The Secrets to a Luxurious Window

The Secrets to a Luxurious Window

The primary function of any window is to keep cold air from entering the room while allowing 100% light into the room. Windows, on the other hand, can be stylish interior design elements.

This problem is best solved by a professional designer, but you can do it yourself. It is critical to remember that the design must not violate any requirements, such as the factory shape of the frame, which cannot be changed independently.

A metal-plastic window is assembled from high-quality parts and in accordance with production requirements for long-term service; otherwise, it will not be able to protect customers from cold, drafts, and city noise. The quality of the installation is also important.

Today’s window manufacturers can assemble a non-standard window with an arch, round, or polygonal shape. At the same time, they can open in various ways, and the frames can be any color.

An important note: it is impossible to drill holes for blinds in plastic windows; instead, window slopes are used.

Elegant window

There are several types of unusual windows that immediately catch the eye.

1. A window with gleaming stained-glass panes creates a fantastic effect in the room and the house as a whole. This option can work just as well in a small apartment if colorful drawings and ornaments are used.

2. Using store-bought specialty paints, you can add interest to plain windows. Self-adhesive stained glass film is another option. It can be plain or with a pattern. By the way, you can design your own and have it printed by a company that offers such a service.

3. Use small elements and decorate them with lead tape to mimic a metal broach, as in a traditional stained glass window, rather than using continuous ornaments that cover the entire window.

4. A number of companies manufacture genuine stained-glass windows in accordance with classical canons; each drawing is made from fragments of multi-colored glass. There is also a technology that uses high temperatures to fuse parts of multi-colored glass.

5. Stained-glass windows with LED lighting. The backlight can be built into the window; this option was invented several years ago in Europe. At the same time, LEDs can be different colors, use little electricity, and are ready for long-term use. Sandblasting technology will be used to apply the image. In the dark, such a window will serve as an excellent nightlight, and when the sun comes up, it will simply become dull with the glow function turned off.

The main thing about stained-glass windows is that they blend in with the existing interior design of the room and serve a purpose.

Textile that alters the appearance of the window

Curtains help to harmonize the window with the rest of the room and complete the design. This is an important final accent because it serves a purpose other than decoration.

Curtains with tiebacks, curtains, and lambrequins are frequently used to alter the visual shape of a window opening. Every season, changing the curtains can alter the mood of the room. Heavy fabrics are appropriate for the winter, while light, translucent fabrics are appropriate for the summer.

You can realize your dream by contacting a curtain salon that employs interior design professionals. However, you can use your own skills because it is not necessary to scribble a couple of new curtains on a typewriter—it is possible to give existing curtains new life by scattering buttons, sequins, fabric flowers, and other elements.

A room with photo wallpapers or wall paintings in combination with roller blinds that also have some kind of image that continues on the wall will be unusual. These days, new technologies make it possible to print customer-requested drawings on roller blinds and blinds.

A photo from a family album or a book of fairy tales with beautiful illustrations would be ideal for such a design.


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