The 5 Best Household Window Cleaner Brands for Your Interior Cleaning Needs

The 5 Best Household Window Cleaner Brands for Your Interior Cleaning Needs

A liquid that you apply to the outside of windows and other surfaces to remove dirt, grime, insects, etc. Window cleaners are usually a combination of water and detergent or ammonia. The most common type of best household window cleaner contains no soap at all but just ammonia. Window cleaners typically come in an aerosol can or bottle with a sprayer attached for easy application; however, some people prefer using a bucket of water mixed with vinegar and dishwashing liquid instead. There is also a glass cleaning solution that can be applied by hand without any special equipment required for wet scrubbing windows. When selecting your window cleaner make sure it’s safe for use on the surface you want cleaned (i.e., doesn’t damage plastics or leave streaks).

Top 5 Home Window Cleaner Brands


Windex is one of the most popular window cleaners on the market and has been around for over 90 years. It’s a trusted brand that’s known for its streak-free formula, which makes it ideal for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. 


Sprayway is another well-known brand that offers a variety of cleaning products, including window cleaner. Its formula is designed to quickly remove dirt, dust, and grime without streaking. 

Best Household Window Cleaner

Best Household Window Cleaner

3.Glass Plus 

Glass Plus is another top choice for window cleaner as it also leaves surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean. 

4.Invisible Glass 

For a more budget-friendly option, Invisible Glass is a good choice as it’s just as effective at cleaning windows and glass surfaces but doesn’t cost as much. 


Gelgloss is another affordable option that’s ideal for cleaning windows, glass shower doors, and mirrors. It’s available in a variety of formulas, including one that’s designed to repel water, making it perfect for use in the bathroom.

Now that you know some of our top picks for window cleaners, be sure to stock up on your favourite so you can keep your windows clean all year long!

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