Starting the New Year with Clean Windows: 4 Resolutions for Your Home

Starting the New Year with Clean Windows: 4 Resolutions for Your Home

The New Year is finally here, and we hope you’ve left all the worries behind. The best way to start this year is to make the right resolutions for your home care. After all, your home is your fortress. If something goes wrong, the entire life may turn upside down. 

The right resolutions can give your home a higher value while providing peace of mind to its inhabitants. If you want to enjoy your house in 2020, it’s time to make promises and try to keep them. 

While you are doing an excellent job taking care of your home from the inside, we’ll help you do it from the outside as well. 

The beginning of the year is always fun, fresh, and full of ambitions. Take advantage of the feeling you are experiencing right now.

  1. Clean Your Windows

Your first resolution should be to keep your windows clean all year round. To ensure the excellent aesthetic appeal of your house coupled with the integrity of your windows, you should schedule biannual cleanings. Consider starting the New Year by booking window cleaning services. You can get a discount for being a regular client.

Remember, DIY window cleaning is cheaper but much more dangerous and much less effective. Leave it to the experts.

  • Take Care of Your Trash Bins

While your outdoor trash bins don’t seem to warrant much of your attention, they are an excellent spot or bacteria growth. Salmonella and E.coli are frequent visitors inside trashcans. You and your children could contact them when throwing the garbage out. To prevent unfortunate consequences, resolve to clean outdoor trash bins at least once a month. 

  • Remove Hanging Branches

Hanging branches are a big hazard for your home. As the cold season arrives and winds start blowing, you are endangering yourself and your loved ones by ignoring branches. They can fall on your roof and cause serious damage.

Resolve to inspect trees around your house and hire professional branch trimmers. Just as window cleaning, branch care involves height access, which is dangerous unless you have special training and equipment. 

  • Consider Pressure Washing

Taking care of your façade is highly important for the integrity of your house. This cleaning method can help reach between the cracks of the house’s exterior siding, pool deck, and walkaways. You can remove mold and algae that starts to make its way inside the house while improving the aesthetic appearance of the façade. 

Resolve to keep your house clean in 2020. You’ll thank yourself when 2021 comes. 


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