6 Reasons To Replace Your Gutters

Reasons to replace your gutters

Window washing service Manhattan and gutter cleaning are among the “must-do” tasks for all the homeowners. While cleaning the gutters is important, it’s vital to catch the moment when they need to be repaired or replaced. Failing to replace gutters on time can lead to a damaged roof, foundation, and siding.

If during the regular cleaning, you see the below symptoms, it’s time to repair or replace the gutters. Try to do it when the weather is still warm outside to reduce the damage.

Cracks and Splits

Small cracks in the gutter may seem like something not worth your attention. However, these splits are turning into large ones with time. They allow the water to keep damaging your gutters. Eventually, they will damage your fascia boards, siding, and foundation.

If the cracks are tiny, you may want to consider repairing the gutter. There are some DIY repair videos on YouTube, but you are better off hiring a professional.

Peeling Paint

The gutters are painted with special paint, which is designed to be weatherproof. If you see the paint peeling and revealing rusty specks, your gutter is rusting. The gutter rusting happens when it’s not functioning properly. The water doesn’t drain and causes rusting.

Mildew At The Foundation

Gutters keep the water away from the foundation. If you see water or mildew around your house, the gutters aren’t doing their job properly. Perhaps they are clogged. If not, the gutters are probably damaged and need to be replaced.

Water Damage

You have to clean your gutters at least once a year. We recommend checking them more often. If you see the signs of water damage or water traces when the day is sunny, your gutter is allowing the water to escape. Meaning potential damage.

Sagging Gutters

If the gutters are pulling away from the house or sagging, they need repair or replacement. You can discover this problem during a routine inspection. Gutters can’t drain the water if you attach them the wrong way.

Broken Fasteners

Pieces of metal, which hold the gutter attached to the roof, are designed to be very durable. If you notice several broken fasteners, the gutter may be damaged or clogged (window washing service Manhattan).


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