Skylight Cleaning: Professional Services From Big Apple

Skylight Cleaning: Professional Services From Big Apple

A house with skylights is a dream of many people. But when the dream comes true, it requires care and attention to shine bright as long as possible. It’s hardly possible to connect your home to the outside when the skylight is neglected for years. Just like rooms in a house and windows, skylights also require cleaning and maintenance. However, not so many companies that specialize in window cleaning also agree to take care of a skylight. Big Apple is one of those companies in New York that undertakes this task professionally on flexible client-oriented terms.

How often do you need to clean the skylight in your house?

Skylight which is also called a rooflight is a structure that occupies the entire roof space or its part. The best thing about skylights is the daylight naturally let in the house and making the living space cozier. At the same time this structure is directly exposed to the sun, rain and all possible debris. Environmental factors are aggressive for the glass, in the absence of regular maintenance skylights deteriorate and lose their appeal. No matter how splendid the interior of your house is, bird’s poo, dirt, water stains or debris on the skylight will ruin all the enjoyment. And the longer you ignore the cleaning task, the harder it will be to make it shine again.

Skylights need to be cleaned both from inside and outside. When ignored from the inside, they often become the place for mold spores to appear. And you surely know how harmful they are for your health. So how often do you need to provide care to skylights?

Skylights are recommended to be cleaned once or twice a year. Regular care and maintenance will make your home beautiful, filled with light and safe for residents.

The process of skylight cleaning

The glass used for making skylights is normally toughened to withstand aggressive impacts. The same is about atriums and glass awnings. But the process of their cleaning is not much different from cleaning windows. The only secret for better results is a coarse pad for scrubbing. The pad should also be scratch proof to protect the glass of the skylight. Some cases require more serious instruments like a pro cleaning blade. It helps to remove debris and mineral residues in a safe but effective manner. Old residues may also require special cleaning products based on chemicals, otherwise it’s hard to dissolve them. And better forget about “granny’s methods” for windows cleaning when you deal with a long-neglected dirty skylight.

When you order the skylight cleaning surfaces, prepare the space and the access to the roof for workers in advance. It will ensure due safety for specialists and reduce costs of the services.

When we say we clean “skylights”, what types of roof windows do we mean?

Big Apple is a New York based company that, additionally to windows cleaning services, also provides skylights cleaning services. No matter where the windows are positioned in your house, we will undertake ourselves to clean them all! As for roof glass, Big Apple professionally cleans:

  • awnings;
  • rooflights or skylights;
  • balustrading on a roof;
  • glass atriums;
  • conservatorium glass etc.

Any glass is going to shine again – both from inside and outside!

What if your skylight is too dirty to believe it can be clean again?

Yes, it happens often. But the team of Big Apple has never left the client hopelessly with a dirty window glass. If required, we can use the special arsenal of cleaners and equipment: compounds to remove hard calcium stains, mineral residues, paint and dirt, and a buffing machine. But we can assure you, it’s only 1% out of 100% when these measures are really necessary.

Before cleaning, our specialists make sure that the glass is free from cracks and damages. If any cracks are noticed on the surface, they take a picture of the crack with a smartphone and show it to the client. In Big Apple you can order skylight cleaning services together with standard windows cleaning works. We can also send you a team for cleaning only the skylight.


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