How to Stop Birds from Flying into Your Windows

How to protect windows from birds in New York

Birds hitting windows is a major problem for many homeowners. Even though birds have excellent sight, they have trouble seeing glass. If you clean your windows on a regular basis, what birds see is the reflection of the sky or the plants on your windowsill. During the night, when the lights are on, birds can get disoriented and collide with your house. Large windows are a big threat to birds. However, small skylights can be problematic as well. Colliding with a window can cause serious problems for a bird and may lead to lethal consequences. How can you protect your windows and keep birds safe?

We introduce the 7 best ways. Here they are:

  1. Install Interior Blinds
  2. Remove House Plants from Windowsills
  3. Use Sheer Curtains
  4. Minimize Lighting
  5. Check Your House
  6. Install One-Way Transparent Film
  7. Add External Shutters

Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Install Interior Blinds

Interior blinds don’t just do an excellent job protecting your home from excessive sunlight or curious neighbors, they can save birds. Keeping blinds partially closed minimizes the reflection. Blinds allow you to choose an angle at which you’ll get sufficient light while keeping birds away.

Remove House Plants from Windowsills

If you have houseplants near your windows, birds may consider them a place to settle or an opportunity to get some food. Put flowers and plants away so they can’t be seen from the outside.

Use Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are an excellent way to allow sufficient light inside your home while keeping birds away. Make sure sheer curtains are closed all day and night long. They can also add to the privacy of your home and improve the interior décor.

Minimize Lighting

When it’s dark out, make sure to keep your curtains closed. Don’t put candles on windowsills and avoid using decorative lights. A bird shouldn’t be able to see inside the room and become disoriented due to bright lights reflected from your windows. Turn the light off whenever it’s not needed to minimize collisions.

Check Your House

Walk outside your home and try to identify glass, which is not duly protected. Add curtains when necessary. You can also use film, which creates a frosted effect. Remember, the bird needs just 3 to 5 inches of uncovered space to fly into a window.

Install One-Way Transparent Film

This type of film is an excellent solution for privacy purposes. It looks transparent on the inside and opaque on the outside. Such a film can keep the birds away as long as it covers an entire window.

Add External Shutters

External shutters do a great job keeping noise and sun out of your windows. They are also a good way to keep birds from being attracted to the glass. By keeping birds away from your windows, you aren’t just helping nature, you are keeping your windows safe and clean.


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