What’s the difference between seasonal and post-construction window cleaning?

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Windows are the house’s eyes; they are the first thing that guests see when they come to visit us. And if there are stains and streaks on the windows, or worse, evidence of building materials, a person will not have the best impression of your property even before visiting it. 

But, whatever one says, cleaning windows is tritely frightening for someone, and the residents of the upper floors must muster the courage for this hygienic event, while someone simply does not have enough time for it – work, caring for households and children do not allow them to think about troublesome and exhausting duty. Big Apple Windows Cleaning, an expert in both regular seasonal and post-construction window cleaning, is eager to assist in this scenario. And we’ll be pleased to explain how they differ and why cleaning after the construction  is more challenging!

expert in both regular seasonal and post-construction window cleaning in New York

Seasonal window cleaning characteristics

Window cleaning in the spring is a very useful tradition. Winter precipitation causes unsightly streaks on the windows, which, when combined with city smog and dust, build a dense layer of embedded dirt on the surface of the double-glazed window, preventing us from savoring the magnificent view.

Lower-floor residents should wash their windows more frequently in order to allow in as much sunlight as possible; the windows of delighted penthouse owners should likewise shine with cleanliness all year round in order to completely transmit the beauty that is open from them. Windows should ideally be washed in the fall as well, in preparation for wintering.

Only specialists can complete this challenging task quickly and efficiently; our New York cleaning service has the experience and resources to make every window dazzle with cleanliness.

Seasonal window cleaning includes the following:

  1. Cleaning windows of dust, acid rain traces, streaks, corrosion, and smog.
  1. Cleaning the windows from the inside. If the residence is non-smoking and there are no other polluting factors, this is a less time-consuming operation than the first.
  1. Cleaning the window frames and sills.
  1. Careful rubbing of glass to give it luster and gloss: the windows look brand new after a visit to our cleaners!

Dry cleaning is done in the initial stage using scrapers, abrasive sponges, and mops. Wet processing with moderate cleaning solutions and plastic squeegees follows. Despite the fact that seasonal window cleaning is a difficult and time-consuming task, it only combats natural pollutants such as dust, grime, and urban smog, which cannot be true for post-repair washing.


We understand the complexities of window cleaning following construction or restoration.

No matter how meticulously the builders work in your home, you will have to clean up after them. Cleaning after the construction is complicated by the presence of persistent pollution; cleaning from traces of building materials requires specific equipment and professional chemicals rather than skill; otherwise, it will have to be done more than once.

As you can see, washing windows and cleaning apartments in NYC after renovations is a distinct cleaning service that differs greatly from the situation when cleaners face typical domestic pollutants. We guarantee the perfect cleaning of windows from signs of repair and construction due to our considerable experience with difficult post-construction projects. You will be able to see the world via crystal-clean windows thanks to our experts!


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