate about residential windows cleaning services, just try it once with our company to never come back to this work by your own efforts. We can show and prove all the benefits of this solution to you. Big Apple cleaning services in NY is a smart, affordable and convenient choice for your windows!


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