7 Things To Check In Your Home This Spring

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While spring window washing is a must-do for all homeowners, hiring the best window cleaner New York won’t solve all your spring problems. After the tough winter season is over, you need to check your house in order to avoid expensive repairs. We’ve come up with a 7-point checklist for you to go over. Don’t put these things off. In the summer, it might be too late.
1. Check Your Roof
Roof problems are the hardest to spot and the toughest to fix. Broken and sagging shingles, discoloration, and small cracks should catch your attention. Check the roof from the inside as well. Is there ceiling sagging, wet spots or outright leaks? Act fast and you can save yourself plenty of hassle in the future.
2. Check The Window Seals
If you are not planning to hire a professional window cleaner New York, at least check all the window seals. Bad window seals can cause condensation, which leads to mold formation. They are also the main cause of unpleasant drafts. It’s better to fix this problem in the summer than suffer from the consequences when the cold season arrives.
3. Check The Gutters
We hope you cleaned your gutters in the fall. Even if you did, you still need to check for breakage and leaks in the spring. Broken gutters affect water drainage and may lead to expensive repairs of water damage. If you didn’t clean the gutters in the fall, do it now.
4. Check The Smoke Detector Batteries
Smoke detector batteries should be replaced twice a year. The devices should also be tested at least once a year. Make this point a part of your spring-cleaning checklist.
5. Clean The Air Conditioning Units
You can order a professional cleaning or replace the filters on your own. In any case, the ventilation and air conditioning system must be maintained before the hot season arrives. Dirty filters boost your energy bills.
6. Clean Your Backyard
When the snow melts and the puddles dry up, you can see many interesting things in your backyard. Take care of the unwanted debris and dirt to prep your yard for the summer.
7. Pressure Wash Your Home
Pressure washing your house is a great way to give it a better curb appeal while dealing with mold and pollen on the walls. Consider hiring a professional home and window cleaner New York to do the job.