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While doing our window cleaning service in manhattan, we’ve started to notice how many people are taking advantage of the window film. Even though washing windows with such a film is not much harder than cleaning “bare” windows”, we’ve decided to look at the pros and cons of such protection.

Window Film Advantages

1. Smaller Energy Bills

Tinting your windows keeps the sunshine out of your home allowing you to reduce the air conditioner and ventilator use. Meanwhile, the heat inside the home is conserved during the wintertime, helping you save money on heating.

2. Extra Interior Protection

Direct sunshine doesn’t just make it hard to watch TV, it can ruin your furniture. The colors affected by the sun’s rays fade very quickly. UV film can keep the sun out and save your closets, rugs, and bedding.

3. Precious Sun Protection

Do you put the sunscreen on when you are at home? Of course not! Meanwhile, the harmful UV rays can still affect you inside your home while shining through the windows. Window films can solve this problem by reducing their effect by about 90 percent.

4. A Good View

The newest UV films don’t darken your windows so you can enjoy a clear view. Meanwhile, any window cleaning service in Manhattan can keep your windows clean.

5. Better Privacy

Unless you opt for the clear film, you can use tinting as additional privacy protection. The film allows the light to enter your home while keeping your life invisible to the passerby.

6. Window Breakage Protection

If the window accidentally breaks, the shards won’t go flying around your room. The film will keep them in one spot.

Window Film Disadvantages

1. Application Difficulty

Applying the film correctly is a work of art. Even a slight mistake can lead to bubbling and unpleasant visual effects.

2. Choice Problem

Choosing the right film for your needs is complicated. You need to find a company that can give a proper consultation. Always keep the climate in mind.

3. Too Many Hopes

If the direct sunlight and glare affect your windows, even the best tint won’t save you. You’d still need to use curtains.

When hiring a window cleaning service in manhattan, let them know that you have window film so they can bring proper equipment and solutions.


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