When is the Best Time for Your Next Window Cleaning?

When is the Best Time for Your Next Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is an essential part of your home care. When the windows are dirty, your entire house could be affected. From the lack of sunshine to severe allergy reactions, forgetting to wash your windows could lead to many unfortunate consequences.

The quality of your window cleaning depends on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Since window washing involves reaching heights, it could carry potential dangers to your health. Meanwhile, without experience, training, and special equipment, you are unlikely to achieve high-quality results.

Spring Cleaning is Highly Convenient 

The best time to start cleaning your windows is spring, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. During the winter, windows accumulate high amounts of dirt and grime. Rain and snow coupled with slush and pollution could turn your glass into a muddy surface. If your windows are facing a busy road, the situation could even be worse.

Depending on the winter weather and the location you live in, your needs for window cleaning may vary. However, all experts recommend cleaning windows in the spring. It’s an excellent time to get rid of all the grime and prepare your home for a worry-free summer. 

If your house is old and windows are framed with steel or timber, you may face corrosion unless you clean them properly. Moisture accumulates inside the old frames leading to mold formation and damage to your home. That’s why ignoring spring cleaning for old houses is even more dangerous than for newly-built properties. 

Wash, Dry, and Repeat?

Even though spring cleaning is highly effective, it shouldn’t be the only cleaning you opt for. Window washing experts recommend biannual window cleaning to keep your glass in top shape.

The second season, which is highly suitable for window cleaning, is the fall. By evenly spacing out your cleanings, you can achieve the best results. Meanwhile, fall cleaning can prepare your home for the winter. Clean windows give sunshine direct access to your property, thus heating it and helping you save on energy bills. 

Can Rain Make My Windows Dirty Again?

Some homeowners worry about cleaning their windows in spring and fall because of frequent rainfall. 

It’s important to understand that rain doesn’t make your windows dirty. Rainwater is clean and transparent. After dropping on a clean window, it will disappear with time without leaving spots. Meanwhile, if it falls on a dirty window, the water mixes with grime and leaves streaks.

What if I Missed Spring and Fall Cleanings?

If you’ve missed your regular cleaning, don’t worry. The majority of window cleaning companies works all year round. Whatever you decide, make sure you don’t put the washing off for another half a year. 


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