7 Things To Do This Summer

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Did you already make a “to do” list for this summer? At Big Apple Window Cleaning (window cleaner NYC), we did some research to come up with a few activities, which are bound to make our summer exciting. 

Enjoy a brief list down below:

  1. Go On A City Walking Tour
  2. Make An Awesome Photo
  3. Go On A Picnic
  4. See The Fireworks
  5. Do Some Painting
  6. Declutter Your Home
  7. Meet With An Old Acquaintance

Now let’s dive deeper and talk about each bullet.

Go On A City Walking Tour

You may have lived in NYC all your life, but we bet you still don’t know all the ins and outs of your city. Take advantage of Google maps and plan a walking tour of places you’ve never visited. This can help you enjoy your city even more.

Make An Awesome Photo

It takes some skills and education to become a professional photographer. However, amateur photos can be just as exciting as professional masterpieces. Make a goal to create an amazing photo. It shouldn’t just look good on your Instagram wall. It should be fascinating enough to be hung in your living room.

Go On A Picnic

There are many picnic spots in NYC. But you most likely prefer fast food joints. Ask your friends to join you on a full-time picnic with a basket, a blanket, and a variety of “picnic” food. The word picnic comes from a German “picnic”, which means picking up little pieces of food. Finger foods are ideal for picnics.

See The Fireworks

Firework shows in NY are truly exciting. They are free too. Make it a goal to visit at least five firework events this summer. The best part about the fireworks is that they can make anyone feel like a child again. Don’t miss out on a chance to give yourself such a great treat.

Do Some Painting

You may not know how to paint, but considering the modern genres, it’s not really necessary. Step into the role of an artist. Dress accordingly. Buy some supplies, and drive to a great nature spot, which is worth drawing. The fresh air, the right mood, and beautiful scenery can help anyone find inspiration.

Declutter Your Home

Give your home a new feel by getting rid of old and unnecessary stuff. Don’t hesitate to throw old things out. Even better, donate them to charity. You’ll get a feeling of freedom and satisfaction in return. Don’t forget to clean your windows. Dirty windows are great mood killers.

Meet With An Old Acquaintance

Isn’t there someone in the world you’d like to chat with but haven’t done it for ages? Summer is the best season to do it. Revive the old connections and remember the good old times. window cleaner NYC.


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