Spring Gutter Maintenance: When, Why, and How

Window cleaning often goes hand in hand with gutter cleaning and maintenance. Failing to keep your gutters clean can lead to numerous downsides, including mold formation, flooding, and roof integrity problems.

Many people opt for cleaning their gutters in the fall and forget about them in the spring. Meanwhile, spring cleaning and maintenance are also highly important for proper gutter function. Here is what you can do:

  1. Remove Clogging
  2. Check The Gutters
  3. Repair the Damage

Let’s talk about each one in detail.

Remove Clogging

Winter and spring can be hard on your gutter system. Wind mixed with debris may cause dangerous clogging. Meanwhile, numerous small animals can use the gutters to build their homes since they are high up and offer cover from the rain.

If birds or squirrels are making nests in your gutter system, you may be facing gutter replacement. Clearing gutters from debris makes them less attractive to unwanted guests. You need to check the gutters on a regular basis to prevent nesting.

If you notice active nests, don’t try to clear them away on your own. Call your local pest control company.

Check The Gutters

After you are done with the cleaning, check the gutters.

Close examination of the gutters can uncover several urgent problems. Even if your gutters looked perfect in the fall, winter could have been hard on them. Ice formation, falling tree limbs, rusting, and general wear and tear can play a bad joke on the homeowner.

Examine the gutters closely for damages. Most likely, you’ll need professional assistance since gutter inspection requires climbing heights. The key problems to look for are leaks and rust.

While checking the gutters, take a look at the roof. It may need maintenance after the winter is over. Pay special attention to mold and algae formation.

Repair The Damage

Even minor gutter damage can turn into a disaster during summer storms. Strong winds and rain can turn minor cracks into large holes, forcing you to replace the gutters. Accumulating debris adds pressure to the system and could damage the fascia boards to which the gutters are attached.

When repairing the damage, pay special attention to the drains as well. Are they clean enough to receive water from the gutters?

Cleaning gutters in the spring is vital to your house’s integrity. Without timely cleaning, inspection, and repair, you could face foundation issues, roof leaks, basement water damage, and much more.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance should be on your spring “to-do” list right below the window cleaning.


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