How To Choose a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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A microfiber cleaning cloth is one of the irreplaceable assistants in any household. Besides doing a great job cleaning electronics and appliances, it can wipe windows clean without leaving any streaks. However, choosing the right microfiber cloth can be a tough task. Some do the job from the first touch and last virtually forever (over 500 washes) while others don’t absorb enough dirt and leave fibers on the surface.

Pick a Solid The Brand

Microfiber cloths vary in quality, and it often depends on the manufacturer.  Most of the time a more expensive microfiber cloth from a respected brand is a better choice than a cheap alternative from a no-name company.

Split Fibers For a Better Result

Read the label on the cloth. Is it made out of a split or non-split fibers? Non-split fibers mean that the cloth doesn’t have pores to pick up grease, dirt, and moisture. The microfiber with split fibers has special “compartments” for the lint, oil, grime, etc. A non-split fiber cloth will repel anything it touches. Accordingly, choose only split fiber cloths.

Choose Mixed Models

High-quality microfiber cloths have 70 to 30 or 80 to 20 polyester to polyamide content. Anything different makes it less effective. Some brands add silver to the content in order to fight bacteria. However, the silver components may scratch the surface.

Perform a Test

After you are done reading the label, consider doing a few tests to help you understand if what you are holding is really a high-quality microfiber cloth:

  • Hold the cloth with two hands and pull it in different directions to see if it stretches. A high-quality microfiber cloth shouldn’t stretch. The more it stretches, the faster it will fall apart.
  • If you’ve already purchased a cloth, do a water test. A high-quality cloth should absorb water well. If all it does is “roll” the water around, you have a poor quality cloth. Once you wash and wring the cloth, it should dry rather quickly. If it takes too long to dry, the quality is below average.

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