Window cleaning by high-access professionals

Do you require prompt and professional exterior window cleaning? At the same time, the service price should be reasonable, and the quality should be good. Our company is a dependable specialist with a reputation for producing high-quality results while remaining efficient and adhering strictly to safety regulations. High-rise and window cleaning is one of our areas of expertise, and we have been doing so successfully for over 16 years.


High-rise window cleaning—get a free estimate and receive:


Excellent service—clean windows with no dirt residues or stains.

Washing external glazing, especially at high altitude, can be difficult because the glass can be tilted, in a location that is difficult to access even for a climber, heavily polluted with salt deposits, construction debris residues, and so on. In each case, our high-rise window cleaners perform admirably, as our reputation is also based on the quality of our work, which we highly value.

Our prices are reasonable and appropriate for the complexity and scope of work involved in cleaning windows and facades by our experts. With height access specialists, you can save money on renting lifting equipment and cut down on the time it takes to clean. Individual solutions to the problems associated with window cleaning. In each case, the people who clean glass and facades choose detergents and methods that are good at getting rid of certain types of dirt and are right for certain types of surfaces.


Reasons to hire professionals to clean your windows:

  • a highly skilled team;
  • the shortest work periods;
  • professional, high-quality glass cleaning products and cleaning equipment;
  • reasonable prices for one-time work and the option to save subscriber services;


Remember this!

In the pursuit of getting more money, many companies and private businesses that provide  high-access cleaning services at a low cost overlook the most important rule—safety. As a result, there have been reports of falling objects on cars and pedestrians’ heads, as well as damage to glass and facades. They lack experience and knowledge, and they bribe with lower-cost alternatives.


Big Apple Window Cleaning specialists are trained professionals who have a permit to work at heights and are knowledgeable about equipment and rope technology, as well as high-acces washing technology. We adhere to the highest standards of the industry. Safety precautions are one of the most important , especially when it comes to washing windows at height or doing other work at height. We seek to eliminate all possible risks in our work. As a window and facade cleaning company, every day we perform dangerous tasks and take on great liability. We want to protect you, as well as ourselves, from any risks that may lead to bad consequences.

Throughout our company’s existence, we have cleaned miles of New York windows in high-rise apartments, office and business center glazing, shopping facilities, and buildings. Here, we’ll talk about how the industrial alpinism method was used to clean windows and what happened as a result. When providing any service, we aim for the highest quality result and a satisfied client. That is why many of our first-time customers have become repeat customers, and their feedback will best reflect the quality of our service.


Window cleaning in industrial and commercial buildings

Cleaning windows in industrial buildings and offices is particularly difficult. Modern high-rise business centers typically have a completely glazed facade. Cleaning double-glazed windows in an office with such a facade is difficult due to the large surface area of the glass. Our climbers will not leave a single streak on any glazing, including shop windows!

We also provide window cleaning services for workshops, warehouses, and other business premises that are also outfitted with windows, which are typically located quite high. Our company offers glass cleaning services in industrial settings without disrupting the production process thanks to the use of specially developed technology.


Post-construction cleaning

The presence of persistent contamination in the form of paint drops, plaster mortars, and cement stains complicates washing the windows of high-rise buildings after repair. The best option is to perform the cleaning at the same time as post-construction facade cleaning. The experts at our company will clean any kind of dirt off the surface of windows and glass facades by using the right method for each kind of stain.

We offer reasonable rates for our services while also ensuring safety and the highest possible standard of work.


Big Apple Window Cleaning

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