5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

While it’s summer out, window replacement can be quick and painless. You won’t need to leave your house and suffer from the cold weather and drafts. If you are suspecting that the time has come to replace your windows, check out the below signs.

If after reading the article, you decide to replace your windows, don’t forget to order a window washing service in New York session for your new glass.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

There are many reasons for the energy bill to become bigger. One of them is a damaged window. If you feel slight drafts coming through your windows, you are wasting your money on extra heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Sometimes, the drafts can be eliminated by adjusting the window. Make sure to hire specialists, who can do it.

There Is Visible Damage

Whether your home has survived a huge snowstorm this winter or you accidentally damaged a window during the furniture move, it needs replacement. Damaged windows don’t serve the purpose of keeping the room isolated from the street.

Large cracks can grow even larger, leading to the need to replace the windows immediately. Don’t wait. Do it right away.

Hard Water Stains

If not eliminated timely, hard water stains can erode the glass, making it impossible to fix. A regular window washing session can deal with this problem. However, some homeowners delay the cleaning, thus allowing the water minerals to do their damaging job.

In case the glass is irreversibly damaged, you need to replace it. Sometimes, it’s possible to replace the glass without purchasing a new frame.

You Are Bothered By Outside Noise

If suddenly you started hearing the outside noise, it means your windows stopped providing acoustic insulation. As a result, the quality of your life may be greatly reduced, especially if your house is facing a busy street. If you start hearing the noise, the drafts and energy bill increase are likely to follow.

Carpets Starting To Fade

Not all windows do a good job keeping the direct UV rays out of your house. If you are suffering from too much sun, you may want to switch to laminated glass. Such window replacement can help you enjoy life in the summer while reducing the energy bills in the winter.


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