How To Prevent Birds From Hitting Your Clean Windows

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Everyone loves clean windows, right? The birds don’t. While you enjoy the way the squeaky-clean glass reflects the sunlight and brings warm morning rays into your room, birds don’t appreciate your window cleaning efforts. The cleaner your glass is the fewer chances a bird has to see it.

Window cleaning NY is a compulsory seasonal task that results in transparent-looking glass. Once a bird hits your window, the clean magic disappears. What can you do?

  1. Use String Curtains

String curtains don’t just look stylish (especially when decorated with beads), they allow the bird to see your window. Meanwhile, strings don’t keep too much light and sunshine out so the energy efficiency of clean windows doesn’t suffer.

  1. Apply Decals

Not everyone likes decorating his or her windows. However, just a few decals can make a huge difference in some birds’ lives. You don’t have to cover your whole window with stickers. Just a couple of them in the corners can help the birds see your window.

  1. Install External Shutters

External shutters won’t just reduce the frequency of your window cleaning ny, they’ll help the birds notice your windows. All you have to do is close the shutters whenever you are not in the room. These shutters can become wonderful energy savers during hot and cold seasons. They also prevent break-ins.

  1. Consider One-Way Transparent Film

This film won’t prevent the light from coming in but will make the window appear opaque on the outside. It’s a great way of keeping the birds out. At the same time, the film can seal the cool air in during the hot season.

Window cleaning NY, especially when done by professionals, results in such squeaky-clean windows that many birds just don’t see them. Take measures to prevent a collision, which can result in a dirty window and untimely bird’s death.


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