Self-Cleaning Windows: Too Good to Be True?

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Window cleaning has been around since ancient Egypt. Are window cleaners about to lose their jobs? After all, elevator operators, bowling pinsetters, and street sweepers are long gone, thanks to the new technologies.

We have forgotten about vacuuming and washing the floors thanks to robots, who do it for us. Are self-cleaning windows a new technology that can bid farewell to the window cleaning service in new york? Let’s take a look.

How Does It Work?

Self-cleaning glass uses two complicated processes to maintain a clear view:

  • Photo-catalysis – the sunlight is used to remove the dirt. The glass absorbs UV rays that break down any organic material.
  • Hydrophilicity – Using raindrops to spread over the glass, washing it clean.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Your windows could be smart. Or not?

Cons of Self-Cleaning Windows

While the pros of installing self-cleaning windows are obvious, let’s talk about the cons.

High price

When you are renovating your home or building a new one, you are in for many expected and unexpected expenses. Spending a small fortune on self-cleaning windows may not be an option for everyone.

No Rain – No Gain

Do all your windows have access to the rain? What about rolling shutters, lintels, and arches? Does the rain always fall straight down your windows? Or perhaps one side of the house is protecting the other one from the drops? As a result, only some of your windows will get enough rain to self-clean.

Lack of Sunshine

Isn’t using the sun cheaper than hiring a window cleaning company? It is, but only if you get some. Are some of your windows installed in the shady part of the house? How much sunshine does NY actually get in the fall and winter? When you think about it, your self-cleaning windows might not be such a good idea for the NYC area, where you get only 96 bright and sunny days per year.

Window cleaning service in New York is not about to become a lost profession. Take some time to think about installing self-cleaning windows. Perhaps you’ll change your mind. Big Apple Window Cleaning is always ready to provide window-washing solutions for your NY home


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