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Even if you sign window cleaning contracts with the best companies, your windows won’t stay clean for months without your assistance. Professional home window cleaning can save you from tedious and time-consuming washing, climbing heights, and risking your health. However, it won’t keep you from doing regular touch-ups.After the professionals have left your home, you need to start maintaining the windows. As one of the most respectable window companies in NY, we would like to share some advice to help you enjoy cleaning windows all year long.

  1. Maintain The Screens

Window screens are excellent dirt and dust collectors. On one hand, they do a good job not letting large pieces of dust and annoying insects into your home. On the other hand, when the weather is rainy or windy, the dirt from the screens sticks to the glass. As a result, you “enjoy” unattractive streaks.If the screens don’t appear too dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose debris. If that doesn’t make a difference, remove the screens and wash them in a tub. Wait for the screens to dry before installing them back. Some window cleaning contracts include screen maintenance.

  1. Clean TheWindowsills

Many people clean the windowsills at home but forget about the outdoor part. The surface accumulates all types of dirt and debris. Wind and rain transfer these contaminants to your glass, making it look less appealing. Every time you dust your indoor windowsill, don’t forget about wiping the outdoor part with a wet cloth.

  1. Get The Right Tools

If you can’t wait until the professional window cleaners come, you can do some home window touchups on your own. However, soapy water and a rag are far from the only tools you need. A squeegee is a must-have instrument for any window cleaner, be it an amateur or a professional.Try to avoid spraying too many chemicals on your windows. If you clean the glass on a regular basis, it can be done with pure water.

  1. Vacuum The Tracks

Window tracks are often overlooked. Meanwhile, they collect as much dirt, debris, cobwebs, and such as the screens and windowsills. Whenever you take care of your screens, vacuum the tracks. If vacuuming doesn’t help, wash them with a wet rag.

  1. Don’t Use Furniture To Reach Heights

If you can’t reach the tough spots by standing on your toes, call a professional. Using chairs, tables, and even ladders is downright dangerous. A clean window isn’t worth a month in a cast.


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