7 Facts You Want To Know About Window Cleaning in NYC

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Are you thinking of hiring a window washing manhattan company? Or perhaps you have some idea of how to save money and do the job on your own? Window cleaning is not as straightforward as you may think it is.

People tend to overlook some important things and end up wasting time and money without getting proper results. Experts from Big Apple Window Cleaning are ready to share some important information to help you make the right choices.

Here is the list right away:

  1. Wash Screens Before Windows
  2. Always Wear Gloves
  3. Beware of Birds
  4. Hire an Expert
  5. Use Vinegar Instead of Cleaning Agents
  6. Use Different Tools for Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning
  7. Buy Blackboard Erasers

Now let’s talk about each bullet in detail.

Wash Screens Before Windows

Dirty screens will ruin your squeaky-clean windows the moment you install them back and it rains. Respect your efforts and give the screens a good scrub before replacing them.

Always Wear Gloves

When you are doing winter window washing in manhattan, make sure to wear gloves. Otherwise, you may ruin your skin and catch a cold. Consider wearing rubber gloves in the summer as well in order not to make too much contact with water and detergents.

Beware of Birds

Birds have a “through-house” line of sight. Meaning that if they can see through something, they think there isn’t anything there. The cleaner your glass is, the easier it is for the birds to ignore.

Hire an Expert

A window washing manhattan professional can do the job five times faster than an amateur cleaner. Meanwhile, the results are much more impressive.

Use Vinegar Instead of Cleaning Agents

If you are into natural and eco-friendly living, you can use vinegar instead of window washing detergents. It deals with grease and doesn’t leave streaks. The proportion for mixing vinegar with water is 1:1.

Use Different Tools for Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning

If you want to keep the pollutants and bird excrements outdoors, use different tools for cleaning the indoor part of the windows. Buy two scrapers, two squeegees, and two microfiber/chamois cloths.

Buy Blackboard Erasers

A simple old-fashioned blackboard eraser can do wonders to erase the streaks after you clean your window. Invest in a coup.


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