The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

The fall is in full swing. You need to get ready for the cold season. If you don’t want to spend your holidays cleaning, sweeping, washing, and tidying up, consider doing it in advance. While the weather isn’t terrible yet, and the sun is slightly warm, cleaning isn’t as annoying as it could be in winter. We’ve come up with this simple fall cleaning checklist to help you get ready for the wintertime. Don’t hesitate to change the order of these tips. Just make sure you are done by Christmas. 

Wash Your Windows

Your windows have been through some tough times this summer. Hard water stains, bird excrements, dust, and dirt are probably covering each window in your home. Before the cold season arrives, make sure to wash all glass thoroughly. Dirty windows don’t allow sunshine to peek through, thus increasing your winter energy bills. We recommend opting for professional window cleaning services. With them, you don’t just save time you can be sure your windows stay in good condition for months. 

Flip and Clean Your Mattress

Did you know that mattresses have to be flipped every six months? The fall is the time to do it. If your mattress can’t be flipped, rotate it 180 degrees. You’ll be amazed at how much better your sleeping experience will become. Once you flip or rotate the mattress, sprinkle it with baking soda, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum the surface. This can help your mattress stay fresh and odor-free until the next flip.

Clean Your Gutters 

Dirty gutters pose a serious danger to the condition of your home. As the fall comes, old leaves, tree branches, and other debris clog the gutters blocking free water flow. As a result, water collects into puddles and starts seeping inside your home, ruining everything on its way. Just as with windows, it’s better to hire professional gutter cleaning services to avoid dangerous climbing and poor cleaning results.

Replace HVAC Air Filters

Your HVAC system will be taking a big toll in the wintertime. If you forget to change filters, you won’t just be breathing contaminated air. You’ll be straining the entire system. If you don’t want any unpleasant surprises, such as the loss of heat source in the winter, make sure all filters are replaced. Consider replacing other filters in your home as well. When was the last time you changed/washed the following?

  • Vacuum cleaner filter
  • Air purifier filter
  • Humidifier filter
  • Range hood filter
  • Dishwasher filter


Spend one fall weekend taking care of your home, and it will take good care of you when winter comes. 


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