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5 Important Home Maintenance Tips For The Summer of 2018

Jun 01, 2018

Even if you’ve hired the best window cleaner manhattan to take care of all the glass inside your home, you may still be unsatisfied with the way your house looks from outside. Since summer is around the corner, there are several things we’d recommend you do to improve your property’s curb appeal. These tips can help you enjoy your next outdoor barbecuing session, as you never did before.
1. Wash It!
You’ve washed the windows. But what about the walls? You can pressure wash your walls, driveway, and other asphalt and concrete surfaces around the house. Just one power washing session can help your home look excellent all summer long.
Don’t forget to take care of the doors as well. They are often overlooked. However, doors are just as important as windows. They get dirty faster than walls and windows due to high everyday exploitation.
2. Touch up!
Perform a close inspection of your siding to evaluate your exterior wall condition. The summer season is ideal for paint touch-ups on your house exterior. It’s also a good opportunity to check for holes or vents that can provide entry to rodents and other critters as well as weather elements.
Sealing such entryways is much easier in the summer when the weather is good and the animals are outside. When they start seeking refuge in the fall, your house should be ready.
3. Check it!
Walkways and patios may seem durable but nature is tougher. Summer is a great season to see if there are some cracks, which can allow weeds to grow through them. Plants that start going through cracks can ruin any surface, be it asphalt or concrete. So try to catch the problem before it leads to costly repairs.
4. Change’em!
Taking care of your HVAC system is vital to extending the life expectancy of your heating and cooling equipment. Before you turn on the air conditioning, invite a specialist or replace the filters on your own. Filters must be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid an increase in energy consumption and poor venting.
5. Call Them!
If you have any outdoor glass elements, you can take advantage of professional Manhattan window cleaners. At Big Apple Window Cleaning (window cleaner manhattan),  we’ll gladly take care of all the glass surfaces you have inside and outside your home to help you enjoy your property this summer. window cleaner manhattan.

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