4 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

4 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Whether you are planning to hire a window washing in New York or want to make some touchups on your own, you need to do some homework. Any windows cleaning professional will tell you that this job is highly complicated. Starting with choosing the right squeegee and ending with keeping your balance, the wrong approach to window cleaning can lead to a disaster. Big Apple Window Cleaning professionals are sharing four common window-cleaning mistakes.

Skipping Seasonal Cleaning

If you think your windows look fine enough to skip the next seasonal cleaning, you are terribly wrong. Regular cleaning keeps them looking great and allows the sun rays to enter your home. In a month or so, your windows will start looking worse and worse while cleaning them will become harder. Schedule at least two window cleanings per year in order to enjoy a clear view every day.

Cleaning Windows on A Sunny Day

When you clean your windows with the sun shining straight at them, you are bound to create streaks because the sun dries the cleaning solution very fast. When the sun sets, you’ll be appalled at the results. Choose the time of the day with the sun is not shining directly at the glass.

Using Paper Towels

While paper towels may seem like a great idea since you can take a clean one whenever you need it, they can leave fibers and residue on your glass. Settle for microfiber or chamois cloths to clean your windows. Avoid cotton clothes as well.

Doing Too Much Too Fast

If you’ve seen how professional window washing in New York is done, you may be dreaming about doing it as fast. Only real window cleaning experts can clean your house windows in a couple of hours. If you are on your own, take things slowly. Most likely, you’ll need more than one day to do the job. Hurrying through the cleaning session may leave you with unsatisfactory results.

Big Apple Window Cleaning is always here to help you with your window washing needs. If you feel you need a hand, give us a call.


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