Post Construction Cleaning: Top 5 Tips & Tricks

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Post-construction cleaning is a hassle, which is impossible to avoid. What you can do is make it a little faster and easier. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we have extensive experience dealing with window washing at post-construction sites. We would like to share a few tips we picked up along the way.

Here is the whole list:

  1. Start And Finish With The Floors
  2. Take Advantage Of Rubbing Alcohol
  3. Pay Special Attention To The Walls
  4. Sanitize The Bathrooms
  5. Consider Power Washing

Now let’s talk about some details. 

Start And Finish With The Floors

Floors take the biggest hit during the construction. Doing anything else before you are done with the floors is useless. Take out all the garbage and do heavy-duty sweeping before going on to the next steps. However, avoid washing the floors just yet. Go through the rest of the post-construction cleaning phases before wielding the mop.

Take Advantage Of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol does an excellent job dealing with paint streaks. Wherever you find them, be it tub, tile, or walls, get them while they are fresh. You can also use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the paint on the windows. Unless you order window cleaning downtown, removing the paint is up to you.

Pay Special Attention To The Walls

All the dust and dirt from the walls must be wiped down. It’s a lengthy job, which can’t be avoided. Make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals to do it. In a majority of cases, all construction debris can be removed by using a mild detergent with water. While washing the walls, pay close attention to their appearance. Sometimes you may find damaged spots, which you can get the contractor to fix before you move in.

Sanitize The Bathrooms

It’s important to pay close attention to toilets, sinks, and tubs. Besides scrubbing them, use a sanitizer to make sure they are bacteria-free. The toilet seat is especially important. You may even want to consider replacing it before moving in.

Consider Power Washing

Interior construction cleaning is important but so is exterior washing. You can hire a company to power wash the exterior walls, patio, and driveway. This way your home will look excellent inside and out.

At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we offer interior and exterior window cleaning downtown services in NYC. We are always ready to help you with your post-construction efforts.


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